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[Piano] Air – Natsukage

夏影 (Natsukage – Summer Lights)
Composer: KEY = 麻枝准 (Maeda Jun)
Piano Arrangement: KIYO = 水月陵 (Mizutsuki Ryou)

Whoops, there’s so much time between my uploads that my post format changes every time.

I played this song before in 2008 but I took it down for reasons, and I decided to play it again now that I have an okay microphone.

Sheet music: http://sperion.web.fc2.com/main.html#score_anime

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Lia – nostalgia

Lia, c/w AIR image song, Natsukage / nostalgia

Here is the companion song to Natsukage’s vocal version. (Not sure if I should say it’s directly from Air, so into Coupled Songs it goes.) nostalgia also has that wonderful, tear inducing atmosphere that we know so well from Air. Enjoy.

Vocals: Lia
Words / Music: Key (Maeda Jun)
Arrangement: Okabe Ryo
Recording / Mix: Togoshi Magome

Even alone, I can walk forward.
Even alone, I search for the breaking dream.
I, to protect, wait for the hope that I once touched
With these fingers that seem about to break.

I, for yesterday, and you, for tomorrow, keep walking with our eyes on our goals.
On the day we can meet again, I want you to take the my helpless self with you.

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Lia – Natsukage ~Cornwall summer mix~

Lia, Lia COLLECTION ALBUM Vol. 2 “Crystal Voice”

This is a great remix of Natsukage’s vocal version (from AIR); I highly recommend that you all listen. In terms of lyrics, this is essentially the same as the song found on Natsukage/Nostalgia, with the added chorus at the beginning and different placement of the “tooku e” echoing segment.

Summer Lights ~Cornwall summer mix~
Vocals: Lia
Words / Music: Key (Maeda Jun)
Arrangement: Isogane Shunichi

Both the passing, faraway summer
And the flow of the river we crossed
Will someday change, will someday be forgotten,
Unable to protect the same feelings.

You enclosed with your hands
The blue sky that the two of us shared.
In my hands, I tied together
The grass that smelled of the sunlight.

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