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Seto no Hanayome – Who are you?

Iinchou (Last Amazoness) (C.V. Rikimaru Noriko), Seto no Hanayome Character Song 5: Who are you?

Had this one sitting around mostly complete for a while. Finally went back and translated the spoken parts.

Who are you?
Lyrics: Matsui Gorou
Composition: Funta
Arrangement: Purin
Vocals: Iinchou (C.V. Rikimaru Noriko)

(He loves me… He loves me not…
He loves me… He loves me not…
He loves me… He loves me not…
He… loves… me.)

(Love, a bittersweet thing, sometimes ever so painful.
I wonder if I will come to understand that feeling someday.
Someday, I will meet my prince. Hurry and come for me!

No one remembers my name.
I can’t shout anything at the center of the earth.
Even so, I’ll always have people important to me.
Behind my glasses, I’m always watching.

Throw away all of your feminine thoughts.
Purge this world of all men.
In the end, “Yes, Amazoness!”
I can’t be stopped now. Wa-oh, wa-oh…

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Seto no Hanayome – Namida Ichirin

Seto Sun (CV: Momoi Haruko), Seto no Hanayome insert song, Romantic summer

This is the song that’s played every so often when Sun goes into chivalry mode and during the Masa-san segments.

A note on the title: the “Single” part (Ichirin) is actually written with the counter that’s used for flowers in Japanese (rin).

Begun: May 31, 2009. Total time: 525 days.

A Single Tear
Lyrics: Matsui Gorou
Composition / Arrangement: Umebori Atsushi
Vocals: Seto Sun (CV: Momoi Haruko)

The evening cherry petals float down behind me.
Where does the road go?
I can’t hold on very well
To the one life that my parents gave to me.

What will happen if I cry, I wonder?
Suddenly, I looked up across the sky.

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Seto no Hanayome – Wishing!

Edomae Lunar (C.V. Nogawa Sakura), Seto no Hanayome Character Song 2: Wishing!

Begun: June 25, 2009. Total time: 454 days.

Lyrics: Funta
Composition / Arrangement: Funta
Vocals: Edomae Lunar (C.V. Nogawa Sakura)

Soon, soon, I want to send you this love song.

We walk, we walk on top of this round earth.
I shake, I shake as these feelings expand.

I turn the volume in my chest to full,
I throw away the parasol for my heart,
I worry about this and that –
I feel like I’ve finally found it.

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Hinoi Asuka – VOICES

Hinoi Asuka, c/w Seto no Hanayome ED1 Asu e no Hikari

Kanji notes follow the translation.

Lyrics / Composition: Takigawa Jun
Arrangement: Hoshino Takafumi
Vocals: Hinoi Asuka

Shaking like a child, just crying – is that how every day has passed?
How long I’ve been unable to move – have I forgotten even that?

Everyone just walks on without knowing the true meaning of life.
The story that continues from here goes on forever.

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Seto no Hanayome – GAP

Zenigata Mawari (C.V. Morinaga Rika), Seto no Hanayome Character Song 3: GAP

This is my clear favorite of the character songs for the series.

Lyrics: Matsui Gorou
Composition: Kinoshita Yoshiyuki
Arrangement: Seki Youjirou
Vocals: Zenigata Mawari (C.V. Morinaga Rika)

I can hear deep in my heart
The sound of something changing.
The name I’d been calling until now
Measures the distance between the two of us.

I don’t know who it is.
I’m hiding.

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