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ChäoS;HEAd NoAH – fake me

Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd NoAH OP

To be honest, I’m not entirely confident in my translation for the final verse before the repeat, but I think I made it fairly close. (Perhaps someone else could confirm this?)

fake me
Lyrics / Composition: Shikura Chiyomaru
Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

I know of the end of the universe.
It is a dead end, stuck at a layer of glass.
The scenery I saw on the other side of the glass
Was the same thing I see when I close my eyes.

If the rhythm of my fighting heart was thrown into chaos,
My timid voice would lose its refuge and just return to the sublet.
If all living things are buried in idle thoughts,
Will my own existence be erased as well?

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Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd NoAH ED, fake me

fake me in general seems a little more subdued than the OP/ED for the anime and original game. Interesting.

Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition / Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

The afterimage flickers,
Depicting a distorted reality –
A world where the line between delusion and truth disappeared.

refuse to fight, pretend not to see
reject the world, alone
The moment that the sandcastle collapsed…

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