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Cross Ange (Takahashi Youko) – Shinjitsu no Mokushiroku

Takahashi Youko, Cross Ange OP2

It’s pretty interesting to hear new music from Yoko Takahashi as someone who discovers music through anime, given that the only songs of hers that I know are Evangelion’s opening and Shakugan no Shana’s first ending. It’s been a while.

Something to keep in mind: while ‘apocalypse’ in English most clearly evokes the end of the world, the word is rooted in the concept of revelation. The same basically goes for ‘mokushiroku’ in Japanese.

Honestly not so satisfied with the level of neatness with which I handled certain ambiguities in structure, but it should be okay.

Apocalypse of Truth
Lyrics: Takahashi Youko
Composition / Arrangement: Oomori Toshiyuki
Vocals: Takahashi Youko

Pray for darkness…

Even knowing full well that this world
Is an illusion, I’ll make the future shine
And release it from the afterimages.
I want to give you power and courage.

Do not resent
The existence of battle.
Transcend destiny.
Rise to your feet.
Let despair be the tailwind that pushes at your back…

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