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Kanamemo – WAKE ME UP(^_-)b!

Nakamachi Kana (CV: Toyosaki Aki) / Amano Saki (CV: Mizuhara Kaoru) / Kujiin Mika (CV: Kugimiya Rie), Hayane Hayaoki! Kanamemo Radio OP, Kimi e to Tsunagu Kokoro

Finally done, over three years since the day I started. I like how it turned out.

I’ve done my best with the unprinted vocals, but know that all of the bits in parentheses are uncertain.

I really like this song. I recognized the composer immediately upon hearing that guitar passage before the final chorus. Embedding the song here for once, since it’s probably obscure but totally worth listening to:

WAKE ME UP(^_-)b!
Lyrics: R・O・N
Composition / Arrangement: R・O・N
Vocals: Nakamachi Kana (CV: Toyosaki Aki) / Amano Saki (CV: Mizuhara Kaoru) / Kujiin Mika (CV: Kugimiya Rie)

Please give me more, just five minutes! (No, no!)
Let’s meet at the Dream House in District 5. (Not gonna make it!)
See you~ (Waaaaake up!)

On the other side of my eyelids, things are frolicking around.
What did that person say, again? (Ah, she’s not getting up at all – oh well, whatever.) (That’s nice.)
I feel like I can remember it, but I can’t.
It’s a tantalizing dreamland. (Not watermelon, not slippers…) (What was it?) (Sleep demon!) (That’s right!)

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Goulart Knights – signal

G.Addict, Goulart Knights drama CD OP, signal

Lyrics & Music & Arranged by R・O・N
Song by G.Addict (Yuki Kaji / Atsushi Abe / Takuma Terashima / Kazuma Horie)

Confirmed imitation,
The symbol that you believed in.
A physical sentence,
An illusion of rewritten days.
In the interval of penetrating silence,
I wished for some faint signal
And gazed at the true reality,
The threads of the lives that are not saved.

Know that despair may be a sign that you’ve given up.
Even if you think that your heart has become irreversible…

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Umi Monogatari – Kokoro no Uta

Itou Masumi, Umi Monogatari drama CD image song (Urin-hen)

This is the best song from Umi Monogatari, in my opinion.

A note follows the translation.

Song of the Heart
Lyrics: micco
Composition / Arrangement: Itou Masumi
Vocals: Itou Masumi

The voice of the wind obscures the sun and even the shapes of the clouds from view.
These landscapes, these shades of color –
Each separate one is different.

Let your fleeting feelings blur and mix with everything.
Place your hands on the place where your heart is.

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – Kaze Yomi Ribbon

Aya Hirano, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu SOS-dan Radio Shibu OP, Bouken Desho Desho?

I created the text file for this translation on December 28, 2008. Transcription was complete as of April 14, 2009. Total time: 605 days.

Wind Reading Ribbon
Lyrics: Aki Hata
Composition: Morihiro Suzuki
Arrangement: Takahiro Andou
Vocals: Aya Hirano

My expectations are light and soft.
Let’s float up above the blimps and move on forward to the future.
Where should we go?

Don’t get rough! You’re rushing too much.
Believe in me!
We’ll travel through the blue sky. If we could laugh together, it would be fun.

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Umi Monogatari – tiny sweet

marble, Umi Monogatari drama CD OP, Kuusou Jet!

tiny sweet
Lyrics: micco
Composition / Arrangement: Kikuchi Tatsuya
Performance: marble

Today begins with a bright ray of sunlight from the window.
Just like we always do every day, we greet each other again.

Even the sound of the waves feels so natural that I can’t hear them.
Let’s listen carefully. Look, the world is projected there.

It flows along in the sand. We can take a little more in our hands.

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Umi Monogatari – Namida wo Fuite

marble, Umi Monogatari drama CD image song (Kanon-hen), Kuusou Jet!

Wipe Away Those Tears
Lyrics / Composition: micco
Arrangement: Kikuchi Tatsuya
Performance: marble

Let’s wipe away those tears and start walking.
What you’re searching for is still waiting far away.

All of the people who pass by each other,
All of the waves that are flowing on by –
They’re connected by a thread that no one knows about.

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Toradora! – I my me

Horie Yui, Toradoradio! ED, Vanilla Salt

Lyrics and composition are by Yuka, the guitarist in RYTHEM.

As with I MY from the same series, the title is a play on 曖昧 (aimai, “unclear”).

I my me
Lyrics / Composition: Katou Yukari
Arrangement: Kawaguchi Keita
Vocals: Horie Yui

My thoughts are crumpled in the wastepaper,
Unnoticed, just like the wastepaper.
I’m a liar and a weakling,
But if I become a good girl, I’m sure it would just be a matter of time.
Before your eyes, am I there? Not there?
-U n c l e a r-

In the clear weather after the rain, my heart dances.
After being with you,
My heart does the opposite… not yet? Hey, tell me,
Even though love is so useless,
Why can’t we live without feeling love?

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