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Goulart Knights – prism

G.Addict, Goulart Knights OVA ED, HIGH-END

Lyrics: R・O・N
Composition / Arrangement: R・O・N
Vocals: G.Addict (Kaji Yuuki / Abe Atsushi / Terashima Takuma / Horie Kazuma)

I used to think it was better to be alone,
That I didn’t need anything.
I covered my ears from the sound of anyone’s voice,
Because I wanted to hear the sound of my own heart.

But at some point, when I fell, what I noticed was
The kindness you showed in staying by my side.
I’ll remember the look on your face, smiling
Like it was the most natural thing in the world.

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Goulart Knights – signal

G.Addict, Goulart Knights drama CD OP, signal

Lyrics & Music & Arranged by R・O・N
Song by G.Addict (Yuki Kaji / Atsushi Abe / Takuma Terashima / Kazuma Horie)

Confirmed imitation,
The symbol that you believed in.
A physical sentence,
An illusion of rewritten days.
In the interval of penetrating silence,
I wished for some faint signal
And gazed at the true reality,
The threads of the lives that are not saved.

Know that despair may be a sign that you’ve given up.
Even if you think that your heart has become irreversible…

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