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Wednesday Campanella – Audrey

Wednesday Campanella, SUPERMAN

Apparently, “Eternal Fairy” (永遠の妖精, eien no yousei) is a common nickname for Audrey Hepburn in Japan; I’m not sure what the origin of that is. Also, “Happy Monday” is a technical term in Japan, but that’s not particularly important.

I’m actually not sure why I did this

Wednesday Campanella
Lyrics / Composition: Kenmochi Hidefumi

Late night Friday, filled with anticipation
No problem with staying up a little
‘Cause starting tomorrow is the weekend
And a Happy Monday
In Rome, it’s three days off

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DAOKO – Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de

DAOKO, Moshi mo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de / Daisuki with TeddyLoid / BANG!


If We Were The Main Characters Of A Game
Lyrics: DAOKO
Composition: Kojima Hideya (ORESAMA), DAOKO
Arrangement: Kojima Hideya (ORESAMA)

If we were the main characters of a game,
If we were capable of changing the world,
We’re always moving through our sadness,
Struggling, struggling,
Heroes, superhuman.

Who are we?
What have we
Been doing with our lives?

What to do, baby?
Pick a command: → Fight,
Or do we → Run Away?

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RADWIMPS – Shuntou

RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on March 11, 2016

This is the fifth in a series of (currently) five related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa) (official JP/EN)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)

A translation of the Youtube description, written by Noda Youjirou (the band’s frontman and songwriter):

This day has arrived again this year.
It’s been five years since then.
It feels like it’s been a very long time, but it also feels like it passed by in no time at all.
People who were new middle school students are now seniors in high school. Children who were one year old are now starting elementary school.
I, who was 25 years old, am now 30.

Over the days and months of these five years, a disparity has appeared in the degree of 『reconstruction』 for different regions. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster still has not been resolved. It is not under control. There are many regions that have begun to move forward, with their evacuation orders lifted, their cities steadily restored. On the other side, there are many people who still can’t return to their hometowns. On one end, there are people living in provisional housing who await the day they return home, and on the other, there are many who have given up on the return home and have begun lives in new places. There are also still people dying from the disaster’s aftereffects.
There are complicated discussions on many topics, such as whether or not nuclear generators are necessary. It’s just that, if it were only the earthquake and tsunami, I believe the disparity in recovery and the number of people who have given up on returning to their homelands would be smaller than it is now. There were no zones that had restrictions on mere entry. I wonder how many more years it will take for the sound of the word 『Fukushima』 to evoke what it was before March 11, 2011.
As usual, I am only able to worry and just wish for recovery, so I’ve written another song. Its title, 『春灯』,  is read “Shuntou”.
Please do listen.  

I don’t know if I’ll write songs for next year and beyond. I might go on doing it just as I have been. While I’ve been cutting off the sorrow of that one day of March 11 and making individual songs from them, little by little, I’ve started to feel like something isn’t right. It’s because I think some of that is within all of our songs. In fact, in these five years, we’ve had tragic incidents, accidents, and great happiness, so many things. And then, constantly influenced by all of those things, we’re making music. We mix all that together, and it becomes the music of our selves that are living through the 「present time」.

I think we need to not forget that overwhelmingly large experience. If we can contain even a little of the damage from the next great disaster, whenever it happens, we can change the meaning of that day’s earthquake.
I think when you look over the entire world, tragedies are happening one after another, whether it’s the work of humans or nature. The world moves at a pace so frenzied that emotions can’t keep up with it. It’s almost crushing. But that’s why there is also latent strength in the people who have realized that. To the best of my ability, I’d like to turn my eyes toward the light. I’d like for us to live hand-in-hand.
Even in this kind of world, I’d like to continue creating the sounds that have meaning in their creation.

The people of Qotori film made the video again this year. I was unable to go due to recording, so this year I left it to the combined staff of Qotori. The sky is the sky above Minamisouma. Year after year, thank you so much. Take care when you’re driving back. As with other years, Sugai-san helped as the sound engineer. My thanks.
And I thank all of you who sent in your words and your videos. Just reading each one made me feel like I would cry.

May the souls of those who died in the earthquake rest in peace.
May peaceful days come those to continue to suffer even now.
And for all of the lives that were taken away by unreasonable forces, hands together in prayer.

Spring Lights

In this world that has people I want to see,
Maybe there’s some tiny bit of meaning, that I, at least, am alive.

Like an evening rain, the memories pass on through.
I have no umbrella, so it just beats down on me.

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DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku – Chocolat Beats

DECO*27, Aimai Elegy

Chocolat Beats
Lyrics: DECO*27
Composition: DECO*27
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

From your point of view, it’s something sweet – looks so delicious.
We’re free to have seconds, though that might be a little greedy.
As for me, for me it’s bitter, nothing worth eating.
You wouldn’t want seconds. Better add some seasoning here, after all.

With sadness, and jealousy, and the distance between our hearts,
And these near-overflowing tears, and my icy memories…

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GARNiDELiA, c/w Gunslinger Stratos ED MIRAI

Lyrics & Vocals: MARiA
Music & Instruments: toku

The kiss from yesterday
Still has control over my heart.
That’s a sneaky way to do things.
If that’s the way you want it…

I dislike that relaxed face.
There’s no way I can let that by.
I’ll captivate you.
I’ll grab on, and I won’t let go.

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NIRGILIS feat. akinyan electro – Love Stick

NIRGILIS feat. akinyan electro, Chukuri

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nirgilis/love-stick-feat-akinyan-electro

Music video directed by Kazuki Homma.

☝( ゚∀゚)☟ PARTY LEWD

Love Stick
Lyrics by Acchu Iwata and Chie Morishita
Music by Acchu Iwata
Produced by akinyan electro & Nirgilis
Performed by Nirgilis
Guest vocal by Chie Morishita

Oh, my dear Carlos, how are you today?
Are you hanging your head because of overwork?
Feeling down, then cheering up again
Sounds like a busy life (lol)

Boy・No・No! Naughty boy!
All the time, I think of you
Don’t disturb me any more
Be my baby – I love you!

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RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on March 11, 2014

This is the third in a series of (currently) five related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa) (official JP/EN)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)

A translation of the Youtube description, written by Noda Youjirou (the band’s frontman and songwriter):

This year, we once again present a song for this day.
Its title is “Kaiko”.
I’m not sure if it’s fitting for today, but it’s a song born from what happened three years ago. Please do listen.

As of today, it’s been three years. Already three years. Finally three years. Only three years.
The people who are alive right now are the ones who are able to change things, I think.
Able to attach a meaning to what happened. And able to pretend it didn’t happen.
If seeds are planted alongside all of the pain, if the chance is there for us, I’d like to make them bloom.

Sugai Masayoshi-san and everyone at Qotori film handled the recording and photography, like the previous years. Deepest thanks.
And to everyone who contributed to the video with candle images, thank you.
May they reach the souls who are no longer here.
Again this year, the sky of the video is today’s sky. It was completely clear. After three years, the sky is still blue.
May this sky continue on forever.

I protest the opposition to public aid for the victims in a country that makes minimal progress, for the reconstruction support in afflicted areas, for the people who get by in temporary housing. I wish people would do the things that should be done now.

Finally, for all of the lives that were lost in the earthquake three years ago,
And for all of the human hearts that continue to suffer from the disaster even now, hands together in prayer.

Note: I don’t believe an official transcription of the lyrics was ever released. I transcribed the lyrics by ear myself (=耳コピ), and then I cross-referenced with a Petit Lyrics submission. While I think nothing is terribly off, be aware that transcription accuracy is not 100% guaranteed.

A note on the title: as the title is a Japanese word written in katakana, the true meaning is ambiguous. One significant possibility is 回顧, ‘recollection,’ which already makes so much sense, given the lyrics and context of the song. After reading other opinions online, though, I’ve decided to interpret it as 蚕, ‘silkworm’. While it might be a stretch, given that there’s not much imagery in the lyrics themselves to indicate that, I believe the symbolism is there as an undercurrent of all of these songs. There’s this recurring theme in the songs and in the upload comments, about what the disaster means to those who are still living, and this ties into the existence of the silkworm – for example, its life is both largely made possible and intentionally ended by human actions, and its death gives way to beautiful things… Anyway, maybe Recollection actually is the true title, but I believe this possibility shouldn’t be overlooked, at the very least as a double meaning (though I’ve chosen to take it as more than that).


They say that all people are equal under the eyes of God,
As the hands circle tightly around the base of the heart’s throat.
If it’s so clear, then why go to the trouble of preaching such things?
It’s like cramming raw meat into a stomach that’s already full.

It’s as though they’re directing these implications at me, and it’s just kind of irritating,
Like I’m being questioned, under suspicion – “Whose side are you on?”

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