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Fate/stay night – Kumo no Kakera

Tainaka Sachi feat. Jyukai, Fate/stay night TV Reproduction (Fate/stay night OVA) ED, disillusion-2010-

Saber… ;_;

Fragments of Clouds
Lyrics: Haga Keita
Music: Yamamoto Yuusuke
Arrangement: Dewa Yoshiaki
Vocals: Tainaka Sachi feat. Jyukai

The gentle morning sun rains down, dyeing the world in white.
We walk out, feeling our way along, as though sweeping away our fleeting dreams.

Even if we were to go on loving each other like this,
We both know that it wouldn’t go on after the end,
So now, now, with our hands clasped together,
I just gazed into your eyes.

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Jyukai – SAKURA difference

Jyukai, c/w Fate/stay night ED Anata ga Ita Mori

Begun: May 9, 2009. Total time: 493 days.

SAKURA difference
Lyrics: Manami Watanabe
Music: Yoshiaki Dewa
Arranged by Yoshiaki Dewa, Zentaro Watanabe

I can still vividly remember
That day the flower petals fluttered.
Who, in what place, made cherry blossom pink
The color of meeting and parting?

“Don’t go,” I said until I could have cried.
I couldn’t even be clever and use those upturned eyes.
That is how I was, so I hugged you with all I had.

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Fate/stay night – Toki no Uzu

Rider (CV: Asakawa Yuu), Fate/stay night Character Image Song VI: Rider

The title is “Toki no Uzu”, rather than “Shunji no Uzu” – in the title and chorus, 瞬時 (shunji, “moment”) is pronounced とき (toki, “time”).

Vortex of Moments
Lyrics: Kosaka Naomi
Composition / Arrangement: Ookubo Kaoru
Vocals: Rider (CV: Asakawa Yuu)

Even if these hands are stained,
A single certain light remains white.

Slashing within the deepening darkness,
I held my blades proudly.

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