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GANGSTA. – Renegade

【Lyrics Translation】 STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, GANGSTA. opening theme

There’s actually some weird stuff going on with verb variations in the very first line, but I don’t want to overstate the significance of one word in the most abstract part of an abstract song, so I’ll spare you guys. Someday I’ll have a proper channel for information like that.


I hide the despised inferiority
Therefore there is meaning in standing here
The constant reason I search now without running from the decided rationale
The light to awaken my cells

I wanna renegade down!

There was a buzzing sound in my ears,
Almost made me feel drunk –
Need to open my eyes slowly.
All of these driving thoughts, clinging to things
So tightly they can’t choose what to lose,

Tell me – holding these worn-down crystals,
Where am I supposed to go?

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GANGSTA. – Yoru no Kuni

【Lyrics Translation】 Annabel, GANGSTA. ED

Country of Night
Vocals: Annabel
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition / Arrangement: R・O・N

In the forgotten
Ash-covered city,
I was looking for what I’d lost.

Even as you, with your red eyes,
Offered a prayer in your little voice,
Your ears were covered.

Rather than reaching out,
Let’s hide away.

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