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ALDNOAH.ZERO (Amamiya Sora) – Harmonious

Asseylum Vers Allusia starring Amamiya Sora, ALDNOAH.ZERO ED (episode 23); ALDNOAH.ZERO Original Soundtrack 2

EDIT 2015-05-05: Finally found a reliable transcription; updated to reflect that.

Lyrics: Hajime
Composition / Arrangement: Sawano Hiroyuki
Vocals: Asseylum Vers Allusia starring Amamiya Sora

In the sky, where glittering fragments rain down, a door linked to the future was hidden within.

In truth, everyone is afraid of being hurt.
With our things to protect, with our things to destroy – why did we meet?

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ALDNOAH.ZERO (SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki) – &Z

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki, ALDNOAH.ZERO OP2

PV (Japan IP address required): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ600Qr1jE0

Overall, given that the lyrics are by Sawano Hiroyuki, the exact wording of the Japanese is not absolute. Certain English words or kanji may not mean exactly what they appear to, with possible influence from sound alone. Just a few notes I think are worth pointing out:
-Verse 3, line 4: 風邪 (kaze, often referring to “common cold” but translated as “ailment” here) shares a reading with 風 (kaze, “wind”). In general, 風 is much more common in lyrics, and I believe the audience was meant to take it as such prior to release of official lyrics. It might also just be a misprint, or maybe even an intentional one.
-Verse 9, line 1: mizuki pronounces 音 (on, “sound”) the same way she pronounces the English “on” in verse 3, line 1, so the kanji may be there just to change the visual representation of “RageOn” while audibly staying parallel to “CarryOn”.
-Verse 9, line 1: Recall (or maybe this is new, since I haven’t TL’d it yet myself and I don’t know how other people handled it) that in “A/Z” of the first season, there was high likelihood that the word “Rage” was a placeholder for 零時 (reiji, “zero o’ clock [midnight], zero hour, etc.”). Could be for parallelism or contrast, either way.
-Verse 11, line 3: First of all, as just a typical TL note, “obsolete directness” is followed by を in the Japanese, which indicates that it’s meant to be the object of a sentence, but without a verb attached to it. Basic Japanese sentence order is subject→object→verb, as opposed to English’s subject→verb→object, so it’s much easier to pull off this kind of ambiguity. Also worth noting, however, is that in song lyrics, sometimes pieces of sentences will be presented in reverse order. It’s complicated, but essentially, I’d say that it’s slightly possible that “obsolete directness” could be in the same position as “crossroads” of the previous line. (*SPECULATION* – recall how Inaho came into the second season – he has changed the way in which he interacts with other people, to be more relaxed and less blunt.)
-Verse 11, line 3: I chose to translate ストレート as “directness” based on common use in Japanese, but at its root, the word comes from the English “straight”. Note how this interacts with “crossroads” of the previous line – a divergence point in what would have been a straight path (or two straight paths, depending on how you look at it).

I could probably go on and on with this, but as a translator, it can be hard to maintain the distinction between true Japanese→English interpretation (that is, translation itself) and words→meaning interpretation (closer to analysis/speculation), so I’ll leave it at that.

For similar reasons, I have left the English sections largely untouched. In the past, I have occasionally attempted to clarify imperfections in English based on my own interpretation of author’s intent, sometimes heavily, but I think that would be the wrong way to go for this song. I leave the interpretation to the reader.

Music / Arrangement: Sawano Hiroyuki
Lyrics: Sawano Hiroyuki, mpi
Vocals: mizuki

This is the empty sky that your hands opened.
I played around with the solution of only the sea of reason,
And when it unraveled, it all spilled out – the tears we each shed,
Words・lies・whims descended.

soul・art – I play out the rhythm
And link the signals into a ring.
The system that exists only in form and the spell that’s just a memento
Are sounds of runaways’ timidity.

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