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TRUE – Swag!!!

TRUE, c/w Hibike! Euphonium OP DREAM SOLISTER

Vocals: TRUE
Lyrics: Karasawa Miho
Composition / Arrangement: Mutsuki Shuuhei
Guitars & Programming: Mutsuki Shuuhei
Bass: Kawashima Hiromitsu
Drums: Ichinose Hisashi
Trumpet: Suzuki Masanori
Trombone: Enomoto Yuusuke
Tenor Sax: Takegami Yoshinari
Brass Arrangement: Kawada Ruka


I wonder, who decided what “normal” is?
Shit doesn’t matter.
I just want to feel a reality
Greater than “imagination”.

Each and every person is a nameless conductor.
You won’t find anyone anywhere who’s the same as someone else – we’re all special.
When our personalities clash with each other,
<Pulsating Sequence, Escalating Audience>
We’re swallowed by the music. This sensation… Ah!!!

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