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Kuriyama Chiaki – voice

【Lyrics Translation】 Kuriyama Chiaki, 0

Lyrics / Composition: la la larks
Vocals: Kuriyama Chiaki

Nothing you could possibly do
Time moves on at breakneck speed
Mass blockage in the brain
Nothing’s moving forward
Even the vision for my future
Is twisting off the rails
Not a single future in view that makes me feel safe

The goal is far away,
But it exists
Doesn’t that mean we still have something?

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Kuriyama Chiaki – 0

Kuriyama Chiaki, 0

Music and lyrics by la la larks.

Animated PV (unfortunately, you’ll need a Japanese IP address): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMoxVgJp5jk

Vocals: Kuriyama Chiaki
Lyrics: lalalarks
Composition: lalalarks

Until the SOS that I receive
Through your white skin disappears,
Entrust all your mistakes and doubts bodily to me.

The shape of your furrowed brow tells me
All about the reality that pursues you to your dreams.
“Help” –  I just want to hear that single word.
Am I no good?

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