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Hibike! Euphonium – Tutti!

Kitauji Quartet, Hibike! Euphonium ED

According to her blog, ZAQ was actually a concert band member in her middle school years, playing the trumpet. The title (Italian for “all together”) stems from her own experience of hearing the term at band practice and finding it cute.I would include the instrument credits as I tried with “Swag!!!”, but it really just takes up too much space, so I’ll spare you that.

Lyrics / Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: Takada Satoru
Vocals: Kitauji Quartet
[Oumae Kumiko (CV. Kurosawa Tomoyo), Katou Hazuki (CV. Asai Ayaka), Kawashima Sapphire (CV. Toyota Moe), Kousaka Reina (CV. Anzai Chika)]

Tutti! We will steal your heart!

As we pick out our mouthpieces and reeds for today,
I can smell the dirty cleaning cloth.
The music scores that we’ve filled in are testing out
The value of youth.

We play, from the classroom window.
We connect the music from phrase to phrase.
We can’t go on if even a single one of us is missing.
Together, we’ll echo out with the deep emotion in our sound!

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TRUE – Swag!!!

TRUE, c/w Hibike! Euphonium OP DREAM SOLISTER

Vocals: TRUE
Lyrics: Karasawa Miho
Composition / Arrangement: Mutsuki Shuuhei
Guitars & Programming: Mutsuki Shuuhei
Bass: Kawashima Hiromitsu
Drums: Ichinose Hisashi
Trumpet: Suzuki Masanori
Trombone: Enomoto Yuusuke
Tenor Sax: Takegami Yoshinari
Brass Arrangement: Kawada Ruka


I wonder, who decided what “normal” is?
Shit doesn’t matter.
I just want to feel a reality
Greater than “imagination”.

Each and every person is a nameless conductor.
You won’t find anyone anywhere who’s the same as someone else – we’re all special.
When our personalities clash with each other,
<Pulsating Sequence, Escalating Audience>
We’re swallowed by the music. This sensation… Ah!!!

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