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[2014-08-14] Caching

Well, I’m still having trouble crystallizing thoughts into text. I’ve made some progress on the bigger posts I had planned, but I’m kind of at a standstill, so I think I may as well start things off on a side road.

This will be the first of a few posts covering some experiences I’ve had while translating. They are partly intended as advice, partly as explanation… I don’t know, I’m not sure if I’ve even been through enough for my writing to be of any help, but I’ve personally found it useful at times to read other people’s accounts of things, so who knows. Guess I’ll toss my thoughts into the world and see what happens.

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[2014-07-11] five great trailers

Well, the ‘post more of my own writing’ plan hasn’t been going so well. I think the problem is that the topics I had in mind are too high in scale to start with. Gonna go a little smaller and simpler now.

Trying to express my perspectives on art in words is always a struggle for me. I’ve only actually tried it once on this blog (in the form of my review for school food punishment’s amp-reflection, which I’m not especially fond of (the review)), but I did write a series of articles on music for my anime club when I was at school, and that got good feedback at the time (most notably from the lone music major in the club). I like to do what I can to bring attention to works and creators when I feel they deserve more, and if reviews are helpful, I should probably practice. It’s been a few years since I’ve done this, but I still hope you’ll find it worth your time.

So, to that end, trailers! There’s one particular class of trailers that I tend to enjoy – those with no dialogue, setting assorted imagery against a single musical track. I feel this format is a remarkably powerful one. With the right execution, the use of one well-produced, uninterrupted piece of music can allow the trailer to express the overall feeling and message that the work is meant to evoke – a perfect encapsulation of emotion, showcasing not just what happens in the story or who the characters are, but the very foundation of its existence.

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