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Angel Beats! -1st beat- – Million Star

【Lyrics Translation】 Girls Dead Monster, Angel Beats! -1st beat- bonus song

Million Star
Vocals: marina
Lyrics / Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo

There’s no way my dreams will come true, there are so many things I don’t want to do,
With so many depressing days, I’m getting sick of this
I thought I had talent for something only I could do
There are more skilled people out there than I’d expected, it really gets me

Now then, for tomorrow’s sake, what will I do?

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – Tomodachi to Shite wa Sore ga

【Lyrics Translation】 Taniguchi (c.v. Shiraishi Minoru), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya New Character Song Vol.7: Taniguchi

It’s been so long since I’d worked on any lyrics by Aki Hata that I’d forgotten why her stuff has a reputation for giving translators trouble (past-me included); let’s just say that this song was a slight refresher. Well, it was really just one line that gave me trouble, but Taniguchi’s not the most complicated guy, so one might have hoped this single would be all safe. The rest of the song was actually fairly fun to work with.

As a Friend
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition / Arrangement: Kikuya Tomoki
Vocals: Taniguchi (c.v. Shiraishi Minoru)

Why is it that even when we’re completely fooling around,
You don’t laugh at all and just have that grumpy look?
The way you randomly start running and shouting out of nowhere,
You’ve been acting weird lately – don’t look away!

Did you get a crush on someone? Is that what this is?
If you don’t feel like talking about it…

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Yanagi Nagi – concent

【Lyrics Translation】 Yanagi Nagi, c/w Ano Natsu de Matteru ED Vidro Moyou; collected in euaru

The title of this song, “concent”, is a loanword of sorts from English meaning “power outlet” – the term originates from “concentric plug”, based on how plug/socket pairs were once designed. Some of the parallel rhythm in the verses plays off the pronunciation of ‘concent’, which I unfortunately didn’t carry over to the English translation for the sake of clarity, but that’s a thing that happens if you listen.

Lyrics & Music: yanaginagi
Arrangement: Masahiro Tobinai

Filling in the space between whispers,
A wall outlet starting to be unplugged.
Looks like the shy girl
Can’t say it too well yet.

A concept so unfixed that it tries for too much.
It’s like I can’t see where my quivering legs will be in one second.

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Toradora! – Mirano Tengoku

【Lyrics Translation】Takasu Yasuko (CV: Oohara Sayaka), Toradora! Character Song Album

Mirano Heaven
Lyrics: Watanabe Akiko
Composition / Arrangement: Hashimoto Yukari
Vocals: Takasu Yasuko (CV: Oohara Sayaka)

Angel wings
Dancing in neon
That’s who I am in the night

Good-for-nothing men,
Rowdy folks,
I’m used to them all
Come here to Mirano!

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GANGSTA. – Renegade

【Lyrics Translation】 STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, GANGSTA. opening theme

There’s actually some weird stuff going on with verb variations in the very first line, but I don’t want to overstate the significance of one word in the most abstract part of an abstract song, so I’ll spare you guys. Someday I’ll have a proper channel for information like that.


I hide the despised inferiority
Therefore there is meaning in standing here
The constant reason I search now without running from the decided rationale
The light to awaken my cells

I wanna renegade down!

There was a buzzing sound in my ears,
Almost made me feel drunk –
Need to open my eyes slowly.
All of these driving thoughts, clinging to things
So tightly they can’t choose what to lose,

Tell me – holding these worn-down crystals,
Where am I supposed to go?

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GANGSTA. – Yoru no Kuni

【Lyrics Translation】 Annabel, GANGSTA. ED

Country of Night
Vocals: Annabel
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition / Arrangement: R・O・N

In the forgotten
Ash-covered city,
I was looking for what I’d lost.

Even as you, with your red eyes,
Offered a prayer in your little voice,
Your ears were covered.

Rather than reaching out,
Let’s hide away.

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Kakumeiki Valvrave – Mother land

【Lyrics Translation】 Nanri Yuuka, Kakumeiki Valvrave insert song (episodes 8 & 21); collected in one day

Mother land
Vocals: Nanri Yuuka
Lyrics: Karasawa Miho
Composition: Ozawa Takumi
Arrangement: Kohno Yohgo

On that day when I was young, when even my dreams were taken from me,
All I saw was a miracle within your eyes

With no possible way to forget the flame of life we share,
My hand is reaching out into the expanse of memory

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