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Fate/Grand Order – Kuuhaku

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order Arcade theme song; c/w Gyakkou

Blank Space
Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition / Arrangement: la la larks
Strings Arrangement: Ishitsuka Tooru / Eguchi Ryou

When I looked back, you were no longer in sight.
You won’t say anything to the end, I see, to touch upon the heart of the matter.

No one can fill in the blank space inside me.
I’m sure there are lights I will see ahead, but…

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Fate/Grand Order – Gyakkou

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order -Cosmos in the Lostbelt- opening theme

The title is officially romanized as “Gyakko”, but oh well.

Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition: Izawa Ichiyou
Arrangement: Izawa Ichiyou / Eguchi Ryou

I was melancholic, seeing the same ceiling there every time I woke up,
Telling me that this is reality – there is no exit from here.

How do I put this to an end? Both completion and destruction are stories that will never arrive.
If my destiny is already set in stone,
Then I won’t imagine the future I couldn’t choose – that’s what I vowed, but…

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