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[2018-02-24] no more grand proclamations

Normally, upon coming back to this blog after a hiatus, I would tend to write an apology for silence followed by a rough outline of future plans, but I’ve long since realized that when such a thing is actually necessary, it means I’m not really in the right condition to actually hold myself to those plans. So, this time, I shall let my rehab float along with whichever way the river flows. For now I’ll just write little bits and pieces, as a sort of pump-priming, and then see if anything comes of it.

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[Supplemental Materials] RADWIMPS – Aitowa

RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on March 10, 2015

This is the fourth in a series of (currently) six related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)
6: 『空窓』 (Soramado)

The song that RADWIMPS uploaded on March 11, 2015 actually included an English translation in its upload description. This post contains all of the usual side information I would put with a translation – romaji and copy/pastable Japanese are useful for learning purposes, and artist comments are of great interest for songs like this. I feel like it would be better not to translate the song myself when there’s already an artist-approved version, so I’ll be leaving that out. I do have a few notes, though:
-The title, while written in slightly different Japanese spelling from usual, essentially means “Love Is“.
-The official English version uses the word “nuke” in a few of the choruses; it should be noted that the original Japanese word, 原発 (genpatsu), unambiguously refers to a nuclear power plant, not a nuclear bomb.

The official English translation can be found here.

A translation of the description:

We’ve made another song this year for this day.
Its title is 『Aitowa』. Please do listen.

Four years have passed since then.
People who never want to remember that day again.
People who don’t want to forget about people important to them.
People who wait for the return of people important to them even now.
People who turn to face new lives.
People who come and go in the space between.
I think none of them are wrong, and they alone, with their willpower, are able to decide what they do.
No matter how much I could try to understand, I don’t understand, and I wouldn’t even want to feel like I understand. No matter how far I extend my hand, I can’t go there, so I’d like to at least keep on facing the things that happened that day, the things that appear in my eyes, from where I am.
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[2015-04-12] Spring 2015: Reflection on TV-size Translations, Week 1

Half on a whim, I’ve decided to jump into TV-size translations. I’ve done this in the past with mixed results – it worked out fine for things like OreImo, but mistakes have happened, ranging from terrible (e.g, Valvrave) to hilarious (e.g, Railgun).

I thought I’d go into a little more detail about those songs here. I’m not opposed to translation notes for song lyrics, but there’s a point where you start splitting hairs that no one but the translator cares about, and it turns into a wall of text, and then it breaks the reader’s sense of immersion (which isn’t even as deep as with visual media) and no one needs to deal with that shit. So, I’ve kicked the details to this page. It might be a little dry, but I hope it would be of interest to those of you who are interested in the interpretation process.

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[2014-12-31] owaranai party

well, nothing much to say for today, but I thought I should check in briefly before the posting year ends.

I’m actually in Japan right now for comiket and things, so it’s already 2015. comiket was wonderful damage to my wallet and legs and I partied for seven hours overnight at mogra before visiting shrine, so I’m pretty wrecked.

even with the bustle, though, I still find my mind on the work I do here on this site, so here I am posting on my phone. chances are that this post shouldn’t be read by anyone, but oh well.

here’s to a great 2015!

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[2014-08-14] Caching

Well, I’m still having trouble crystallizing thoughts into text. I’ve made some progress on the bigger posts I had planned, but I’m kind of at a standstill, so I think I may as well start things off on a side road.

This will be the first of a few posts covering some experiences I’ve had while translating. They are partly intended as advice, partly as explanation… I don’t know, I’m not sure if I’ve even been through enough for my writing to be of any help, but I’ve personally found it useful at times to read other people’s accounts of things, so who knows. Guess I’ll toss my thoughts into the world and see what happens.

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