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Choshinsei – U are the ONE

Choshinsei, Meki ☆ Love

Requested a long time ago by starxsix.

U are the ONE
Lyrics: MIZUE / Komei Kobayashi
Composition / Arrangement: Hans.W
Vocals: Choshinsei

Do you remember the day we first met?
When I close my eyes, I remember vividly.

Bustling surroundings, a murmuring crowd,
The smile that came raining down from far away.

Our lines of sight overlap, as though running straight to each other,
And destiny made time stand still.

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Choshinsei – p.s.

Choshinsei, hana

Requested a very long time ago by xDrha7ix.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on Choshinsei songs, or (non-anime) idol groups in general, and I’m remembering the difficulties that come with this lyrical style. I’m a bit out of practice, but hopefully I didn’t handle things too clumsily here.

Turnaround times like this are why I always feel a bit guilty for keeping requests open while knowing that I’m bad at following through, because requests often come from fandoms that have fallen through the cracks and it probably creates even more disappointment when I leave them hanging. I’m working on a number of old requests right now, and I’m not sure if the requesters are still around to notice (or even still need a TL), but if it’s still helpful… well, I hope it is. (´・ω・`)

Lyrics: MIZUE
Composition: Sumida
Vocals: Choshinsei

The thoughts I couldn’t say
Stay here in my heart. I want these overflowing feelings to reach you.
Until the tears I kept hidden can meet your smile,
I want to hold you,
I want to hold you…
I don’t care if it’s just a dream.

I’ve searched for a future with someone other than you,
But every time I notice that something’s missing, my mind arrives at you.

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Choshinsei – Meki ☆ Love

Choshinsei, Meki ☆ Love

Requested by YatluvG.

Make It ☆ Love
Lyrics: Hidefusa Iwata, Komei Kobayashi, Song Soo Yun, Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo
Composition: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo
Vocals: Choshinsei

Make it, Make it, Make it, Make it Love
Falling for you, Make you Love
Make it, Make it, Make it, Make it Love
An inescapable maze of Love

The moment I met you, on that day, in that place, everything stopped in place.
That smile made me unable to breathe, and the next thing I knew, I was entranced with you.
Now, I can’t look at anyone but you. The hope stays, never fading from inside my chest.
Your eyes, your lips – more and more of my heart is being taken away.

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Choshinsei – Love Letter

Choshinsei, Shining☆Star

Requested by Hara Flourisze.

Love Letter
Lyrics: Satou Ayumi / NOBE
Composition: brave brother
Arrangement: brave brother
Vocals: Choshinsei

day, day by day, day by day, day by day

Wanting to tell you just my feelings of love, wanting to tell you that you’re the most important one to me,
My feelings that won’t be fulfilled disappear with the white snow.
everyday, day, day by day, I can’t forget the memories.
everyday, day, day by day, stronger, stronger than anyone…

Last year’s Christmas Eve, the two of us had an argument in the middle of the bustling city,
Over a little white lie that I said.

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Choshinsei – RANDA

Choshinsei, ★★★★★★

Requested by starxsix.

I couldn’t think of anything better for the title… 乱打 means hitting wildly, and this was the best thing I could come up with that was remotely close in meaning and still fit with the rhythm of the song.

Translating this was actually pretty fun.

Lyrics: HUM
Composition: HUM
Vocals: Choshinsei

I made it here.
Got a Love! Tonight, I’m so High
Because right now, the thing
Gripped in my right hand
Is your hand.

Just right, Hot
The energy that fills me
Is the power of love.
I’ve been blessed with wings.
With you,
I blow out a wind of sounds.
Below the ceiling of stars,
Dance with Me!!!

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Choshinsei – Shining☆Star

Choshinsei, Shining☆Star

Requested by YatluvG.

That Engrish… Yeah, not going try too hard to fix it this time.

Lyrics: Kanata Okajima
Composition / Arrangement: brave brother / galactike
Vocals: Choshinsei

Girl… I can’t stop to love ya
Baby, won’t you wanna elope?
(Hey, I just want U)
Ride on “body, body”
My heart is “beating, beating”
Baby girl “boot it, boot it”
Hey, you’re my shining star…

You are a Shining Star (body, body)
You are my Shining Star (beating, beating)
Please reach my Shining Star (boot it, boot it)
(Un, My brightest STAR)
You are a Shining Star (body, body)
Let’s dance, Shining Star (beating, beating)
I love you, Shining Star (boot it, boot it)
(Without U is very boring)

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Choshinsei – S.E.C.R.E.T

Choshinsei, hana

Requested by erin.

The interesting thing about Choshinsei’s songs are that they’re hard to transcribe but fairly easy to translate. Usually, it’s the other way around. Also, I decided not to go so far with fixing bad/abbreviated English this time, since some of it is stylistic with this sort of song.

I think I’m going stop trying so hard to figure out the arranger when the info is hard to find.

Lyrics: GIORGIO 13
Vocals: Choshinsei

I love you
Just the way you are,
So even when we’re apart, my feelings won’t change.
It’s fine that way.
Let’s walk on together.
From now on, I’ll never let go of your hand.

Hey, the moment when I let go of your hand,
Suddenly, it felt like I was losing sight of you.
But I know you better
Than anyone else in the world does.
I’d keep on waiting for you forever in the city where you are.

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