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Angel Beats! -1st beat- – Million Star

【Lyrics Translation】 Girls Dead Monster, Angel Beats! -1st beat- bonus song

Million Star
Vocals: marina
Lyrics / Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo

There’s no way my dreams will come true, there are so many things I don’t want to do,
With so many depressing days, I’m getting sick of this
I thought I had talent for something only I could do
There are more skilled people out there than I’d expected, it really gets me

Now then, for tomorrow’s sake, what will I do?

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – Tomodachi to Shite wa Sore ga

【Lyrics Translation】 Taniguchi (c.v. Shiraishi Minoru), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya New Character Song Vol.7: Taniguchi

It’s been so long since I’d worked on any lyrics by Aki Hata that I’d forgotten why her stuff has a reputation for giving translators trouble (past-me included); let’s just say that this song was a slight refresher. Well, it was really just one line that gave me trouble, but Taniguchi’s not the most complicated guy, so one might have hoped this single would be all safe. The rest of the song was actually fairly fun to work with.

As a Friend
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition / Arrangement: Kikuya Tomoki
Vocals: Taniguchi (c.v. Shiraishi Minoru)

Why is it that even when we’re completely fooling around,
You don’t laugh at all and just have that grumpy look?
The way you randomly start running and shouting out of nowhere,
You’ve been acting weird lately – don’t look away!

Did you get a crush on someone? Is that what this is?
If you don’t feel like talking about it…

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Toradora! – Mirano Tengoku

【Lyrics Translation】Takasu Yasuko (CV: Oohara Sayaka), Toradora! Character Song Album

Mirano Heaven
Lyrics: Watanabe Akiko
Composition / Arrangement: Hashimoto Yukari
Vocals: Takasu Yasuko (CV: Oohara Sayaka)

Angel wings
Dancing in neon
That’s who I am in the night

Good-for-nothing men,
Rowdy folks,
I’m used to them all
Come here to Mirano!

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Samurai Spirits – Kokoro wo Tsunaide

【Lyrics Translation】 Ikoma Harumi & Kamitani Keiko, Scitron 10th Anniversary Special: Samurai Spirits THE BEST -Selected by Characters-

This is a character song for Nakoruru and Rimururu; in addition to the character CD arrangement, there is also a variation that was used as an ending theme for Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (Kenkaku Ibunroku Yomigaerishi Soukou no Yaiba: Samurai Spirits Shinshou). The tune is based on Nakoruru’s stage theme.

Connecting Hearts
Vocals: Ikoma Harumi / Kamitani Keiko
Lyrics: MOMO
Composition: Neo Geo Music Performance Group

Whenever I’m with you,
(When I’m with my elder sister…)
The sky seems gentle…
(I feel warm…)
When we searched for stars in the sky,
(Father, look, the stars…)
We would go home down this road
(Connected, hand in hand)
The hill of blooming dandelions where we played until dusk
The sunshine-yellow that you placed in my hair
When we hold hands within our hearts, I feel the same warmth I felt that day

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K-ON! – Prologue

【Lyrics Translation】 Manabe Nodoka (CV: Fujitou Chika), K-ON! character image song series: Nodoka Manabe

Lyrics: Oomori Shouko
Composition / Arrangement: Maezawa Hiroyuki
Vocals: Manabe Nodoka (CV: Fujitou Chika)

Wind, blowing past the nape of my neck, growing colder second by second.
The sound of dragonfly wingbeats; the scent of olive trees.

During these sunset times, I’d like to pine for somebody –
Or so I joke; you see, the clarity of the sky makes me honest.

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K-ON!! – Hidamari Living

【Lyrics Translation】 Manabe Nodoka (CV: Fujitou Chika), K-ON!! Character Image Songs: Nodoka Manabe

Sunny Living
Lyrics: Oomori Shouko
Composition / Arrangement: Maezawa Hiroyuki
Vocals: Manabe Nodoka (CV: Fujitou Chika)

Rays of spring sunshine, thawing the needle ice.
The horsetail shoots are getting ready to appear, I’m sure.
Hey, line up the many seasons.
They’ve come to welcome us, here, in this way.

Pulling ahead, falling back, they grew long like they were in a race.
If only in height, they’re almost like people grown up.

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K-ON! – Lovely Sister LOVE

【Lyrics Translation】 Hirasawa Ui (CV: Yonezawa Madoka), K-ON! character image song series: Ui Hirasawa

Lovely Sister LOVE
Lyrics: Oomori Shouko
Composition: Tamura Shinji
Arrangement: Komori Shigeo
Vocals: Hirasawa Ui (CV: Yonezawa Madoka)

Since the day I was born, we’ve gotten along well, Yeah Yeah
Our meeting was destiny, right? It must have been
We split everything in half, so we’ve got Peace Peace
The happiness doubles itself

Morning’s here! Food is ready!
Your bed hair is sticking up!
I wonder why – you’re so cute I can’t leave you alone

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