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Requests 1

This page is inactive. It remains here only for historical purposes.

EDIT 5/28/2011: I really should have done this earlier, but I now declare this page inactive. I will be making a new page to replace it soon. If you’ve requested something and I haven’t responded, the answer will be on the new page. If you want to request something before I put up this new page, feel free, but same thing – don’t expect a response here.

Last update: 1:40 PM 8/23/2010

If you have any requests, comment here. Write as many of the following as you know: title, artist, series (if applicable), CD name. Also, as I try to begin every translation with the booklet scans for reliability, it would be nice if you could provide them or direct me to them if they’re not easily obtainable (ie, they’re not included with Nipponsei or LonE releases). Otherwise, I’ll probably just default to goo music kanji.

I can’t necessarily guarantee that a requested translation will come out promptly, but hey, you won’t know until you try. Keep in mind that I work primarily on what I like, so if it’s by an artist or from a series that you can tell I enjoy, your chances are good. A request is never completely dropped unless the translation becomes unnecessary.

You should know that I almost never translate songs that have not yet been released on CD. I prefer to work from the original booklet scans to ensure that things come out right. (goo music is also acceptable, but it doesn’t always have the complete information for the credits.)

A note on character songs: I generally prefer to work on character songs for series that I’ve actually seen, for two reasons – knowledge of the story often makes my translation more accurate and easier to make, as does actually caring about the context. If you don’t mind the risks of misinterpretation and delay, though, feel free to request anyway. (You can see which series I’m familiar with in the MyAnimeList link on the right.)

Note: even if you think or know that I’m already planning on translating something, feel free to tell me if you want me to prioritize it. These requests will be marked as “(second)”. EDIT: I have now created a status page listing everything I’m working on, so if you want to tell me to pick up the pace, comment there instead.

One last thing: if you request, please check back in one or two days to see if it is accepted. If the request is accepted, please subscribe to the RSS feed. This is because I won’t always notify you when it’s accepted or done; if I reply to every request with a comment, I foresee that the page length will extend far too quickly. I will reply if I drop or decline a request, though.

Active requests

Saki ED3 “Shikakui Uchuu de Matteru yo” – nj (second), 10/08/09 – transcribing
Haruhi character song “Matsutte Matsutte! Irassha~i” – Gayle (second), 12/15/09; TJ (second), 8/01/10 – translating
Haruhi character song “Homo Sapiens Rhapsody” – Gayle (second), 12/15/09; TJ (second), 8/01/10 – deciphering Kyon babble
Special A character song “Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru ni” – Kaori-chii, 3/29/10 – decision pending; unlikely
Umi Monogatari insert song “Tida nu Hikyari” – d decker (second), 4/06/10 – translating (not transcribed)
Koutetsu no Majo Annezone OP “Haitoku Elegy” – Hellscreamer333, 7/07/10 – to research
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin OP “Flying Humanoid” – BABUBABO, 7/08/10 (release 8/18/10) – decision pending
Sekirei ED “Dear Sweet Heart” – jorge, 8/19/10 – decision pending; unlikely
Da Capo insert song “Small Cherry ~promised bell~ – Hisui, 8/22/10 – decision pending

Past requests

Kawada Mami, “portamento” – fred, 1/07/09 – fulfilled 11/19/09
Eden of the East ED “futuristic imagination” – Motion, 4/18/09 (second) (release 5/07/09) – fulfilled 5/28/09
Higurashi OST song “Omoi (Vocal)” – Sparkadilia (second), 7/08/09 – fulfilled 7/13/09
school food punishment, “egoist” – Deibel, 9/18/09 – fulfilled 10/23/09
school food punishment, “flow” – Deibel, 9/18/09 – fulfilled 9/19/09
school food punishment, “Kemuri ni Shiro” – Deibel, 9/18/09 – fulfilled 9/28/09
school food punishment, “killer” – Deibel, 9/18/09 – fulfilled 10/12/09
school food punishment, “over” – by Deibel, 9/18/09 – fulfilled 9/29/09
Haruhi character song “Punkish regular” – Amy, 10/14/09 – fulfilled 10/25/09
Toradora! character songs “Full Swing” and “Yes!” – Akai-Kurenai (second), 10/19/09 – fulfilled 11/01/09
Hinouchi Emi, “Ai Dake ga” – Deibel, 11/03/09 – fulfilled 11/09/09
OVA Mizuiro OP/ED “Watashi no Sora no Iro” and “Kokoro no Kakera” – girlcelly, 12/09/09 – fulfilled 2/02/10
Higurashi doujin song “Nakanai Kimi” – APepper, 12/09/09 – fulfilled 12/10/09
school food punishment, “loop,share” – Paige (second), 12/05/09 – fulfilled 3/30/10
school food punishment, “sky step” – Paige (second), 12/05/09 – fulfilled 4/03/10
Toradora Portable! ED “Please Freeze” – XD (second), 12/28/09 -fulfilled 3/11/10
Choshinsei, “Last Kiss” – justin, 1/04/10 (release 1/20/10) – fulfilled 1/20/10
K-ON! character song “Let’s Go” – Akai-Kurenai (second), 1/06/10 – fulfilled 7/04/10
Koda Kumi, “Can We Go Back” – justin, 1/06/10 (release 1/20/10) – fulfilled 1/20/10
school food punishment, “snap” – Itoe (second), 1/16/10 – fulfilled 2/09/10
Tales of Symphonia ~Tethe’alla-hen~ OP “Tenkuu no Canaria” – frances, 1/24/10 – fulfilled 7/03/10
AAA, “Heart and Soul” – justin, 1/27/10 – declined, translated by quartet4
Choshinsei, “promise” – Sthefany, 1/28/10 – fulfilled 2/20/10
Koda Kumi, “SUPERSTAR” – justin, 1/29/10 (release 2/03/10) – fulfilled 2/02/10
AAA, “Break Down” – justin, 2/03/10 – dropped, translation exists at jpopasia
Haruhi movie theme “Yasashii Boukyaku” – N (second), 2/13/10 (release 2/24/10) – fulfilled 2/24/10
JASMINE, “This Is Not A Game” – justin, 2/20/10 (release 3/03/10) – dropped, translation found by requester
AAA, “FIELD” – justin, 3/08/10 – fulfilled 6/04/10
Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru: Fantasy Railroad in the Stars, “One Night” – girlcelly, 3/17/10 – fulfilled 6/07/10
Kobato. OP “Magic Number” – Kaori-chii, 3/29/10 – declined, translated by Atashi
Choshinsei, “Asu e no Uta” – CSS, 4/11/10 – fulfilled 5/18/10
Lia, “Enter” – Amy, 4/13/10 – fulfilled 5/17/10
Higurashi image song “Watashi no Tame no Sekai no Arikata” – Joly, 5/03/10 – fulfilled 5/17/10
c/w Durarara!! OP, “Mirai wo Ima” – Shiawacchan (second), 5/11/10 – fulfilled 5/18/10
Shiina Ringo, “Gamble” – Deibel, 5/18/10 – declined, translated by Kiwi Musume
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou OP “REALOVE:REALIFE” – mel (second), 5/19/10; audraregon (second), 5/23/10 – fulfilled 5/31/10
Choshinsei, “Aitai to Ietara…” – Sthefany, 5/21/10 – fulfilled 7/02/10
Hinouchi Emi, “Kataomoi” – ChiiseKoihime, 5/25/10 – fulfilled 7/06/10
Lia, “Hanabi” – keith, 6/19/10 – fulfilled 7/03/10
VELTPUNCH, “CRASH CRASH CRASH” – Hawks, 6/26/10 – fulfilled 7/01/10
school food punishment, “line” – Reik (second), 6/29/10 – fulfilled 6/29/10
ONE OK ROCK, “Karasu” – Hawks, 7/04/10 – fulfilled 7/22/10
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin ED “Kimi ga Iru Basho” – BABUBABO, 7/08/10 (release 7/21/10) – fulfilled 7/28/10
Lil’B, “Jikan wo Tomete…” – Kihana, 7/24/10 – fulfilled 8/04/10
5-five- ED “Eien” – Frances, 7/26/10 – fulfilled 8/05/10
Shinigami no Ballad ED “White Messenger” – Momo, 7/29/10 – fulfilled 8/14/10
LAST ALLIANCE, “Musou Jidai” – Hawks, 8/01/10 – fulfilled 8/19/10

Total: 58
4 accepted (4 seconded)
5 pending
44 fulfilled (13 seconded)
3 declined
2 dropped

111 thoughts on “Requests 1

  1. Your translations for School Food Punishment are amazing. I can’t find them anywhere else. Thank you so much. I would love you even more if you were able to translate the songs “sky step” and “loop,share” as well. It would be greatly appreciated. =]

  2. Hello all Staff of this site,

    First, I want to say “thanks” to all of you, who do lyrics for Japanese songs, especial is “Only My Railgun”, I really love this song ^_^

    Second, if you have times, hope you guys can do lyrics for some of my favourite songs, I tried to find lyrics for them but hopeless…..

    I will put download links at here:


    I prefer English, but if possible, both Romaji and English is fine with me too, hope you don’t mind, I am not in a hurry and I am patient person, so I can wait ^_^

    Again, thank you very much ^^

    Best regards,


    • Will do.

      Hm, I suppose I should clarify that I’d like a bit more information in requests. I did manage to find these, though, so it’s all good.

  3. I have a request XD
    I wanted the translation for the music 泣かないキミ (Nakanai Kimi) by Shinra Etsuko.
    Only found the romanization here: http://ignited.exteen.com/20070525/lyric-nakanai-kimi-to-nageki-no-sekai-nakanai-kimi

    Ahhh and thanks a lot for the translation of all alone by Eiko Shimamiya!

  4. Thank you very much for translating anime song, especially Toradora series.

    I have a request.

    [Single] Toradora Portable! – Please Please or Please Freeze (I’m not sure about the title name but the fan site use both of them)
    Artist : Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Kitamura Eri

    same style as Orangeji and so cute XD.

    download link is here. (googling and found it)

    If you interested in this song, feel free to add this to the last of your translation list. Thanks! (and a bit sorry for my poor English).

  5. Hi I was wondering if you could translate this song for me by Supernova

  6. Hey there, I have a translation request for the K-ON! song “Let’s Go!”.

    The artist…well, all five K-ON! girls sing it and I’m almost certain that the lyrics for all five are the same (unlike Hare Hare Yukai), so it really doesn’t matter. The vocals are the only thing that differ – Ritsu sings with more energy, Tsumugi has a more melodic quality to her singing, etcetera.

    The song can be found in any of the character albums (except Ui’s a Nodoka’s, since they’re not part of the band), and scans can be found at Nipponsei.

    Kanji and romanization can be found here:

  7. AH instead could you translate Koda Kumi can we go back because it has the lyric but the english translation someone did is bad :x


  8. Hi! Thanks a lot for the sfp translations, I searched for them so much! I would like to know if you could translate some of the songs in SCHOOL FOOD IS GOOD FOOD, specially snap, which I love <3
    Thank you!

  9. Hii! Thanks for all the awsome translations, especially the sfp and the character singles ones, they’re allways so hard to find on the internet. I was wondering if you could translate the Tales of Symphonia: Tethe’alla-hen OVA theme song, Tenkuu no Canaria by Nana Mizuki. It’s been out for quite some time, and I haven’t been able to find a translation for it ^_^;;

  10. Thx person you are so good ^_^ could you help me get the translation to AAA- Heart and soul :/


  11. Î wonder if you could translate Promise by 超新星 (Supernova) from HANA album

    Japanese lyrics: http://music.goo.ne.jp/lyric/LYRUTND84481/index.html

  12. Thx for showing me the other song was done already could you please translate Koda Kumi Superstar please The lyric is here:


  13. Oh my…..After 1 month didn’t check this page because of more stuffs, now I am back and my requests still not finish yet >_<……Hope you don't forgot it XD

    Thanks for good works dude ^_^


    • Ah, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that the rate at which I work is very random. >_>

      Coincidentally, in this case, I finished rough translations of both songs last night; I just need to watch the OVAs to make sure the translations make sense considering the context. They should be out within a day or two.

  14. Hey it’s me again please don’t be mad xD could you possibly translate AAA-break down thx in advance ^_^

  15. Hello ! thank you very much for translating many songs into english. You are so insredible !!
    In fact , there is something I’d like you to translate.
    The title : Yasashii boukyaku (bokyaku ) 優しい忘却 
    Artist : Chihara Minori (茅原実里 )
    Of course if there is something I can do, I could help you .I have Japanese lyrics. if you need it, I hope you will ask me about it. I’m sorry to cause you a lot of troubles and distrurb you .>_<

  16. Hey could you help me get the translation to Jasmine-This is not a game

  17. Hey could I cancel my request for Jasmine it has been translated ^_^ so instead could I ask for AAA- Field because I cannot find one that is completed anywhere thxxx


  18. Hi again all Staff of this site ^^

    Many thanks for fulfilled my requests month ago, I was busy so I am late to say “Thanks”…My bad >_<

    And this time, I really hope you guys can do translate one song for me ^^

    Title: One Night by Kagaya Rei
    Album: OST from Fantasy Railroad In The Star

    Here is download link:

    As usual, Romaji and English is prefer ^_^

    btw, if you guys need some helps, could tell me, will do anything I can ^^

    Contact: girl_celly@yahoo.com or girl_celly@hotmail.com

    Best regards,


  19. can i request one song? i hope you can post Magic Number by sakamoto maaya (kobato OP)

    and if you don’t mind, may i request one more song? it’s Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru ni by Takagaki Ayahi (Special A character song Yamamoto megumi)

    gladly help if you need a sample song/video/or some explains ^.^

  20. Can I request lyrics for Choshinsei’s song “Asu Heno Uta” from their 6 stars album please?

    Thanks in advance! =)

  21. Hello :)
    I understand that you are busy and I don’t wanna overwhelm you anymore than you might already be, but I was just wondering, if you feel like it, could you please translate “Enter” by Lia? Thanks.

  22. Hi, I would like to request one song for now from the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Kokoro Musubi soundtrack.

    Title: Watashi no Tame no Sekai no Arikata
    Artist: Katakiri Rekka
    Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    CD Name: Kokoro Musubi

    I don’t have booklet scans from it, but there are Japanese lyrics of it typed out at Japanese sites if you search through the search engines. If there’s anything else you need, let me know!

  23. Hi again!

    This time, I would like to ask you for the translation of some Shiina Ringo’s lyrics; I’m looking for scans or kanji, but I only found romaji. I hope it’s enough ^^U

    Anyway, here’s the song:

    – Title: Gamble
    – Artist: Shiina Ringo
    – CD Name: Heisei Fuuzoku (released in 2007)
    – Extra: the song take part of the OST of the film “Sakuran”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Romaji of “Gamble”

    Anata wa sotto waratte kureru kara
    Akuru asa tou ni nakiyande iru no sa
    Kono chiisana wadachi ni “anata iki wo shite iru”

    Semi ga wameite natsu no tourai wo shiru
    Sono tsudo nazeka urayande iru no sa
    Kono senchi de tsukitara “nani kashira e no fukujuu”

    Kaeru basho nado doko ni arimashou
    Douji sugita
    Mou tsukareta
    Ai subeki hito wa doko ni imashou
    Tsugou no ii kotae wa shitte iru kedo

    Nakameguro eki no hoomu ni tatte itara
    Dareka ga kyuu ni se wo oshitan da hontou sa
    Kono shoubu ni maketara “ikite yuku shikaku mo nai”

    Kainarasareta neko no manako de
    Naite miyou ka
    Yatte miyou ka
    Ai subeki hito wa doko ni imashou
    Yotei no chouwa nante youi dakedo

    Koe wo daseba donata ka miemashou
    Shinjitsu ga nai
    Mou arukenai
    Hai ni nareba mina yorokobimashou
    Aishite ita yo
    Keisotsu da ne

    Kaeru basho nado doko ni arimashou
    Douji sugita
    Mou tsukareta
    Ai subeki hito wa doko ni imashou
    Tsugou no ii kotae wa shitte iru kedo
    Shitte iru kedo
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Thank you in advance, as always! ^_^

  24. hi!
    I’m wondering if you could translate 逢いたいと言えたら・・・ by 超新星 Choshinsei…This is the 2nd song from their Magokoro single..
    I attached the lyrics’ link…
    thanks in advance ^^

  25. Hi again, it is me girlcelly ^^

    I was back and see you are still searching information for my request, I found something, hope it is helpful for you :)


    Thank for your hard work ^_^


  26. please translate lyrics

    Song: Realove:Realife
    Artist: sphere
    Anime: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
    video here: http://es.kendincos.net/video-nttdnhvf-realove-realife-sphere-pv-.html
    lyrics: http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/1udaimaou/realoverealife.htm

    thanks you

  27. Hi!~
    I was wondering if you can translate a song for me. i’ve been searching in the internet, but i can’t find it anywhere =C.

    Artist: Hinouchi Emi
    Song : Kataomoi 片想い
    Album: Me…/single 片想い
    Kanji : 見つめられるだけでmy heart
    カギをかけてた この気持ち全部 溶け出しちゃいそう
    見つめないで これ以上
    あまりにも 君が近すぎて

    まだ見ぬ景色 心のどこかしらで 憧れながら
    ただひっそりと 時間の隅を見つけ 佇んでた

    まるで映画のよう 急に会ったから
    まさかこんなふうに 急に始まってくなんて

    騒ぎ始めてるmy heart
    もう身動きも出来ないくらいに はまり始めた
    否定しても この気持ち

    違って見える いつもと同じ街の夕暮れだって
    油断したらね 何もなくても すぐに泣きそうになる

    ただの片想いと 言い張ってるけど
    何てウソつきかな 隠しきれるのかな

    見つめられるだけでmy heart
    カギをかけてた この気持ち全部 溶け出しちゃいそう
    見つめないで これ以上
    あまりにも 君が近すぎて

    君にも一緒くらい この気持ちあげるよ

    見つめられるだけでmy heart
    カギをかけてた この気持ち全部 溶け出しちゃいそう
    見つめないで これ以上
    あまりにも 君が近すぎて

    騒ぎ始めてるmy heart
    もう身動きも出来ないくらいに はまり始めた
    否定しても この気持ち

    PV+Romanji : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NQ-kylqcao

    I’ll put the lyrics on a live presentation of the song, so (and if you approve to translate this song ) i want to know if i have your permission and obviously all your information to give you the credits of the translation. =D
    Thank you so much
    Chiise ♪

  28. i’m wondering if i can request lyric to Crash Crash Crash by Veltpunch

  29. Wow, your translations for School Food Punishment are amazing. Could you translate ‘Line’ in the amp-reflection album as well? Thanks for what you’ve done already, btw!

  30. thanks for the Crash Crash Crash lyrics. can u translate Karasu by ONE OK ROCK

  31. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (世紀末オカルト学院) OP1:
    「フライングヒューマノイド」 (“Flying Humanoid”) by Nakagawa Shoko (中川翔子)


    Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (世紀末オカルト学院) ED1
    「君がいる場所」 (“Kimi ga Iru Basho”) by Takagaki Ayahi (高垣彩陽)

    Thanks ^^

    • Hm, not really sure on this one… I haven’t picked up Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, and I generally prefer not to translate TV size. I’ll listen to the songs first and then get back to you.

  32. Um…I have a request.

    Title: Jikan wo Tomete
    Artist: Lil’B
    Series: N/A (Is it OK if it’s not an anime series?)
    CD Name: Jikan wo Tomete (the single) or One (Lil’B Second album)

    I don’t have booklet scans either one but I do have the Kanji and Romaji for the song.
    Here’s the Website —> http://www.jpopasia.com/play/22045/lil-b/jikan-wo-tomete.html
    Please feel free to e-mail me if you need more info or anything else. Thank You!

  33. Thanks again for translating ‘Tenkuu no Canaria’. Could you please translate the ending theme for the game 5-five-, ‘Eien’ by Shimotsuki Haruka, it’s a pretty cute song, composed by Jun Maeda. I’ve been searching for a translation for a while but I haven’t found anything.

  34. Could you please translate White Messenger from Shinigami No Ballad? I’ve looked everywhere and cant find anything. if you could i would seriously aprecitae it.

  35. Ummm for White Messenger it says scans avalible but what are scans?

  36. fukai nemuri kara umareta
    watashi naze namida tomaranai n darou

    kuroi me ni utsuru kodoku na kage
    deai soshite wakare KOKORO hakobu

    watashi no mune de ikutsumo no hikari yasashiku yawarakaku kiete
    samayoinagara tomadoinagara kono ashi de massugu aruku

    nagai aida zutto KOKO ni ita
    watashi naze kono kutsu haiteiru n darou

    shiroi kami nabiku yasashii kaze
    kotoba hitotsu hitotsu omoitsutau

    watashi no mune de ikutsumo no inochi hakanaku itooshiku keshiteku
    yozora ni takaku shiroku maiodoru kono hitomi sorasazu mimamoru

    watashi no mune de ikutsumo no hikari yasashiku yawarakaku kiete
    samayoinagara tomadoinagara kono ashi de massugu aruku

    watashi no mune de ikutsumo no inochi…
    yozora ni takaku shiroku maiodoru kono hitomi sorasazu mimamoru

    These are the lyrics I thought maybe they could help im not sure if you are already but if you could translate it in english i would really be very thankful.

  37. thanks for Karasu i liked it for so long. i would like to request LAST ALLIANCE Musou Jidai if u would be so kind.

  38. Hello mee again well I had too say thanks u still searching haitoku elegy i only had a clue they said in the game is the full ver butt i can`t instal the game dammit , see you arround oh by the way I had some rare music from some diferent tipes , I tell ya I got Get IT!! from Xambungle Graffiti an old anime

  39. i need ed full sekirei
    Dear Sweet Heart by Saori Hayami

    YO baby girls, get ready now
    this is 恋愛の指南書
    don’t let it go 焦らず so
    without フライングで show time

    早いもの勝ち? この場合カンケーない ない
    望むところよ 争奪戦勃発!
    女ですもの 負けてられやしない ない
    ふくらむキモチ No もう大暴発!

    だめよ 誘惑しちゃ
    どいて 彼のおそば
    わたし ドキドキなって

    ナイショ 抜け駆けして
    大成功 彼とふたり
    甘く めくるめくnight

    ホントはね わたしだけを
    ひとりじめ ムラムラ
    フラグ立てちゃうの アリかしら?

    やっぱりね 弱気 どーしよう
    だからわたしたち 尽くします
    Dear sweet heart

    目を閉じてても バトルお茶の子さい さい
    縄張りアラソイ 厳戒睡眠中
    朝が来たなら 一番乗りしたい たい
    目覚めの合図 ほっぺにチュ

    あらら およしになって
    はらり ご無体です
    なんて 夢を見ちゃって

    猛反省 恥じらい持って
    颯爽と 気を取り直して
    おはよ ほほえみ wake up

    そういえば 初めてのkiss
    こつん 鼻ぶつけた
    思い出し (笑笑)
    そんなぎこちなさ ステキです

    おぼえてて ちゃんと今日も
    昨日 明日 未来
    だから あげたいの ひとりだけ
    Dear sweet heart

    おっきいのは どっちかな
    big love くらべっこしましょ
    you ready go いい勝負そう

    そっと 頬を寄せて
    もっと 時間かけて
    きみに 伝えたいの

    恋は 舞い降りたら
    いつか 強く変わる
    愛が しなやかにfly

    ホントはね わたしだけを
    ひとりじめ ムラムラ
    フラグ立てちゃうの アリかしら?

    やっぱりね 弱気 どーしよう
    だからわたしたち 尽くします
    Dear sweet heart

  40. Can you please translate:
    Da Capo – Small Cherry ~Promised Bell~
    Artist: Mami Nakayama
    Da Capo Visual Novel Insert Song
    if you can both romaji and english
    i can’t find it anywhere…

    thanks a lot~

  41. While on the lines of Da Capo could you be so kind as to translate
    Kioku Raburetaa (Remembrance Love Letter)
    I would put up the romaji or kanji lyrics but i cant even find those if you can i would greatly appreciate it thank you.

  42. I would like to request 光の絆 by Shimotsuki Haruka from the album MELANCOLLAGE from Barbarion On The Groove

  43. Um…I have another request. It’s another Lil’B song.

    Title: Hitomi Tojite Mo…
    Artist: Lil’B
    Series: N/A
    CD Name: Hitomi Tojite Mo… (the single)

    I don’t have booklet scans either one but I do have the Kanji and Romaji for the song.
    Here’s the Website —> http://www.jpopasia.com/play/29543/lil-b/hitomi-toitemo.html
    Please feel free to e-mail me if you need more info or anything else. Thank You!

  44. Could you please translate Jasmine’s ‘dear my friend’ for me? I’d really appreciate it.

    Here’s a link to the Kanji and Romaji: http://www.cherryblossom-garden.com/2/jasmine1.html#dearmyfriend

  45. aww, still on pending..

    yet i have more request for you.. (sorry) >_<

    Yume Miru Kusuri – Sekai ni Sayonara (Full Version)
    Artist : Marica
    Album : Yume Miru Kusuri Soundtrack CD
    Track : 19 of 20
    Album Artist : Ruf

    can you help me?

    domo arigatou~

  46. hi!!

    let me just start by saying how much i love ur blog. the Choshinsei translations u’ve done so far are the BEST out there right now. i appreciate it a lot as it can get quite frustrating for me when i can’t understand the meanings behind the songs i love.

    can i request for a translation of another Choshinsei song? the title is S.E.C.R.E.T. from the alb Hana.

    thank u so much for ur great work! i’ve bookmarked this blog it’s simply amazing ^^

  47. Alright, it’s my first time to request something. I hope you don’t mind to work a few. Thanks in advance!

    POWER GATE – Mizuki Nana

    Seishun Vibration – K-ON!! Character Image (Mio Akiyama)

    Clear Weather After the Rain from Little Busters VN

  48. Hi, This is my first time requesting something like this from someone but i really like this song haha.. i really hope that you wont mind translating these few songs i have for me thanks a lot in advance! :D

    Danke Schoen Witches – By rie tanaka,Sonozaki mie,Nogawa sakura from Strike Witches hime uta CD 3 Minna Dientlinde Wilcke & Getrud Barkhorn & Erica Hartmann. ( im trying to make it as clear as possible sorry for the trouble :P)

    Guilty Optimist – Koshimizu Ami & Saitou Chiwa from strike witches hime uta CD 5 Francesca Lucchini & Charlotte E. “Shirley” Yeager

    Private Wing – Yoko ishida From the DS game Strike witches Silver Wing

    also ~File~ Zokuhen no heorine From Strike witches Hime uta CD 3 also By Sonozaki mie

    and Toki By Rie tanaka from strike witches hime uta CD 3 also..

    Sorry for asking so much but really have been wanting to know the lyrics for a long time already Thanks ALOT in advance :D CheerS!

    You can tell me if you had translated too if you have the time thanks a bunch again!

  49. I know it maybe too much to ask but i would really appreciate if you could translate MM! op Help! hell side and heaven side. If you can than thank you very much.

  50. 1/3. Not bad, but anyways I appreciate it.

    I know you’re busy with your real life, it can’t be helped, but please translate these if you have time:

    Oh my Gitah! – K-ON!! Character Image (Yui Hirasawa)

    ClariS – Kokoro no Inryoku (Ore Imouto OP single)

    eufonius – Hiyoku no Hane (Yosuga no Sora OP)

    Thanks in advance!

  51. Sup. Request for “Houkago Tea Time” from the new K-ON album “Houkago Tea Time II”. You translated all the other ones already, so…

  52. Hye there~ i really love your translation for Last kiss and Promise song from supernova.. you did a great job there..
    i’m wondering if you can translate their new song, Shining Star? i try to search for the lyric but can’t find it anywhere..the only thing that i have is their PV..

    please.. ^_^ but its okay if you can’t.. ;)

  53. I’d like to request a translation for Yousei Teikoku’s song “Asgard”, the opening of the game fortissimo Akkord:Bsusvier. I’s also like to request Sakamoto Maaya’s song “Down Town” which was used as Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru’s opening.

  54. I absolutely loved Ritsu and Tsumugi’s character songs from Season 1 (By the way, kudos to you for translating Mugi’s Yasei no Jounetsu – it’s a very cute song), so I heartily request the Track #1s of those two for Season 2:

    Drumming Shining My Life – K-ON!! Character Image Song: Tainaka Ritsu (Satou Satomi)

    Diary wa Fortessimo – K-ON!! Character Image Song: Kotobuki Tsumuki (Kotobuki Minako)

    Both can be found at Nipponsei.

    • Damn typos. That should read Tsumugi, not “Tsumuki”, lol. Which reminds me…I wonder what Tsumugi’s genderbent name is…

  55. Hi!
    Thank you for the lyrics and their translations, I found most translations favorite songs only here.
    Liked another track: a flood of circle – Forest Walker. lyrics on gendou.com – http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=10262&show=0 . Do you have a desire to translate this song?

  56. Danke Schoen Witches from the Strike Witches Hime Uta 3 Album featuring Rei Tanaka,etc

  57. I know it maybe too much to ask but i would really appreciate if you could translate
    FROM : Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu OP2 Single – Last Inferno
    Artist: Ceui
    If you can than thank you very much.!!!!!

  58. Some one Knows this song’?? artist??

    Isn`t Code crush I know

  59. can i request for choshinsei’s ‘love letter’ , ‘shining star’ and also ‘merry love’ translations? ouh anyway, ‘merry love’ is the collab between choshinsei’s sungje and KARA’s jiyoung. hope u can translate that for me. thank u very much

  60. Please, could you translate the song “God Bless You” by Girls Dead Monster starring Marina? Thanks!

  61. Thank you for translating Houkago Tea Time!

    Got to make another K-ON request. Nodoka Manabe’s character image song “Colly Hotty Tension Hi”. Nodoka’s album can be found at Nipponsei. If you like, please translate the second song, “Prologue”, too. Thank you!

  62. your tranlations are the best,thanks for all the lyrics and tranlations and sory for the bad english(im from Brazil). i have a request, coud yoou tranlate Hatsukoi Limited – Gensou no Basho, Sorezore no Michi no Ue by Marble, i love Marble songs and i think it is about christmas, any way thanks for all.

  63. Hello there! Could you please translate this song for me? I’m trying to find its English lyrics, but I couldn’t find them even after searching high and low =(.

    Song title: Serious Age
    Artist: Faylan
    Anime: Break Blade

    I would really appreciate your efforts.
    Thanks in advance, have a nice day! =D

  64. I was wondering if you can translate this song ^ ^

    Song title: RANDA
    Artist: Choshinsei

    Original lyrics:

    Got a love!今夜は超High

    Dance with Me!!!



    Like That!?そわそわ
    Like That !?
    君とDance with Me!



    Uh Ah!
    Do it again!What!
    Break it down
    なら僕は like HIKITATENKO
    U&I良好We don’t Stop!



    Like That !? いざいざ
    Like That !?
    最高級&I know愛のスウィートで
    君とDance with Me !



    Dance with me tonight
    Oh Dance with me,,,,,,,,,,,,



    Let’ dance,,,,,,,

    Like That !?いざいざ
    Like That !?
    最高級&I know愛のスウィートで
    君とDance with Me オウ!



    We don’t play

  65. Hello! There are 3 new character image song CDs for K-ON!! about to be released. Ui (Yonezawa Madoka), Nodoka (Fujitou Chika) and Jun (Nagata Yoriko). It would be great if you could translate the songs like you did with the Houkago Tea Time II album, once scans of the lyrics become available.

  66. Hi! There’s a song I want to request and it comes from an Umineko no Naku Koro ni doujin cd. The title is ‘Rule : Z’, Artist is ‘IZNA’, and the CD name is ‘re: Hymn’.

    There should be Japanese lyrics to it on the official site here:


  67. Are you thinking about translating Ui, Nodoka, and Jun’s K-ON!! character albums? ;D Just wondering…

    • I am thinking about it. For the moment, I have some personal issues to sort out, so translating in general is going pretty slowly. When I get back into the swing of things, though, I’ll probably end up working on some of them.

  68. There is a song I would really like you to translate for me its,
    Umineko Motion Grapgic 8
    Sea of oblivion distract truly adabana
    by,Niira Etsuko

    I cant seem to find any lyrics for it if you could give it a shot I would really apreciate it, thank you.

  69. Did you have this song? “UMA – 永久の恋” can you give the lyric and translation?

  70. Hey, i was wondering whether you are only translating Anime songs… well if not i would like you to translate some, i think, very beautiful but unknown music.
    The songs are from TEAM LEVIATHAN CHRONICLE (voltage of imagination), probably you don’t know them… thats also the reason noone is translating anything of them. If you have the time and if at least one of the songs (3 are included) are good enough for you, to translate them, i really would appreciate that.

    Ah and i hope you are (you are living in america, don’t you?) not anyone of this idiots who actaully believe that fukushima could do ANY damage to you country… (the radiation is far to widespreaded over the ocean to do that, and even a melting of the core won’t do such a high radiation that you are forced to eat iodinpills or something <_<)
    Too many people don't know how much Sievert is bearable, so they just panic(and a lot of "independent institutes" seems to get their information from the news paper)… Well and TV and newspaper always were a good thing to fear people.
    Well for the case you are actually were in Japan on that accident i really hope you are doing well Oo Even though the media is really overdoing it with their "apocalyptic" way of presenting the news, it is really bad what is happening there.

    • I Just figured out that I used an invlid e-mail adress on this Post, I used a valid one with this replay. Just in case.

      • Ah, sorry for not replying earlier. I’ve kind of fallen out of the habit of actually responding to requests.

        I translate anything I feel like translating, and I don’t restrict myself to anime songs, so it would definitely be a possibility… Well, that’s what I’d like to say, but unfortunately, my computer is having issues, so I won’t be able to do any downloading or translating for some time. I’ll listen to the songs once I get the chance.

        I am in the US (west coast), and I totally share your exasperation at the paranoia. People were blowing it way out of proportion. I was with my family the week immediately after the disaster, and even my mother was thinking about feeding us iodine-rich foods *just because* of the situation in Japan. -_-

  71. Are you going to translate SFP – flashback trip syndrome?

    Here’s a HQ version of the MP3 if you want;


    • I do intend to translate it at some point, but none of my most reliable sources for original Japanese lyrics have the song listed, so without the booklet, I’d have to do it by ear. That takes effort – especially true for sfp’s songs – so whenever I sit down to TL, I tend to avoid it in favor of other songs. =/

      I’m thinking about buying the CD myself sometime soon.

      Thanks for the mp3.

  72. hello XZX…
    i’m still waiting for the Translation of Da Capo – Small Cherry ~Promised Bell~

    huhuhu… please translate this song…

    and please translate this too..

    Love Call By Nao Toyama (KANON Nakagawa)


  73. whats the name of this song’??

    I know this is not code crush

  74. ~hi! !
    i wish you could translate the p.s song by choshinsei. . .and their song romance
    . . and thank you that you translated their song asu he uta because of that i was able to memorized it hehehe. . . .
    ~you help a lot to us [^_^]
    ~i’m looking forward to my request hehehe

  75. Could you please translate Best Friend from,
    To Aru Majutsu No Index II Memories Last CD?
    Its my favorite song I’d really apreciate it if you could thank you.

  76. Hey Mastah!
    I have a little request for you!
    Can you translate this song please?

    SONG: Namaiki na Bokura
    CD: Ringo Hiyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song
    SERIES: Spice And Wolf First Season

    Please! Your blog is awesome! You can do it!
    Sorry about my english, it sucks…


  77. can you translate the following song

    Blood On Fire

  78. i have a song request, can you translate Blood On Fire by AAA

  79. Hi, it’s me again. Thanks for fulfilling my previous request. I have another request from the same CD. It’s-

    Title: Kagerou
    Artist: Sora Yuizuki
    Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    CD name: Kokoro Musubi

    The untranslated Japanese lyrics can be found on a Google.

  80. When you find the time it would be very nice if you could update your request page so that one can see whether their request was accepted or declined.
    Well could be tough though, if you were not able to listen to everything in the last 6 months or so.

    • Yeah, at this point, I’m probably just going to listen to everything in one go sometime next week and then make a new page.

      I can say right now, though, that I probably will be doing at least some of the Team Leviathan Chronicle you requested.

  81. I made it i got haitoku elegy and here is the link is full the op fulll yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh


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