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Mare (Sawano Hiroyuki) – Marezora

Sawano Hiroyuki, Mare OP

I’m really enjoying this show. Right from the get go, that scene with young Mare in the classroom was great.

The lyrics are by Tsuchiya Tao, the actress of (grown-up) Mare herself! She has this to say about the song:

I wrote this as an expression of the pleasant atmosphere I felt on-location in Noto, and all the emotions I’ve felt over the course of my own life up to now, put into words for the people important to me. We live in a very materially-blessed era, but maybe it’s also a period where it’s hard to feel the presence of happiness, or even an era where it’s hard for people to connect to each other heart-to-heart – that’s the feeling I get sometimes. But because of that, I think it’s all the more important to make that one step toward the search for true bonds. If the listeners love the song along with the world of Mare, if I can connect to the hearts of our viewers, it would make me happy.

When I was filming on-location in Noto, I heard of a word for visitors who introduce culture from other places, “marebito” [from ‘mare’, rare/unusual/seldom, and ‘hito’, person]. There are times when people look at the sky with various emotions, and I think, the sky really does connect all kinds of culture and places and people from great distances away, so borrowing the sound of that word, “marebito,” how about a new word, “Marezora” [from ‘sora’, sky]?

So using the kanji of Mare’s name, we get 「希空~まれぞら~」. The beauty of the sky in Noto was just unforgettable, and that sky is really one piece of the greater sky that connects the whole world – I think that’s wonderful.

Incidentally, now that I watch a bit of live action, I thought I may as well make a list. I probably won’t use it a whole lot, but who knows.

Rare Sky
Lyrics: Tsuchiya Tao
Composition: Sawano Hiroyuki

Come on, let’s run out there, right now.
Even if the future is far away for now.
Even if the nights of crying alone
Continue on,
I’ll go toward my true self.
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sakanaction – Hasu no Hana

sakanaction, Kinkyori Ren’ai theme song; Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana

This song was produced as the theme song for a movie based on a shoujo manga series. According to Yamaguchi in an interview, when sakanaction was initially approached to write the song, they were not informed what the tie-in title was, and the request was just to write a single without being conscious about the tie-in. While Yamaguchi did find out (and apparently watched the movie), romance is a difficult topic for him, and he specifically avoided linking the lyrics to the story. In the end though, he did feel a link under the surface – “linked by how it isn’t linked”.

Also according to that interview, to him the song is basically about having trouble writing music, and the spider motif is inspired by Akutagawa Ryūnosuke.

There are actually two arrangements for this song, a “single version” that was released on single with Sayonara wa Emotion (the one in the video above), and a “movie version” that was released directly on iTunes.

Lotus Flower
Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Arrangement: sakanaction

The flower falls, the flower falls at the water’s edge.
The flower scatters, flower scatters in the wind.

The little spider
That I let go this morning –
I wonder how it’s doing.

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sakanaction – Music

sakanaction, dinner ED, sakanaction

Lyrics / Composition: Yamaguchi Ichirou
Arrangement: sakanaction

Drifting on and on,
Do the birds ever start to pine for distant cliffs?
It flew high in the sky.

Looking down at the unknown,
At the city that no one knows, what do the birds think?
Are they the same as me, in my loneliness, I wonder?

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Nanase Futatabi – flashback trip syndrome

school food punishment, Nanase Futatabi ED, Nanase Futatabi Original Soundtrack

Part of the school food punishment lyrics project.

This really makes me want to see the movie.

flashback trip syndrome -feat. Main Theme of “NANASE: The Psychic Wanderers”-
Lyrics: Uchimura Yumi
Composition: school food punishment
Arrangement: Eguchi Ryou, Kishi Toshiyuki

Blackout – the moment I realized it, a flame lit up.
Sirens, traffic – signaling sounds were echoing.

Light and shadow come and go on the other side of the atmosphere of indecision.
My impulses outstrip the reasons I should withdraw my outstretched hand.

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This song is actually the theme to some sort of action movie directed by the guy who did Ghost in the Shell, but I don’t know much about it.

Lyrics: KOTOKO
Music&Arrangement: KAZUYA TAKASE
Vocals: KOTOKO

dreamer is on the desk
Inside the spiral, I ride on a grand seat,
And it’s nothing but break! break! break out! shoot down
fly!! stay on!!

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Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru – One Night

Kagaya Rei, from Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru: Fantasy Railroad in the Stars

Requested by girlcelly.

I’m not familiar with the source material, so the lines with English in them were just a little bit iffy.

One Night
Lyrics / Composition: Kagaya Rei
Vocals: Inoue Hiroko

I am waiting for you and looking for memories of the moonlit night.
The fragrant flowers are near the waves that break on the shore.
And nothing but you – I wear the wind that was left behind
So I can see the sky.

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school food punishment – feedback

school food punishment, Riff-rain

school food punishment

I was pondering the process of breathing yesterday,
Searching for the button to pause things for a moment.
Touching is confusing with even a little bit of ill will.
I can’t take it and then let go – it’s unreasonable.

Everything passes by the start line.
When I pass it, I throw away a future.
Will I be okay if I misread and there’s heavy rain?
If that’s the case, I’ll jump with my hands empty.

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