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【Lyrics TL】 sakanaction – Wasurerarenai no | サカナクション / 忘れられないの

【Lyrics Translation】 sakanaction, 834.194

Intentional or not, I guess we’re riding on the city pop big wave. Maybe.

But man, sakanaction is always really good at making me move my body. I started listening to this one before bedtime and it’s all I’ve been able to think about for the whole day because I just keep dancing in my chair. (Really glad they included Liquidroom in the album for the same reason.)

I Can’t Forget
Performance: sakanaction
Lyrics / Composition: Ichiro Yamaguchi

I can’t forget

The flower
Swaying in the spring wind
Looked like you, waving your hand

This loneliness
Of a new city
Will become
A memory someday, I’m sure

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sakanaction – Sayonara wa Emotion

sakanaction, Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana

According to Yamaguchi in an interview (you’ll notice this is a recurring thing), this song was not mixed by the recording engineer sakanaction usually works with, but his assistant. He feels the song is more stripped down as a result of the different engineer’s particular style, closer to sakanaction’s older works (a feel that Yamaguchi calls “indie”).

Later in the interview, he talks more about his creative process in writing lyrics, and naturally, I found it fascinating. The flow of the first few verses, in particular, is meant to create a vivid, relatable image that anyone can imagine happening in their life. This comes up in discussion of the overall sparse distribution of words, and the use of words that don’t normally come up in lyrics (namely ‘convenience store’ and ‘receipt’). You just go out at night with the sole purpose of getting that one-dollar can of coffee and going home, you get the receipt even though you don’t need it, and you throw it away. The repetition of that last part, “threw it away”, is there to keep the idea in the listener’s head and reinforce the sense of, hey, maybe I don’t think about it when I do this, but this is something that actually happens.

Now, a short aside into my own work: I always have trouble with そのまま (‘sono mama’, which can be roughly expressed as “in that way”); I can never seem to get the momentum of the phrase to carry over to English, especially when it’s accompanied by repetition like it is here. Just considering it in Japanese, though, it really does a lot to reinforce the flow of the scene, as a sort of scaffolding to form the lyrics into a progression of events. It indicates continuation from some previous state, but it does so while largely being a part of the background. I try to keep it from standing out in English, but I’m never sure if I’m doing it right; so, if it’s not clear, I hope this explanation is helpful.

Goodbye is Emotion
Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Arrangement: sakanaction

And so, like that, like that, like that,
I made a late night stop
At the convenience store.

Wanting to forget, wanting to forget, wanting to forget myself, I bought a can of coffee,
Got a receipt,
Got a receipt and threw it away.

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sakanaction – Hasu no Hana

sakanaction, Kinkyori Ren’ai theme song; Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana

This song was produced as the theme song for a movie based on a shoujo manga series. According to Yamaguchi in an interview, when sakanaction was initially approached to write the song, they were not informed what the tie-in title was, and the request was just to write a single without being conscious about the tie-in. While Yamaguchi did find out (and apparently watched the movie), romance is a difficult topic for him, and he specifically avoided linking the lyrics to the story. In the end though, he did feel a link under the surface – “linked by how it isn’t linked”.

Also according to that interview, to him the song is basically about having trouble writing music, and the spider motif is inspired by Akutagawa Ryūnosuke.

There are actually two arrangements for this song, a “single version” that was released on single with Sayonara wa Emotion (the one in the video above), and a “movie version” that was released directly on iTunes.

Lotus Flower
Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Arrangement: sakanaction

The flower falls, the flower falls at the water’s edge.
The flower scatters, flower scatters in the wind.

The little spider
That I let go this morning –
I wonder how it’s doing.

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sakanaction – Eiga (Conte 2012/11/16 17:24)

sakanaction, c/w dinner ED Music

Compare with the album version.

Since I have the album version’s lyrics as reference, I’m fairly confident in the accuracy of my transcription, but it was technically done by ear (= 耳コピ), as official lyrics were apparently never released for the single version by the artist’s request.

Movie (Storyboard 2012/11/16 17:24)

These sounds I’m searching for – there are far too many, far too many;
I’ve forgotten what I forgot somewhere.

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sakanaction – Eiga

sakanaction, sakanaction

This is actually the second version of “Eiga”; the first version was released on the single for Music (apparently with no official lyrics by the wishes of the artist). There are a few interesting differences between the two versions. In fact, this song overall is fascinating, and I feel like it says a lot for its brevity. To me – and note that I’m a relative newcomer to sakanaction’s work – it really seems like Yamaguchi’s personal feelings about how his band has progressed over time and the vision he’d like it to fulfill.

(A reminder that could help clarify a certain line later: recall that ‘sakana’ in the band’s name means ‘fish’.)

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Performance: sakanaction

These sounds I’m searching for – there are far too many, far too many;
I’ve forgotten what I forgot here in this room.

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sakanaction – Eureka

sakanaction, Goodbye / Eureka

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Arrangement: sakanaction

The color of dusk, every time,
And you, the way you’d let it blend into your hair – I remembered.

This is Tokyo,
The city where buildings spring forth, crowded, as though eating the sky.

I don’t feel
The kind of loneliness that you speak of,

But I remembered,
This is Tokyo.

In my own way, I’m here living fast.

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sakanaction – Music

sakanaction, dinner ED, sakanaction

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Arrangement: sakanaction

Drifting on and on,
Do the birds ever start to pine for distant cliffs?
It flew high in the sky.

Looking down at the unknown,
At the city that no one knows, what do the birds think?
Are they the same as me, in my loneliness, I wonder?

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