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STUDIO TRAM – Moe Jazz Dreamer


One of the seven great mysteries of the anime internet. May or may not have been popularized by a certain Youtuber.

Moé Jazz Dreamer

Ah, hey, isn’t this totally amazing?
When all’s said and done, the future’s still undecided.
This isn’t anime, all is never lost.
The flag isn’t raised? Right now, I’m head over heels for you.
Been in love since the day we first met,
But let’s take it easy, this is jazz, after all.
Failure is as common as your everyday meals.
What’ll it be today? The A Lunch?

In any place, to any any place,
It will continue on, this melo-melody here.
Forever on, forever-ever on,
I want to play jazz, too!
One, two, one two three go!

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Libra feat. Megurine Luka – calling

Libra feat. Megurine Luka, Vocaloid original song

Original NicoNico upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20720934

Just beautiful. It’s been a while since Libra has been active on the internet; I wonder if he’s moved onto other things. A bit sad – I kind of wish I was close enough at the time, since his songs have stayed close to my heart, but it’s hard for someone like me who finds it difficult to communicate across the pond.

Music & Lyrics: Libra
Vocals: Megurine Luka

In all-too-ordinary freedom, with insufficient words and unclear tomorrows,
I’ll never be able to go beyond
Worthless imagination.

What’s the hurry?
I increase my speed;
The distorted daily life whirls around,
But there’s still something not quite right.

Left off as an unreachable dream, unfading distant memories.
The back of the person who tried so hard, never hesitating…
I wonder if I can catch up one more time.

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tilt-six feat. Hatsune Miku – Wasureru

tilt-six feat. Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid original song, collected in </TearDrop>

NicoNico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22162921

And here we have the sister song (melodically) to 「Hoshizora Rain」. I remember when I first heard the song, the shared chorus melody was the first thing I noticed, but probably right around the song’s “tilt time”, I really felt the song take on a character of its own.

Music & Lyrics: tilt-six

The state I’m in seems so unreal.
I’m doubting my own eyes.
I can’t catch up
To my own impossible feelings.

The days we, the days we spent laughing,
The way we, the way we touched,
How we talked, how we talked yesterday…
They’re all fading from my sight.

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Annabel – nemo

Annabel; M3-35 release Sousou, no Ame

Ex-School Food Punishment alert! Hasuo Masayuki and Yamasaki Hideaki are now a regular part of Annabel’s band. This song is the second one in the link below.

This brooding atmosphere is really powerful. The steadiness of the beat makes for a really nice contrast with the first track.

produced & performed by Annabel
lyrics: Annabel
compose & arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki
band: Hasuo Masayuki (Key) / Terui Yoshimasa (Gt) / Yamasaki Hideaki (Ba) / Yamashita Satoshi (Dr)

The sunlight that was at my shoulders slips down the the windowsill,
Chewing into the margins of my notebook with shadows.

From the school building, occasionally, I hear a laughing voice that sounds like yours.
With the pleasant feeling, I try closing my eyes for just a little,
And it’s just as though I’ve disappeared.
No one is looking at me.
The only thing here is a sense of presence.

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Annabel – roof loop hopper

Annabel, M3-32 release roof loop hopper

Ex-School Food Punishment alert! This song features the keyboardist, Hasuo Masayuki, and the bassist, Yamasaki Hideaki. This was originally released in late 2013, and you can see the current Annabel band lineup starting to take shape.

roof loop hopper
produced & performed by Annabel
lyrics: Annabel
compose & arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki (385, bonanzas)
bass: Yamasaki Hideaki (ex.School Food Punishment)
drums: Tengan Yoshinori (385)

At low elevation, the streets awaken.
Making their sounds, the people come and go.
Even if I try to match my pace with theirs where we disagree,

The weariness that spreads all throughout the room
Is the bitter taste of the ordinary.
The premonition that fascinated me
While I was lying down
Faintly appears in my vision.

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CLOCK MUSIC (Pe-jun / Chata) – Dakikakaeru Ude

CLOCK MUSIC, C76 release Gojuunido no Kanata / Dakikakaeru Ude


Listen: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13693728

Companion song: 『Gojuunido no Kanata』

The Arms That Embrace
Vocals: Chata
Music: Peejun
Lyrics: nk
Illustration: Fukukitaru (Electric Range)

I wait behind-the-scenes for the opportune moment
So that I can slip away without being found.
I hate to leave behind the comfy napping place I know so well,
But I have to get going.

Don’t ask me, “Where are you going?”
I can’t let myself be seen.

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