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Kanako Ito – Reliance

Kanako Ito, c/w Steins;Gate OP Hacking to the Gate

Beautiful. I really like it when Itou Kanako sings in triple-meter songs (like she did in School Days), and the instrumentation is great, both relaxing and powerful.

Note: in the chorus, とき (toki, “time”) is written as 時空 (jikuu, “space-time”) in the booklet.

Lyrics: Kanako Ito
Composition: Masayuki Adaniya
Arrangement: Toshimichi Isoe
Vocals: Kanako Ito

The starry sky grows clouded; the light in the city increases.
People come and go in the noise – I was engulfed by the crowd.

Seeking an answer, I set the repetition in motion.
One drop of my emotions dissolves into the night.

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ChäoS;HEAd – Desire Blue sky

Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd ED, Find the blue

Desire Blue sky
Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition / Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

The blue sky I wish for is the sky you wish for.
May the feelings that I paint reach the future you sing of.

Anyone’s ill will, the hurting wounds,
The smiles – they’re liars.
The method to cut them apart is inside me.
I want to make sure of the impulse.

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ChäoS;HEAd – Find the blue

Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd OP

I created the text file for this translation on October 18, 2008. I had three verses translated as of April 14, 2009. I finished the translation in about an hour just now. Total time: 580 days.

Find the blue
Lyrics / Composition: Shikura Chiyomaru
Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

I become chaos, carrying endless pain.
What is the dream I can draw? Ah―

In the side effect reflected in my eyes, I try following the outlines,
With no words to scream, nor targets to pray for.
As though light links the images, there is a strange architecture.
It was like betrayal, even in its composition.
I turned away my eyes; I pretended not to know.

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ChäoS;HEAd NoAH – fake me

Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd NoAH OP

To be honest, I’m not entirely confident in my translation for the final verse before the repeat, but I think I made it fairly close. (Perhaps someone else could confirm this?)

fake me
Lyrics / Composition: Shikura Chiyomaru
Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

I know of the end of the universe.
It is a dead end, stuck at a layer of glass.
The scenery I saw on the other side of the glass
Was the same thing I see when I close my eyes.

If the rhythm of my fighting heart was thrown into chaos,
My timid voice would lose its refuge and just return to the sublet.
If all living things are buried in idle thoughts,
Will my own existence be erased as well?

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Itou Kanako, ChäoS;HEAd NoAH ED, fake me

fake me in general seems a little more subdued than the OP/ED for the anime and original game. Interesting.

Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition / Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
Vocals: Itou Kanako

The afterimage flickers,
Depicting a distorted reality –
A world where the line between delusion and truth disappeared.

refuse to fight, pretend not to see
reject the world, alone
The moment that the sandcastle collapsed…

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Itou Kanako – Fly to the sky

Itou Kanako, c/w ChäoS;HEAd OP F.D.D.

I first heard Itou Kanako’s music with School Days; just loved Waltz and Kanashimi no Mukou e. Anyway, this song was coupled with ChäoS;HEAd’s anime opening theme. Do I sense another final ED? Who knows, let’s wait and see.

EDIT: 1/16/09

…Apparently not. Finally finished the series. I like the concept, but the anime was disappointing; need to go play the VN.

Oh, and did I mention that I was drawn to CHAOS;HEAD because of Itou Kanako?

Fly to the sky
Vocals: Itou Kanako
Lyrics: Itou Kanako
Composition / Arrangement: Ooshima Kousuke

Where no one can see me, I only drift on the bottom of the deep ocean, my heart stopped.
I have nothing I want to see – let’s just end like this… At that time,

The blue I wished for materialized, and while I wanted to cry, the sky cleared.
I could hear your voice: “I’m here by your side – try to fly out!”

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