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Kantai Collection (AKINO from bless4) – Miiro

AKINO from bless4, Kantai Collection OP

If the style of the song sounds familiar to you, WEST GROUND has done a good bit of work for Nano.

The title of the song, which isn’t really an established word in Japanese, could be more literally rendered as “Color of the Sea,” but given the existence of words with similar structure (such as the common ‘sorairo’, sky blue), there’s good cause to believe that “Ocean Blue” is fitting.

Ocean Blue
Lyrics: minatoku
Composition / Arrangement: WEST GROUND
Vocals: AKINO from bless4

Light of the morning, shining bright…
Weigh Anchor!

Without any words,
I just listened to the sound of the waves,
As though the meaning of my memories was being tested.

Even in the darkness, I remember.
I’m moving on forward;
Watch me.

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