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the pillows – Beautiful morning with you

【Lyrics Translation】 the pillows, HAPPY BIVOUAC On The Hillari Step; featured in FLCL

Beautiful morning with you
words&music by sawao yamanaka
arranged by the pillows&zin yoshida, jun suzuki

Days of snuggling in the darkness
We don’t even have a bed,
No bed,
But sure enough, there you are,
Smiling next to me

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Rinne no Lagrange – Jersey-bu no Uta

【Lyrics Translation】 Kamojo Jersey Club (Ishihara Kaori / Seto Asami / Kayano Ai), Rinne no Lagrange insert song

This song was originally used in season 1, sung by Madoka alone; a version with all three girls was attached to the Jersey-bu Damashii single. My transcription is based on the Jersey-bu Damashii version; the solo version from season 1’s OST booklet features more punctuation, but there are no differences that affect meaning.

In an interview, Seto Asami (voice of Lan) noted how like Madoka it was to have the line about not acting out of ‘moral obligation’, as a sort of modern addition to Showa-era passion – while she indeed considers that important, Madoka needs to feel something in her heart as the extra push for action.

Song of the Jersey Club -Full Version-
Vocals: Kamojo Jersey Club (Ishihara Kaori / Seto Asami / Kayano Ai)
Lyrics: Chino Takatoshi
Composition: Suzuki Saeko / TOMISIRO
Arrangement: Sawada Kan

When you hear a voice echoing in your heart,
Pull on your jersey and give it your all!
I don’t act out of moral obligation
The code that I follow is my heart
Push through! (Push through!) Run! (Run!)
Jersey Club soul!

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School Days – Look at me

【Lyrics Translation】 YURIA, School Days ED5

Look at me
Lyrics / Composition: YURIA
Arrangement: chokix
Vocals: YURIA

The two of us walked, on the road home.
Unable to stop my pounding heartbeats,
I fooled around to cover it up.

Why is this so unreasonable? My chest hurts so much.
I know how it is, but I can’t hide it, I can’t stop.

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School Days – Ai no Kakera

【Lyrics Translation】 Hashimoto Miyuki, School Days ED2

Fragments of Love
Lyrics: Hashimoto Miyuki
Composition: Fukumoto Koushirou
Arrangement: Kondou Akio
Vocals: Hashimoto Miyuki

My heart stirs and becomes hot –
I’ve discovered those moments,
And so the usual streets and landscapes
Are dyed in a different color.

That’s how the beginning of it goes,
Closer by than miracles or destiny.

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【Lyrics Translation】 Suzukaze Aoba (CV: Takada Yuuki), NEW GAME! insert song (episode 3), collected in NEW GAME! Character Song Mini-Album Now Singing♪♪♪♪

Hearing this song, plus Re Zero’s second cour in the same season, really made me a believer in Hige Driver. I’d actually been following the manga for some time before the anime aired (usually reading it right before bedtime), and this scene really made me appreciate the atmosphere of the series.

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Hige Driver
Vocals: Suzukaze Aoba (CV: Takada Yuuki)

Talking about things I feel like I’ve learned from images –
What is it, to become an adult?
Things don’t go the way I thought they would, the way is blocked,
And it’s like I’m a kid again.

How many setting suns have I seen?
How many stars have I seen?
Even so, with nothing ever changing, the morning comes –
What a curious thing.

The reason I get downhearted
And yet never run away
Is because you said it would be okay,
And all this time, like a fool, I’ve taken it to heart.

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【Lyrics Translation】 BUMP OF CHICKEN, Granblue Fantasy The Animation OP, Butterflies

According to the band in interviews, once they heard the demo for this song, it was very quickly selected to be the lead song of the album. I feel like the lyrics paint a pretty interesting picture of Lyria, all the more impressive considering that this song was one that’s so close to the artists, with the tie-in coming so much later. Too bad the anime is delayed…

It’s also interesting how BUMP OF CHICKEN songs tend to have certain recurring words – specifically ‘body’ as I’ve also observed in “Fighter” and “Hello,world!”. I’m sure there are more (notably ‘gem’), so I was a bit hesitant about doing this before I’d heard the rest of the band’s work, but I decided to go through with it anyway for now. I’ll keep an eye out for new discoveries.

Lyrics / Composition: Fujiwara Motoo

I realized that I was bad at walking, always bumping into things, covered in cuts,
With no clear idea of where I should go, on top of this round and uneven earth.
I’d only ever get scolded, so I froze up, hanging my head.
In that unmoving state, I was listening to the trumpets echoing far away.

Being at a loss, standing still, my tears made a little pool of water.
The countless lights reflected on the surface whisper to me with nostalgic voices.

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Stella no Mahou – Yonakagical

【Lyrics Translation】 Tamaki and Yumine (CV: Naganawa Maria / Maekawa Ryouko), Stella no Mahou ED

Could possibly be my favorite anime song of the season – truly we are in the fantastic future bass future. I like how R・O・N has been doing a tour of all the electronic / EDM subgenres since he started Stereo Dive Foundation.

This seems to be Kuroki Jinsei’s rather creative debut as lyricist; I look forward to seeing future works. Meanwhile, Kokonoka is a mystery (all I could find out was that he or she seems to be part of an agency called onetrap), which is unfortunate, because this song could make a really great case study on how the roles of composer and arranger can separately affect the final impression of a song, something that’s not always clear.

The title of the song is presumably a play on ‘yonaka‘ (late night / midnight) and ‘magical’. Since the pun doesn’t happen as readily in English, I’ve decided to build on the title of the anime instead.

Magic of Midnight
Lyrics: Kuroki Jinsei
Composition: Kokonoka
Arrangement: R・O・N
Vocals: Tamaki and Yumine (CV: Naganawa Maria / Maekawa Ryouko)

Can you hear it?
Dancing hearts, dreams from yesterday.
On the rippling waves,
The soundless night continues, still going on.

Is this getting through to you?
This gaze of longing, standing on tiptoes to reach.
Drifting, I’m washed away,
And I swim through the entrancing ocean.

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