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Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- – doll

Lia & Tada Aoi, Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- ED, doll / human

Lyrics / Composition: Maeda Jun
Vocals: Lia (track 1), Tada Aoi (track 2)

A doll that has no heart
Was born from warm hands.
It does not laugh,
Nor does it speak.

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Angel Beats! – Brave Song

Tada Aoi, Angel Beats! ED; My Soul,Your Beats! / Brave Song

Jun Maeda’s music overrides my tendency to avoid translating songs in TV-size. I’ll correct it as needed when I can hear the song cleanly and again when the full version is released.

EDIT 5/22/10

Brave Song
Vocals: Aoi Tada
Lyrics / Composition: Jun Maeda
Guitar: Hikarisyuyo

I was always walking alone. When I looked back, everyone was far away.
Even so, I walked on. That was my strength.
I’m not afraid of anything anymore. I whisper that to show it.
Everyone will become alone someday, only living on in memories.
So that I can love and smile at loneliness, I will fight on.
I won’t show my tears.

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Gunslinger Girl – Tsuioku ~Mori to Mizu no Shi~

Tada Aoi, GUNSLINGER GIRL SONORO “Kabe no Mukou, Sekai no Hate”; collected in Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Vocal Album

This is an image song that was originally from the drama CD that preceded Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-; to me, it seems the most closely connected to Claes. I’ve actually had this translated for quite a long time, but it’s only now that I’ve gained enough confidence in the translation’s accuracy.

Recollection ~Poem of Forest and Water~
Lyrics: Mitsui Yukiko
Composition / Arrangement: Sakimoto Hitoshi
Vocals: Tada Aoi

The wind speaks to us,
“Play, children.”
We gather currants in our white flower baskets.
The memories are somewhere, on the top of a distant hill.
I will always honor
This beautiful family of mine.

In the forest that will become green before long,
There is a blessed spring.
Water stretches far and wide,
Forever and ever.

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Tsubasa wo Kudasai

“Tsubasa wo Kudasai” is a Japanese folk song, originally by the group Akai Tori in 1971. Since then, it has been covered many, many times, by such artists as Veil ∞ Lia & Aoi (coupled with Clannad’s Negai ga Kanau Basho) and the girls of K-ON! (coupled with Fuwa Fuwa Time).

This transcription’s verse arrangement is based on Clannad’s; the kanji use is based on K-ON!’s.

Please Give Me Wings
Lyrics: Yamagami Michio
Composition: Murai Kunihiko

In this vast sky, I want to spread my wings
And fly.

If my wish
Could be granted now, I’d want wings.
Please put on my back
White wings, like a bird’s.

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