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UN-GO – Beautiful dreamer

Yonagahime 3+1, UN-GO insert song (episode 10), UN-GO Original Soundtrack

The song that Kaishou Rinroku was humming. The story only needed the song for its existence, not its content, so it was used very briefly, so we can just treat this as an image song for the series. (Hm, reminds me, I still need to watch the movie. :V)

This is one of those songs where the subjects of sentences aren’t very clearly defined.

Beautiful dreamer
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: NARASAKI
Vocals: Yonagahime 3+1 = Tsunemi Kuni (CV: Katou Emiri), Nakahashi Sumika (CV: Anzai Chika), Umezawa Yumeno (CV: Makino Yui), Eri (CV: Yasuno Kiyono)

Returning from the path of dreams,
Little birds waiting restlessly.
“I can’t fly.” “I want to fly.”
The sky, ever so blue…

Moving toward the course of their journey,
Injured little birds.
“Shall we return?” “I can’t return.”
Where is the sky?

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UN-GO – Valhalla Otomegaoka

Yonagahime 3+1, UN-GO insert song (episode 2), UN-GO Original Soundtrack

Also variously known as “Valhalla Maiden Hill” and “Valhalla Shojogaoka”.

Valhalla, Hill of Pure Maidens
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: NARASAKI
Arrangement: Tatsuya Kato
Vocals: Yonagahime 3+1 = Tsunemi Kuni (CV: Katou Emiri), Nakahashi Sumika (CV: Anzai Chika), Umezawa Yumeno (CV: Makino Yui), Eri (CV: Yasuno Kiyono)

Oh, World, awaken – the dawn is almost here.
We are illuminated beautifully to the end.

Sorched by pain, we outstretched out arms.
The awakened world asks for today.

As we wish for power,
We want to embrace. There is no replacement, ah!

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School Food Punishment – Kaeru

School Food Punishment, c/w UN-GO OP How to go

Part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project.

A note: the song uses an abbreviated katakana form of “platform” – ホーム (hoomu). What else does that sound like? I’m not sure if that was intentional, but I like to think that it is.

Going Back
lyrics by Uchimura Yumi
music by School Food Punishment
arranged by Eguchi Ryou

The train simply runs on, carrying me along.
It all goes far away – the crowds of people and the exhausted yesterday.

The doors open up, and the wind dances in.
I breathe in the cold air and start to remember.
This city of mine where time seems to be stopped
Will come into view soon on the other side of the window.

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UN-GO – Fantasy

LAMA, UN-GO ED, Cupid / Fantasy

I haven’t even heard the full song yet, but I love this so much that I just had to dive in.

Note: In line 2 of verse 6, most of the reliable lyrics sources I know use the word 話し合う (hanashiau, “talk to each other”), but just listening to the song, it sounds like ゆるしあう (yurushiau, “forgive each other”). I’m not sure whether this is a mistake or an intentional difference.

EDIT 11/14/11: After checking a scan of the booklet, it seems that “yurushiau” is indeed the correct word. Sorry about that.

Lyrics: LAMA
Composition: LAMA

A prayer whispered in the pale morning mist.
I will follow along the distorted landscape with you.

Seeking the ‘truth,’ “Even a ‘lie’ is fine,” is that right?
As though seeing right through each other, we go on.

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UN-GO – How to go

School Food Punishment, UN-GO OP

Part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project.

As with all pre-release lyrics, this is subject to change once official lyrics come out.

I’m not really sure what to think about UN-GO at this point, but I’ll definitely keep watching for a while. Also, Aki Toyosaki’s voices deviate quite nicely from her usual character voice.

EDIT 10/21/11: Whoa, this appeared on Uta-Net really early. I’m going to assume it’s official. Fixed.

EDIT 12/06/11: Transcription confirmed to be correct.

How to go
lyrics by Uchimura Yumi, Eguchi Ryou
music by School Food Punishment, Eguchi Ryou
arranged by Eguchi Ryou

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I’m holding my head in my hands
And struggling to escape from this saturated world.
Time passes by like sand scattering down.
I gaze at the dreamless tomorrow from the unchanging present.

I want to say goodbye to the yesterday filled with confusion.
I’ll try stretching out my hand, as though resisting.

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