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Fate/Grand Order – Kuuhaku

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order Arcade theme song; c/w Gyakkou

Blank Space
Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition / Arrangement: la la larks
Strings Arrangement: Ishitsuka Tooru / Eguchi Ryou

When I looked back, you were no longer in sight.
You won’t say anything to the end, I see, to touch upon the heart of the matter.

No one can fill in the blank space inside me.
I’m sure there are lights I will see ahead, but…

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Fate/Grand Order – Gyakkou

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order -Cosmos in the Lostbelt- opening theme

The title is officially romanized as “Gyakko”, but oh well.

Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition: Izawa Ichiyou
Arrangement: Izawa Ichiyou / Eguchi Ryou

I was melancholic, seeing the same ceiling there every time I woke up,
Telling me that this is reality – there is no exit from here.

How do I put this to an end? Both completion and destruction are stories that will never arrive.
If my destiny is already set in stone,
Then I won’t imagine the future I couldn’t choose – that’s what I vowed, but…

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Fate/Grand Order – Eternity Blue

【Lyrics Translation】 Ayumi, Fate/Grand Order ending theme

There’s very little information publicly available about the vocalist, including how her name is actually pronounced. Unless there’s something I’m seriously overlooking (possible), I imagine the one way to find out more would be to attend one of FGO’s live events.

Eternity Blue
Vocals: Ayumi
Lyrics / Composition: sachi
Arrangement: Nagai Masamichi

I didn’t know how to shed tears, or how to laugh.
In the future that I searched for blindly, what would I wish for?

I’d thought that the sky was always the grey of ash.
You taught me the true color of this world.

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! – cuddle

ChouCho, Prisma Illya 3rei!! ending theme (episode 9)

A bit of a confession: I actually started Prisma Illya with the anime, starting from a few episodes into 3rei, having only experienced Grand Order and the DEEN stay night anime from the Fate fanchise prior. I’d just moved into a new apartment with some friends, and on the PC we hooked up to the TV, we ended up changing the settings to autoplay through entire folders, which led to marathonning of many things. We watched something like episodes 3 through 7 of 3rei in one sitting, and I was hooked so hard that I ended up starting back at the first season, catching up completely in three or four sittings on my own.

I am surely very excited for movie. のヮの

Lyrics: Matsui Youhei
Composition / Arrangement: Ishikawa Tomohisa
Vocals: ChouCho

The feelings inside me that don’t appear in any mirror
Were the same thing as the loneliness you’ve always carried.

Having the people important to you be there by your side
Is so much more special that any miracle.
I’ve finally realized that… I’m sure it’s a wish
That every person has. (We believe without fail.)

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Fate/Grand Order (Sakamoto Maaya / la la larks) – Shikisai

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order OP (First Order ED); Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitte iru Itsutsu no Houhou / Shikisai

This translation is part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project, under the la la larks branch.

Sound produced and performed by la la larks! It’s nice to hear another collaboration between Sakamoto and Eguchi, though it’s considerably different in tone from Buddy.

Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition / Arrangement: la la larks
Strings Arrangement: Eguchi Ryou / Ishitsuka Tooru

When I’m alone, I can hear the words – “If it’s painful, feel free to stop” –
Deep, almost like a black hole; from a sweet voice, frightening and tempting.

I’ll try mimicking the words you so often speak, and say that it’s nothing.
It doesn’t matter if that’s a lie – if it gives me a motive to continue to stand…

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Fate/stay night – Kumo no Kakera

Tainaka Sachi feat. Jyukai, Fate/stay night TV Reproduction (Fate/stay night OVA) ED, disillusion-2010-

Saber… ;_;

Fragments of Clouds
Lyrics: Haga Keita
Music: Yamamoto Yuusuke
Arrangement: Dewa Yoshiaki
Vocals: Tainaka Sachi feat. Jyukai

The gentle morning sun rains down, dyeing the world in white.
We walk out, feeling our way along, as though sweeping away our fleeting dreams.

Even if we were to go on loving each other like this,
We both know that it wouldn’t go on after the end,
So now, now, with our hands clasped together,
I just gazed into your eyes.

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Jyukai – SAKURA difference

Jyukai, c/w Fate/stay night ED Anata ga Ita Mori

Begun: May 9, 2009. Total time: 493 days.

SAKURA difference
Lyrics: Manami Watanabe
Music: Yoshiaki Dewa
Arranged by Yoshiaki Dewa, Zentaro Watanabe

I can still vividly remember
That day the flower petals fluttered.
Who, in what place, made cherry blossom pink
The color of meeting and parting?

“Don’t go,” I said until I could have cried.
I couldn’t even be clever and use those upturned eyes.
That is how I was, so I hugged you with all I had.

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