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RSP – Kono Machi no Katasumi de

RSP, Dice

Requested by Joao.

In the Corner of This City
Lyrics: AKIRA
Composition: AKIRA
Arrangement: Daisuke “D.I” Imai
Vocals: RSP

Feeling like I got stronger all by myself, thinking, “I hate him,”
Seeing all the people coming and going as imposters, wandering in search of my dreams,
I walked recklessly between the buildings, and I caught a glimpse of the tears of the grey sky.
Inside my scarf, I heave a sigh of loneliness – I can’t hide the gap between ideal and reality.

Always unsatisfied somehow, I’ve kept on wishing without waiting.
I start running and then stand still in these repeating days.
I can’t see the exit, and I don’t even know if this path is right,
But someday, this sky should clear up,

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