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Red Data Girl – Yokan

Itou Masumi, Red Data Girl ED; alternate version by Suzuhara Izumiko (Hayami Saori), RDG Red Data Girl Inspired Album

Words: Hata Aki
Music & Arrangement: Itou Masumi

Someone is calling to me,
Calling out to me from someplace.
It’s drawing closer from out in the distance;
Hearing its gentle echo, my heart begins to move.

Tell me one thing,
As I’m here before this sorrowful premonition.
Are feelings that I’d been unaware of
Beginning to unfold?

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Red Data Girl – Small Worldrop

Annabel, Red Data Girl OP; collected in TALK

Small Worldrop
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition: myu
Arrangement: myu

Into the light
From which your voice calls out to me…

Right now, I’m looking at the world from the other side of a veil,
Trapped in a cage, unable to fly, with my wings folded in.

If I softly flutter my wings in imitation of the breaths
Of the flowers that bloom to give birth to windswept forests,

Look, there’s your voice…
As I’m crouching here, completely closed in, it shines at my feet.

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Annabel – Shihyou

Annabel, c/w Red Data Girl OP Small Worldrop; collected in TALK

For some reason, this song kind of reminds me of school food punishment.

Note: in verse 5 line 3, the first word, しんじつ (shinjitsu, “truth”), is written in kanji as 現実 (genjitsu, “reality”).

Lyrics: Annabel
Composition: myu
Arrangement: myu

It dropped me into sighs – the pointer that guided me until yesterday.
Following it, I can’t feel a thing.
It has lost its vibrance, ah, and it’s just frozen in place.

We are always being hit by the rain from that day.
Even though my face shows a paradoxical smile, I’m fighting desperately,
But I wish you’d say that it’s enough, that it’s alright now.

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