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Kekkai Sensen (BUMP OF CHICKEN) – Hello,world!


Don’t really know a way to update TV-size posts to full size in exactly the way I want, so I’m just going to make a new post. Also using WordPress’s new editor, just to shake things up.

My favorite anime opening of the season so far.

Lyrics / Composition: Fujiwara Motoo
Arrangement: BUMP OF CHICKEN & MOR
Performance: BUMP OF CHICKEN

When the gates open, it’s a twisted midday night.
How did I get back yesterday? The only certainty is my body.
Good morning. From here, I’ll go back to being lost,
Going through this this familiar unknown landscape.

Just when I think it’s all over for me, it turns out I can do just fine,
Good enough to keep myself from dying – in a way, it’s kind of embarrassing.
Even if I forget what I have to do, I can figure it out,
Because if I don’t, it gets so painful for me.

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