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RADWIMPS – Soramado

【Lyrics Translation】 RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on April 8, 2018

This is the sixth in a series of (currently) six related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)
6: 『空窓』 (Soramado)

The title of this song is read ‘Soramado‘, as two kanji together which mean “sky” and “window”. However, another valid reading for those characters is ‘Kuusou‘ – while this isn’t an established compound in Japanese, it has the same pronunciation as 空想 (fantasy, daydream, something imagined). Yojiro Noda, the frontman and songwriter of RADWIMPS, has clarified on Twitter that while he reads the title as ‘Soramado‘, he of course named the song to make both readings possible and honestly both ways are fine.

As far as my knowledge goes, RADWIMPS never released a similar song in 2017, so this song came as a surprise to me – but Noda has talked about how the making of the soundtrack for Kimi no Na wa. was a part of his healing process, so I’m sure his activities related to that played a part.

A translation of the video description, also written by Noda:

It’s been seven years since then. I’ve made another song this year. I didn’t make it time for March 11, but here it is today. Its title is 『Soramado』.

Namie High School of Fukushima closed on March 31 last year. I received letters from students in that school’s last graduating class. I wrote this year’s lyrics based on those.

Feelings from the moment the disaster happened, the feeling of leaving family, people who remain, people who leave – seven years is a huge amount of time for a teenager. As I don’t share that experience, all I can do is imagine it. I wanted to, as well as I could, take the feelings I received from those words and express them in sound in just the right measure. Please do listen.

Once again, this year’s video is by Qotori film. It’s the sky from March 11, 2018. It was a strange sky. This year, I asked Sawamoto-kun, who’s done work with me together with Sugai-san for years, to do the sound engineering.

May peaceful times come soon to the people who are still not free from the effects of the disaster even now. And for all of the lives that were lost in the disaster, a prayer.

Sky Window

How have you been doing since then?
Have you gotten used to the unfamiliar landscape yet?

Well, as for me, those words that should have been so unfamiliar
Have already become natural to me.

At the time, not knowing anything, we left the house like Dad told us to.
We just figured we’d be able to go back soon in two or three days – it’s been seven years since that day.

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K-ON! – Lovely Sister LOVE

【Lyrics Translation】 Hirasawa Ui (CV: Yonezawa Madoka), K-ON! character image song series: Ui Hirasawa

Lovely Sister LOVE
Lyrics: Oomori Shouko
Composition: Tamura Shinji
Arrangement: Komori Shigeo
Vocals: Hirasawa Ui (CV: Yonezawa Madoka)

Since the day I was born, we’ve gotten along well, Yeah Yeah
Our meeting was destiny, right? It must have been
We split everything in half, so we’ve got Peace Peace
The happiness doubles itself

Morning’s here! Food is ready!
Your bed hair is sticking up!
I wonder why – you’re so cute I can’t leave you alone

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the pillows – Beautiful morning with you

【Lyrics Translation】 the pillows, HAPPY BIVOUAC On The Hillari Step; featured in FLCL

Beautiful morning with you
words&music by sawao yamanaka
arranged by the pillows&zin yoshida, jun suzuki

Days of snuggling in the darkness
We don’t even have a bed,
No bed,
But sure enough, there you are,
Smiling next to me

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Rinne no Lagrange – Jersey-bu no Uta

【Lyrics Translation】 Kamojo Jersey Club (Ishihara Kaori / Seto Asami / Kayano Ai), Rinne no Lagrange insert song

This song was originally used in season 1, sung by Madoka alone; a version with all three girls was attached to the Jersey-bu Damashii single. My transcription is based on the Jersey-bu Damashii version; the solo version from season 1’s OST booklet features more punctuation, but there are no differences that affect meaning.

In an interview, Seto Asami (voice of Lan) noted how like Madoka it was to have the line about not acting out of ‘moral obligation’, as a sort of modern addition to Showa-era passion – while she indeed considers that important, Madoka needs to feel something in her heart as the extra push for action.

Song of the Jersey Club -Full Version-
Vocals: Kamojo Jersey Club (Ishihara Kaori / Seto Asami / Kayano Ai)
Lyrics: Chino Takatoshi
Composition: Suzuki Saeko / TOMISIRO
Arrangement: Sawada Kan

When you hear a voice echoing in your heart,
Pull on your jersey and give it your all!
I don’t act out of moral obligation
The code that I follow is my heart
Push through! (Push through!) Run! (Run!)
Jersey Club soul!

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School Days – Look at me

【Lyrics Translation】 YURIA, School Days ED5

Look at me
Lyrics / Composition: YURIA
Arrangement: chokix
Vocals: YURIA

The two of us walked, on the road home.
Unable to stop my pounding heartbeats,
I fooled around to cover it up.

Why is this so unreasonable? My chest hurts so much.
I know how it is, but I can’t hide it, I can’t stop.

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School Days – Ai no Kakera

【Lyrics Translation】 Hashimoto Miyuki, School Days ED2

Fragments of Love
Lyrics: Hashimoto Miyuki
Composition: Fukumoto Koushirou
Arrangement: Kondou Akio
Vocals: Hashimoto Miyuki

My heart stirs and becomes hot –
I’ve discovered those moments,
And so the usual streets and landscapes
Are dyed in a different color.

That’s how the beginning of it goes,
Closer by than miracles or destiny.

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Yanagi Nagi – Ao no Parade

【Lyrics Translation】 Yanagi Nagi, euaru

I’m not sure how it happened, but this seems to be the non-single song I’ve listened to the least from this album. Pretty nice, though.

Blue Parade
Lyrics: yanaginagi
Music & Arrangement: Dan Miyakawa

All these wrong forecasts every day.
Suddenly, a rainbow crossed through my heart.

A balloon comes down;
I extend my hand, try to grab it,
And I fly, too.

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