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Cross Ange (Takahashi Youko) – Shinjitsu no Mokushiroku

Takahashi Youko, Cross Ange OP2

It’s pretty interesting to hear new music from Yoko Takahashi as someone who discovers music through anime, given that the only songs of hers that I know are Evangelion’s opening and Shakugan no Shana’s first ending. It’s been a while.

Something to keep in mind: while ‘apocalypse’ in English most clearly evokes the end of the world, the word is rooted in the concept of revelation. The same basically goes for ‘mokushiroku’ in Japanese.

Honestly not so satisfied with the level of neatness with which I handled certain ambiguities in structure, but it should be okay.

Apocalypse of Truth
Lyrics: Takahashi Youko
Composition / Arrangement: Oomori Toshiyuki
Vocals: Takahashi Youko

Pray for darkness…

Even knowing full well that this world
Is an illusion, I’ll make the future shine
And release it from the afterimages.
I want to give you power and courage.

Do not resent
The existence of battle.
Transcend destiny.
Rise to your feet.
Let despair be the tailwind that pushes at your back…

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Necessary

Mizuki Nana, Cross Ange insert song (episode 5); Eden

Lyrics: Matsui Gorou
Composition: Zetta
Arrangement: EFFY
Vocals: Mizuki Nana

Light spills out
From the spreading sky,
Turning the palms of my two hands
Into a pair of wings.

Forming this connection
In the quiet flow of time,
I wish this could all be a dream
Where the beginning continues on.

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Shuumatsu no Love Song

Mizuki Nana, Cross Ange ED2; Eden

Love Song of the End
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Yoshiki Eriko
Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)
Vocals: Mizuki Nana

I’m lost in the curtains of a night wavering in amber,
With my heart in disarray to no avail.
Engulfed in the repeating waves of heartlessness,
I’d been wishing for contradictory serenity.

Against a reality that attacks so fiercely I’m unable to breathe,
With the truth always frozen over…

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Towagatari ~Hikari no Uta~

Ange (CV: Mizuki Nana), Cross Ange insert song; Cross Ange Original Soundtrack 1

This song and its variants have appeared several times in the story now. The interaction in episode 11 was just amazing.

‘El ragna’ appears to speak of ‘God’, possibly in reference to Ragnarok.

Edit note: The English translation has been significantly changed since it was originally posted here. I initially took certain verb conjugations ending in ん to be abbreviations of ない, signifying negation, as they commonly are, but in light of new information, they now seem more likely to be abbreviations of the archaic む, signifying volition/imperatives. From the start, I was already unsure of the decision to take the verbs as negatives, so I left a note here saying as much, and I got the tip about む from Azu of AnimeLyrics as a response. After some additional research of my own (at KafkaFuura’s reference page), I agree with that. While I’m still not fully clear on the subtleties of the form, the TL is probably more correct now. Sorry about the confusion; hopefully, when Towagatari ~El Ragna~ is released, I’ll get another chance to clear any misunderstanding I might have caused.

Eternal Story ~Song of Light~
Vocals: Ange (CV: Mizuki Nana)
Lyrics: Hibiki
Composition: Shikata Akiko
Arrangement: Shikata Akiko

Light of the beginning, shining… twinkling…
Light of the end… Lulala lila…

Restore it, El Ragna;
Let time overflow
Through the hourglass.
Lulala lila…

Hundreds of millions, countless flames of life –
Falling so effortlessly, they become stars.
As they flow and flow, beautifully,
They softly froth up once again
In the cradle of life and death.

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Cross Ange (Kitamura Eri) – Rinrei

Kitamura Eri, Cross Ange ED

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Akihiko
Arrangement: PHA, Yamashita Yousuke
Vocals: Kitamura Eri

A fulfilled world = A fabricated world.
Give me courage to row with the paddle of grief.

As I cast away love and dreams to stand and fight,
Until the noble flame illuminates the darkness, come what may…

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Cross Ange (Mizuki Nana) – Kindan no Resistance

Mizuki Nana, Cross Ange OP

Forbidden Resistance
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Katou Yuusuke
Arrangement: Katou Yuusuke

The beginning is so dear to me that it’s cruel;
Is it testing me and the resistance in me, as I go toward the end…?
For what purpose was I born to live?
If all I do is struggle, I can’t obtain anything.

A paradise of empty dreams, where I was manipulated by the logic of destiny –
Is there any meaning in that place?

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