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Jormungand Perfect Order – Shinjitsu no Hane

Yanagi Nagi, Jormungand Perfect Order ED (episode 4), Laterality

; _ ;

Feather of Truth
Lyrics: Yanagi Nagi
Music & Arrangement: bermei.inazawa

I wake up, and it comes to me.
A dull, colorless temperature.
Feet of sand that crumble down when I try to stand up.

Floating in a shade of ultramarine like the sea,
I was unable to say anything, all the way to the end.
I remember a delicate outline.

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Yanagi Nagi – link

Yanagi Nagi, c/w Jormungand Perfect Order ED Laterality

Amazing song. That breakbeat section, in particular… *_*

Note that this piece is pretty much the work of Nagi alone.

Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: Yanagi Nagi

The colorful digits float, all scattered and dispersed.
I gather them together with the magic of my fingertips.

Within the invisible bustle that flies throughout the city,
I’m searching
For a line of a special color.

The things that lie before my eyes seem so far away.
The vibrations that strike my ears
Make my throat flutter.

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Jormungand – Ambivalentidea

Yanagi Nagi, Jormungand ED

Hauntingly beautiful.

Lyrics feel more open to interpretation than usual.

A note about a word in the fourth verse: 天花 (tenka), composed of the characters for “sky” and “flower”, can refer both to snow and to flowers that are said to bloom in heaven. While the pronunciation in the song seems to be more closely associated with snow, I believe the verse is meant to evoke both meanings.

Lyrics: yanaginagi
Music & Arrangement: bermei.inazawa

The sea god that lies down on a bed of light,
The sin that flickers within the scar.

Surfacing and taking a breath,
I obtained love and hate, only melted down and mixed together.

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Jormungand – Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana

Yanagi Nagi, Jormungand ED (ep 4), Ambivalentidea

This whole single is just perfect.

White, Tender Flower
Lyrics: yanaginagi
Music & Arrangement: bermei.inazawa

I capture the fragrance of the late summer,
Tracing along the thin paper.

The bundle of records that I contemplate –
The sweet poison winds around my arms.
If I read and understood, I would come closer –
I had such a dream.

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Jormungand Perfect Order – Laterality

Yanagi Nagi, Jormungand Perfect Order ED

The song felt kind of meh at the beginning, but the piano part started growing on me, and now that I’ve read the lyrics I actually find it quite ingenious.

The perspectives in this song are tricky, so I’m not entirely confident with this one. Feel like I’m saying stuff like that for all of the songs I’ve been doing lately, but oh well.

Lyrics: Yanagi Nagi
Music & Arrangement: Fujita Junpei (Elements Garden)

The lamenting voices are a mist you leave behind.
You’re creating a country for yourself alone.

Hey, tell me,
What color is your half of the world?
What kind of scent does it have?

Layering on paint from a palette no one can see,
You’re laughing as you repaint even words.

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Jormungand Perfect Order – UNDER/SHAFT

Kurosaki Maon, Jormungand Perfect Order OP

Honestly, I’m not such a big fan of R・O・N’s harder rock songs; in this case, the beat feels a little too repetitive. That said, I’m starting to appreciate the song’s motion a little.

Interpretation still feels a little shaky, partly due to the English. Why do they do this? ;_;

lyrics: Kurosaki Maon
music & arrangement: R・O・N

(Baby, you know?)

(Ready, move? Ready, move?
Stand by, yeah, A-ha!
5,4,3,2,1,ZERO, go ahead!)

Burning grip, stiffening vision,
A sickening midnight.
Turn the muzzle to my forehead;
Goodnight, world! Restlessness.

Where is god? There’s no exit.
Fools, I don’t trust this dreamlike state.
Black & White embrace each other.
What did we dream of?

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