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【Lyrics TL】 Spangle call Lilli line – eye

【Lyrics Translation】 Spangle call Lilli line, VIEW

Abstract lyrics caveat applies here per usual: the original words were never intended to make conventional sense, and they were likely selected by artist based on values that don’t carry over well in translation. The ambiguities and associations change, the beauty tends to decouple from meaning, and sometimes things just get misread, and so on and so forth – my goal becomes just trying to scoop a little bit out of the stream of consciousness. That being said, I’ve been told that people find translation worthwhile anyway, and I’ve had this song in my head for a while, so here we are.

Additional note: in stanza 2 line 1 (repeated later in stanza 5), 歌 (meaning “song”) is normally pronounced ‘uta’ alone or ‘ka’ in compounds, but the vocals don’t appear to sing any standard pronunciation of that character. It’s possible that my online source was incomplete or incorrect, but it’s also entirely possible that she’s singing something that’s not written and we’re never supposed to be sure what it is, and unfortunately, I don’t feel confident enough to make that interpretation for anyone else.

Lyrics: Kana Otsubo
Composition: Spangle call Lilli line

Even as I pray for relief in my days, I rebel
On top of this, I torment over the limit of the stars of my character
Additionally, as I release a majority, taking the level
On top of that, now the words are flowing anyhow

So long as we’re still considering it “crafting”, I bask in song, just in memory
And so I run, I draw on the days that appear as images, a moment of resolve faded on my cheeks

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Spangle call Lilli line – nano

【Lyrics Translation】Spangle call Lilli line, or; collected and remixed in SINCE2

Well, here we are. It became apparent very quickly after I picked up the song that the lyrics exist more for sound than meaning. In that period, what would happen was I’d take look one look at the lyrics and get completely swallowed up and my brain would shut down – the combination of unfamiliar words and (as far as I can tell) nonsensical structure was overwhelming. Going through it now, it was still hard to hold whole lines together in my head, but I feel like I’m in a place where I can manage to roll through the words as they come. I can make no promises as to whether I have parsed the structure in a valid way, and the resulting English is nonsensical, but I don’t think I’d be overstepping my authority in saying that the Japanese is equally nonsensical; even Japanese fans of the band struggle with these lyrics.

Many of the words in this song seem to be ones that are not commonly used, so I feel the true value of the words lies in just absorbing the way the syllables flow with each other.

This was originally requested three years ago; it is not the oldest or longest request I have on record, but I do feel bad about putting it off for so long when it’s a song that translation doesn’t really add that much to, thus compounding the disappointment. I do hope this will still be helpful to whoever comes across it, though.

Lyrics: Kana Otsubo
Composition: Spangle call Lilli line

The cause, added rays of sunstroke – it shows in your eyes, “incorrect”, without words
Like a union of moderate ways that I crossed, I curl around thorns, I rearrange

In a certain schemed window, I draw rolling trees rustling in the wind, they echo through my eyelashes
Waiting to be fed, with pass in one hand, following the inertia of my heart, the code I touched always nearby

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