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Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – Arigatou, Daisuki

【Lyrics Translation】 Chihara Minori, Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu ED

Thank You, I Love You
Vocals: Chihara Minori
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: rino
Arrangement: Evan Call (Elements Garden)

When I just hear you call my name,
My heart starts to feel hot.
Happiness, close to me – ah, I can’t let go.

I want to move one step closer
and try touching the door to your heart.

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Patlabor – Condition Green ~Kinkyuu Hasshin~

【Lyrics Translation】 Kasahara Hiroko, Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (TV) OP2

By request.

Condition Green ~Emergency Takeoff~
Lyrics: Taguchi Shun
Composition: TSUKASA
Arrangement: Negishi Takayuki
Vocals: Kasahara Hiroko

If your dream’s area right now
Is being invaded by tears,
When you’re breaking down, hey, call my name
With the voice of your heart
Hurry up, hurry up, wings of love
I’ll fly over to your sky

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Bloodivores – Yu Wo Gong Ming -NENTEN- (Japanese)

【Lyrics Translation】 Mili, Bloodivores OP (Japanese version)

As far as I know, a full version of the Japanese version has never been released. I transcribed the lyrics by ear [=耳コピ]; as such, accuracy is not 100% guaranteed. I did, however, cross-reference with the Chinese translation found in the show’s official subs on bilibili, so there’s that.

Resonate With Me -TORSION-
Performed by Mili
Lyrics: Yamato Kasai
Composition: Mili

Shining in pale white,
The light trickled down
And cycled through my brain

On the twisted
Smile on your lips,

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DOG DAYS” – Stay With Me

【Lyrics Translation】Horie Yui, DOG DAYS” (season 3) ED

Honestly not super happy with how this TL turned out – need to relearn how to handle this style of song.

Stay With Me
Vocals: Horie Yui
Lyrics: Itou Ken
Composition: Itou Ken
Arrangement: Ookawa Shigenobu

Walking, never standing still, it’s like I’m counting stars
Seeing all these everlasting bonds shine

The dream is leading the way as we begin to run
To the world we imagine, all our wishes in mind

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Tenkyou no Alderamin – Tenkyou no Alderamin

【Lyrics Translation】 KISIDA KYODAN & THE AKEBOSI ROCKETS, Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin OP

Alderamin on the Sky
Lyrics / Composition: Kishida
Arrangement: Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets

There’s no meaning in idealized theory that ignores phenomena.
Fortunately, we seem to have had a need for the ability to think.

If I’m gonna become a hero, the cause of my death won’t be anything decent.
I’d like to yield it to you, but I don’t have the right to choose.

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GANGSTA. – Renegade

【Lyrics Translation】 STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, GANGSTA. opening theme

There’s actually some weird stuff going on with verb variations in the very first line, but I don’t want to overstate the significance of one word in the most abstract part of an abstract song, so I’ll spare you guys. Someday I’ll have a proper channel for information like that.


I hide the despised inferiority
Therefore there is meaning in standing here
The constant reason I search now without running from the decided rationale
The light to awaken my cells

I wanna renegade down!

There was a buzzing sound in my ears,
Almost made me feel drunk –
Need to open my eyes slowly.
All of these driving thoughts, clinging to things
So tightly they can’t choose what to lose,

Tell me – holding these worn-down crystals,
Where am I supposed to go?

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GANGSTA. – Yoru no Kuni

【Lyrics Translation】 Annabel, GANGSTA. ED

Country of Night
Vocals: Annabel
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition / Arrangement: R・O・N

In the forgotten
Ash-covered city,
I was looking for what I’d lost.

Even as you, with your red eyes,
Offered a prayer in your little voice,
Your ears were covered.

Rather than reaching out,
Let’s hide away.

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