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C³ – Hana

Kitamura Eri, C³ ED1

There are several kanji in the lyrics with unusual readings. The least subtle and easiest-to-explain example would be the title – throughout the song, ‘hana’ (flower) is written as 雪華 (sekka, “snowflake”).

It would be tedious for me to explain the other instances to the point that they would lose their charm, so here’s the booklet scan if the furigana interests you: [link]

Flower of Snow
Lyrics: Yamasaki Hiroko
Composition: Ichikawa Jun
Arrangement: Nakanishi Ryousuke
Vocals: Kitamura Eri

The soft and tender moonlight shines down.
Fleeting lights of snow…
We join our numbed  hands together
And smile in the transparent city.

Envelop the entirety of this restless age.
Just release into the dyed night.

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C³ – Endless Story

Tamura Yukari, C³ OP1

Endless Story
Lyrics: Matsui Gorou
Composition / Arrangement: Oota Masatomo
Vocals: Tamura Yukari

On the other side of the shadows
That overflow through this city where I don’t know anyone,
There you are.

The same scene continually replays,
But these ordinary days will change
Through the magic of your smile.

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