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At present time, requests are moving very slowly due to personal circumstances, but if you have any requests, write the title and artist (and related series, if there is one) here. Also, if you’re requesting indie/doujin releases or similarly rare stuff, it would be helpful if you could direct me to a reliable lyrics source, like a CD booklet (I try to begin every translation with those for reliability).

I can’t necessarily guarantee that a requested translation will come out promptly, but hey, you won’t know until you try. Keep in mind that I work primarily on what I like, so if it’s by an artist or from a series that you can tell I enjoy, your chances are decent. A request is never completely dropped unless the translation becomes unnecessary. That said, I have a bad tendency to slowpoke very, very hard, so please don’t get your hopes too high. (´・ω・`)

I almost never translate songs that have not yet been formally released. I prefer to work from the original booklet scans or other more-or-less official lyrics sources to ensure that things come out right.

I used to have a huge list of songs up for consideration here, but after leaving it without updates for over a year and a half, I think it’s better if I just keep things as a constant stream, comments only. If it happens, it happens.

51 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Can I request translation for:
    Title: 自分を
    Artist: Tamurapan
    CD: Koko

  2. Please translate:
    Title: Heart Realize and Chotto Dekakete Kimasu
    Artist: supercell-Tia
    series (if applicable): Heart Realize – Noragami ED
    CD name: Heart Realize

    I have the booklet scans for the lyrics in Japanese; I’m just not sure how I would be able to send them to you :/
    Thank you~

  3. Hello, can you translate song Wonderful World (Album Wonderful World) by Shinitani Ryoko? http://www.animelyrics.com/jpop/shintaniryoko/wonderfulworld.htm Thank you! :)

  4. Hello, could you please translate カイコ from the カイコ Single by the band Radwimps? (:
    Thank you!! ^-^

  5. Good day! My request is: Crossroad (クロスロード) sung by Yanagi Nagi, a track from her single Tokohana (トコハナ), ending theme song single of Black Bullet. The Crossroad itself is used for a Z-Kai commercial, which is directed by Makoto Shinkai. Thank you. :)



  6. Hello, I has request again :D

    Song: nano.RIPE – Answer Song
    PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hVKkhcIyhM#t=235 at time 3:53
    Album: Plus to Minus no Shikumi / Esoragoto Single
    Blog post: http://ameblo.jp/nanoripe-kimiko/entry-11371066289.html
    Lyrics: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-60793.html


  7. request for “MYSTERIOUS” by Naifu

  8. Hello!! Ehm… could you please translate this song? (sorry about my english)

    Song: “Shinjitsu no Tsubasa, Sadame no Tsubasa”
    Artist: Barbarian on the Groove feat. Kahiena
    Album: Barbarian on the Groove Works Collection 1
    Visual Novel: Boku ga Sadame, Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo. Opening Theme

  9. Title; タランチュラ/ Taranchula
    Artist; Ranko
    Album; Bowling
    Circle; BUTAOTOME

    Booklet page; https://db.tt/QyVeiSZx

  10. I’m once failed here before, and I’m trying my luck here for the second time.
    Like you said above, “you won’t know until you try.” Isn’t?
    I know my request this time may not guaranteed to be translated, but I guess I’ll try it anyway.
    Can I?
    By the way, hello and thanks.

    Anyway, here’s my request:
    Title: bless you
    Artist: absorb
    CD name: 学園 (gakuen)
    Hope this kanji lyric will assist you: https://community.musixmatch.com/lyrics/absorb-2/Bless-you

  11. Hello! Below is the information regarding my request. Thanks in advance.
    Title: きっとKOKUHAKU!!
    Artist: ちな
    Album: Mono*Prism
    Circle: 七色ビタミン
    Reference for original lyrics: http://blog.roodo.com/shetinya2/archives/6852191.html

  12. Hello there! I was wondering if you could translate “Moonlight Ginga (ムーンライト銀河)” by
    Sōtaisei Riron (相対性理論) for me? The lyrics alone themselves are a bit difficult to find, but I found them nonetheless and provided the link! Definitely no English translation out though. So it would be lovely if you could! :) I also had no luck finding the booklet scans… But I’ll share a link to the song too if that helps at all!

    Title: Moonlight Ginga (ムーンライト銀河)
    Artist: Sōtaisei Riron (相対性理論)
    Album: Synchroniciteen (シンクロニシティーン)

    Kanji lyrics: http://j-lyric.net/artist/a04f804/l020130.html
    Song link: http://youtu.be/ldsil7KfaLE

    Thank you in advance! ♡

  13. Hi! Can you please translate CHEEKY from Toyosaki Aki? :D Thanks! http://www.jpopasia.com/celebrity/akitoyosaki/lyrics/love-letters/cheeky-clover-mix::201693.html

  14. Hello! Can you translate the third song from Yuuki Ozaki’s (of Galileo Galilei) Single “Trigger”? I’ve been looking for a translation of the song but found none yet. Thank you so much!

    Title: 足のつく海 / Ashi no tsuku umi
    Artist: (尾崎雄貴) Ozaki Yuuki

    Kanji Lyrics: http://smiotaku.net/yuuki-ozaki-ashi-tsuku-umi/

  15. Spangle call Lilli line!
    Shower beige
    Garden loy
    Russian Gothic Bold
    Quiet Warp
    Rio the other
    Please! Make my live more happy! Translate that musics please!

    • Man, Spangle call Lilli line is so hard, even Japanese listeners have trouble understanding them. (´・ω・`) I’ve been working on nano, but it’s slow going. I’ll keep trying, though!

  16. I need translation for plastic memories ending

  17. Please help me translate these lyrics!!! I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning behind the song for a long time and I just can’t find the right meaning behind the song. Please help me out!!! Thanks a ton!!!!

    Song Info:
    Title: きっと ずっと/ Kitto Zutto
    Artist: sweet ARMS
    From: デート・ア・ライブ 凜祢ユートピア
    Album: Date A Music Second Half
    髪をなぞる風 ふいに巡る記憶
    誤魔化しながら 本当は少し 怯えてたんだ(想い、すべてをキミに…)
    Ah こんな風に 笑えるなんて 思ってなかった(はじめて触れた)
    優しい気持ち キミがくれたあの日から
    待ってたんだ ずっと

    長く伸びる影 ふいに霞む記憶
    また キミの事ばっかり
    こっそり こぼした涙も(惹かれている)
    誤魔化しながら 本当は少し 見惚れてたんだ(私、すべてのキミに…)
    Ah こんな気持ち 芽生えるなんて 思ってなかった(確かに見えた)
    輝いてる キミを見つけた時から
    知ってたんだ きっと

    帰り道 泣き出した日も(感じている)
    なんでもない日でさえも 今は大切だから(想い、すべてをキミに…)
    Ah こんな風に なるまで何も わかってなかった(教えてくれた)
    Ah こんな風に 笑えるなんて 思ってなかった(思わなかった)
    あの日キミがくれた 初めての気持ち
    忘れないよ ずっと

  18. Can you make translation for あまねき祈り by 花たん?It was song from comiket 88

  19. Could you translate this? I get the basic idea of the message trying to be conveyed, but I’d like to see at least a rough translation.

    Evisbeats ft. Chiyori – Again

  20. Could you translate Kumiko’s second song from Hibike!Euphonium? It’s called “BrushUp x Brassup”.

    There are romaji lyrics on this page: http://hibike-euphonium.wikia.com/wiki/BrushUp_x_BrassUp

    Thanks a bunch!

  21. May I ask for a translation of this vocaloid song please? :)

  22. Hello…could you please translate into English the song called, “Kanashimi Honsen Nihonkai” for me? It was originally sung by Miyako Harumi and also sung by Masako Mori. Thank you very much!

  23. I noticed that you once translated a song of Ceui titled “Centifolia” (Aoi Hana ED Song), so if you don’t mind I want to request a translation of “Angelus” from Ceui?

    Here’s the lyrics: https://mojim.com/usy107333x16x1.htm

  24. Hi! I really love your SFP translations and am super glad you did those, so thank you! I was wondering if you could at some point maybe do some Aquarifa translations? They don’t seem to have any translations anywhere. >_>

    Their Japanese lyrics can be found on https://mojim.com/ush137004.htm

    I guess if I had to pick a specific song, I’d like to know the lyrics for “321”.

    I feel like they should be more popular than they are. :D

    • Hey there, sorry I wasn’t able to respond to this request sooner, but if you ever come back and read this, I just wanted to thank you for introducing this band to me – in particular, 321 and the rest of the album it’s on have really helped me through some troubled times.

      • Hey there. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate the song! The lyrics are very bittersweet; I can enjoy the song more now that I know what’s being said! I still very much enjoy Aquarifa, and I’m glad I could introduce them to you. I hope you stay well and experience fewer trouble times. Thank you!

        Kind regards,

  25. If it’s not too much trouble, may I ask you to translate “Kotoba Yori Tsuyoku” by Nitta Emi?

    Thank you very much.

  26. May I request
    Rica Matsumoto – Soup
    It’s a single CD nd… I searched the site I usually use for lyrics stuff (kasi-time) but didnt find it…
    I’m bad at this kinda thing. And of course you dont have to~

  27. Hi,
    My request is “Thousands in the scarlet darkness” from the videogame Under Night In-birth
    and i really didn’t find any lyrics anywhere
    that’s why i’m requesting this song :(

  28. May I ask for a translation of this song please?

  29. hello!Can i request the song under the same sky?the artist is hinode.you can find the romaji lyric in cytus2wikia i have problem to share link.sorry!but well i will be grateful if you translate that song to eng!And it’s short!

  30. Hello, can I request a translation for the song “Natsuarashi no Yoru” by Kai Natsu?
    Romaji lyrics here: https://www.jpopasia.com/kainatsu/lyrics/187663/namida-no-seibun/natsu-arashi-no-yoru-%E5%A4%8F%E5%B5%90%E3%81%AE%E5%A4%9C/

    I found the song from this MAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fiHf6gq8hE

  31. If you’ve the time, could you please do a post on Jormungand Perfect Order – Your Rainbow. I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you.

  32. Hello. Hope you are well. Do you still accept requests for vocalood songs?

    • I do as much as I’d accept any other type of song; I don’t really treat vocaloid songs any differently. That being said, requests in general have been pretty slow while I’ve been working on other things – I’m listening, but I’m probably not getting to new stuff anytime soon.

  33. Hi! Thank you for your lyrics, I really love them! Do you mind to add in lyrics for songs which were released by ROSARYHILL as well? It was a band run by R•O•N quite some time ago. It had been hard time finding for their lyrics which might be because of the songs and the band being too old…

    List of songs I would like to request:
    ashdown, Fairfield, seperation, anyway everyway, actnote, photograph, Cubism, Phase off

    Feel free to take your time, no urgency. I only hope for these songs to have their lyrics available online for everyone.

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