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Mayo Chiki! – I’m a Butler!

Konoe Subaru (cv. Iguchi Yuka), MayoUta!

The use of three vocal lines in this song is really cool. It’s fun to hear such a wide range of Yuka Iguchi’s voice, and that “Shut up!” just might be the cutest sound in the world.

Sorry if the structure is a little hard to follow; it was color-coded in the booklet. Maybe I’ll find a way to carry that over in the future.

I’m a Butler!
Lyrics: Oomori Shouko
Composition / Arrangement: Hashimoto Yukari
Vocals: Konoe Subaru (cv. Iguchi Yuka)

I am here at your service. Anything at all, say the word.
(woo… Morning, day or night, say the word.)

I can stand apart; I’m fine being a mystery; Milady is the only one I need.
There’s so much to do outside of study – no mercy for anyone in the way.

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Mayo Chiki! – Give Me Everything

Suzutsuki Kanade (cv. Kitamura Eri), MayoUta!



Give Me Everything
Lyrics: Watanabe Akiko
Composition / Arrangement: R・O・N
Vocals: Suzutsuki Kanade (cv. Kitamura Eri)

Deep inside my heart, glittering and wavering,
There are two important lights.
Wanting to hide them, I changed my words.
Don’t take notice of them.

“Look only at me.”
It would be great if I could just say that one sentence, if only…
But I feel like crying and can’t say it.
Why, I wonder? What should I do?

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