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Kuriyama Chiaki – voice

【Lyrics Translation】 Kuriyama Chiaki, 0

Lyrics / Composition: la la larks
Vocals: Kuriyama Chiaki

Nothing you could possibly do
Time moves on at breakneck speed
Mass blockage in the brain
Nothing’s moving forward
Even the vision for my future
Is twisting off the rails
Not a single future in view that makes me feel safe

The goal is far away,
But it exists
Doesn’t that mean we still have something?

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[Supplemental Materials] RADWIMPS – Aitowa

RADWIMPS; originally released to Youtube on March 10, 2015

This is the fourth in a series of (currently) five related songs personally released online by RADWIMPS.
1: 『白日』 (Hakujitsu)
2: 『ブリキ』 (Buriki)
3: 『カイコ』 (Kaiko)
4: 『あいとわ』 (Aitowa)
5: 『春灯』 (Shuntou)

The song that RADWIMPS uploaded on March 11, 2015 actually included an English translation in its upload description. This post contains all of the usual side information I would put with a translation – romaji and copy/pastable Japanese are useful for learning purposes, and artist comments are of great interest for songs like this. I feel like it would be better not to translate the song myself when there’s already an artist-approved version, so I’ll be leaving that out. I do have a few notes, though:
-The title, while written in slightly different Japanese spelling from usual, essentially means “Love Is“.
-The official English version uses the word “nuke” in a few of the choruses; it should be noted that the original Japanese word, 原発 (genpatsu), unambiguously refers to a nuclear power plant, not a nuclear bomb.

The official English translation can be found here.

A translation of the description:

We’ve made another song this year for this day.
Its title is 『Aitowa』. Please do listen.

Four years have passed since then.
People who never want to remember that day again.
People who don’t want to forget about people important to them.
People who wait for the return of people important to them even now.
People who turn to face new lives.
People who come and go in the space between.
I think none of them are wrong, and they alone, with their willpower, are able to decide what they do.
No matter how much I could try to understand, I don’t understand, and I wouldn’t even want to feel like I understand. No matter how far I extend my hand, I can’t go there, so I’d like to at least keep on facing the things that happened that day, the things that appear in my eyes, from where I am.
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Spangle call Lilli line – nano

【Lyrics Translation】Spangle call Lilli line, or; collected and remixed in SINCE2

Well, here we are. It became apparent very quickly after I picked up the song that the lyrics exist more for sound than meaning. In that period, what would happen was I’d take look one look at the lyrics and get completely swallowed up and my brain would shut down – the combination of unfamiliar words and (as far as I can tell) nonsensical structure was overwhelming. Going through it now, it was still hard to hold whole lines together in my head, but I feel like I’m in a place where I can manage to roll through the words as they come. I can make no promises as to whether I have parsed the structure in a valid way, and the resulting English is nonsensical, but I don’t think I’d be overstepping my authority in saying that the Japanese is equally nonsensical; even Japanese fans of the band struggle with these lyrics.

Many of the words in this song seem to be ones that are not commonly used, so I feel the true value of the words lies in just absorbing the way the syllables flow with each other.

This was originally requested three years ago; it is not the oldest or longest request I have on record, but I do feel bad about putting it off for so long when it’s a song that translation doesn’t really add that much to, thus compounding the disappointment. I do hope this will still be helpful to whoever comes across it, though.

Lyrics: Kana Otsubo
Composition: Spangle call Lilli line

The cause, added rays of sunstroke – it shows in your eyes, “incorrect”, without words
Like a union of moderate ways that I crossed, I curl around thorns, I rearrange

In a certain schemed window, I draw rolling trees rustling in the wind, they echo through my eyelashes
Waiting to be fed, with pass in one hand, following the inertia of my heart, the code I touched always nearby

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Wednesday Campanella – Audrey

【Lyrics Translation】 Wednesday Campanella, SUPERMAN

Apparently, “Eternal Fairy” (永遠の妖精, eien no yousei) is a common nickname for Audrey Hepburn in Japan; I’m not sure what the origin of that is. Also, “Happy Monday” is a technical term in Japan, but that’s not particularly important.

I’m actually not sure why I did this

Wednesday Campanella
Lyrics / Composition: Kenmochi Hidefumi

Late night Friday, filled with anticipation
No problem with staying up a little
‘Cause starting tomorrow is the weekend
And a Happy Monday
In Rome, it’s three days off

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【Lyrics Translation】 Suzukaze Aoba (CV: Takada Yuuki), NEW GAME! insert song (episode 3), collected in NEW GAME! Character Song Mini-Album Now Singing♪♪♪♪

Hearing this song, plus Re Zero’s second cour in the same season, really made me a believer in Hige Driver. I’d actually been following the manga for some time before the anime aired (usually reading it right before bedtime), and this scene really made me appreciate the atmosphere of the series.

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Hige Driver
Vocals: Suzukaze Aoba (CV: Takada Yuuki)

Talking about things I feel like I’ve learned from images –
What is it, to become an adult?
Things don’t go the way I thought they would, the way is blocked,
And it’s like I’m a kid again.

How many setting suns have I seen?
How many stars have I seen?
Even so, with nothing ever changing, the morning comes –
What a curious thing.

The reason I get downhearted
And yet never run away
Is because you said it would be okay,
And all this time, like a fool, I’ve taken it to heart.

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【Lyrics Translation】 BUMP OF CHICKEN, Granblue Fantasy The Animation OP, Butterflies

According to the band in interviews, once they heard the demo for this song, it was very quickly selected to be the lead song of the album. I feel like the lyrics paint a pretty interesting picture of Lyria, all the more impressive considering that this song was one that’s so close to the artists, with the tie-in coming so much later. Too bad the anime is delayed…

It’s also interesting how BUMP OF CHICKEN songs tend to have certain recurring words – specifically ‘body’ as I’ve also observed in “Fighter” and “Hello,world!”. I’m sure there are more (notably ‘gem’), so I was a bit hesitant about doing this before I’d heard the rest of the band’s work, but I decided to go through with it anyway for now. I’ll keep an eye out for new discoveries.

Lyrics / Composition: Fujiwara Motoo

I realized that I was bad at walking, always bumping into things, covered in cuts,
With no clear idea of where I should go, on top of this round and uneven earth.
I’d only ever get scolded, so I froze up, hanging my head.
In that unmoving state, I was listening to the trumpets echoing far away.

Being at a loss, standing still, my tears made a little pool of water.
The countless lights reflected on the surface whisper to me with nostalgic voices.

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