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DOG DAYS” – Stay With Me

【Lyrics Translation】Horie Yui, DOG DAYS” (season 3) ED

Honestly not super happy with how this TL turned out – need to relearn how to handle this style of song.

Stay With Me
Vocals: Horie Yui
Lyrics: Itou Ken
Composition: Itou Ken
Arrangement: Ookawa Shigenobu

Walking, never standing still, it’s like I’m counting stars
Seeing all these everlasting bonds shine

The dream is leading the way as we begin to run
To the world we imagine, all our wishes in mind

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DOG DAYS” (Mizuki Nana) – No Limit

Mizuki Nana, DOG DAYS” OP; Eden

No Limit
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Suyama Jun
Arrangement: Suyama Jun
Vocals: Mizuki Nana

Touch and go, Catch the sun!

Why did we meet each other, I wonder?
It’s a question that numbers can’t explain.
This mysterious discovery seems to make all history
Pale in comparison.

A perfect fit – a password from a heavenly voice.
A sympathetic link of cosmic degree.
Can you hear the inner stirrings of a new era’s genesis…?

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Yui Horie – Endless Star


Endless Star
Lyrics: Yui Horie
Composition: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
Arrangement: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
Vocals: Yui Horie

I looked up into the freezing rain and searched for the end of the clouds,
Wanting to send you a light.

The softly falling tears of “Why?” and “How?” spill from my eyes.
The flowers and the wind take them away, and they disappear.

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Yui Horie, DOG DAYS ED

Note (yeah, unless there are a ton of them or there are spoilers, I’ll put them before the lyrics from now on): In one of the later verses, there’s a play on how one of the characters for happiness, 幸, is similar to one of the characters for hardship, 辛.

Another interesting thing: the lyricist is the same “KANATA” who worked on K-ON’s “Let’s Go!!”.

Lyrics: Kanata Nakamura
Composition: Elements Garden
Arrangement: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
Vocals: Yui Horie

Fly out to the world that’s always been waiting for you!

I’ll lead you to the story that’s gone missing.
As simple as they are, the words have forgotten where to go.
Let’s go search for them! Something I want you to catch is hiding around here.
If it’s what I wished for, I’m sure we can change even tomorrow.

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