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Yanagi Nagi – concent

【Lyrics Translation】 Yanagi Nagi, c/w Ano Natsu de Matteru ED Vidro Moyou; collected in euaru

The title of this song, “concent”, is a loanword of sorts from English meaning “power outlet” – the term originates from “concentric plug”, based on how plug/socket pairs were once designed. Some of the parallel rhythm in the verses plays off the pronunciation of ‘concent’, which I unfortunately didn’t carry over to the English translation for the sake of clarity, but that’s a thing that happens if you listen.

Lyrics & Music: yanaginagi
Arrangement: Masahiro Tobinai

Filling in the space between whispers,
A wall outlet starting to be unplugged.
Looks like the shy girl
Can’t say it too well yet.

A concept so unfixed that it tries for too much.
It’s like I can’t see where my quivering legs will be in one second.

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Yanagi Nagi – Ao no Parade

【Lyrics Translation】 Yanagi Nagi, euaru

I’m not sure how it happened, but this seems to be the non-single song I’ve listened to the least from this album. Pretty nice, though.

Blue Parade
Lyrics: yanaginagi
Music & Arrangement: Dan Miyakawa

All these wrong forecasts every day.
Suddenly, a rainbow crossed through my heart.

A balloon comes down;
I extend my hand, try to grab it,
And I fly, too.

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Nagi no Asukara (Yanagi Nagi) – Aqua Terrarium

Yanagi Nagi, Nagi no Asukara ED1

Aqua Terrarium
Lyrics: yanaginagi
Music: Chiaki Ishikawa

Detritus swims through the warm water.
Over a great deal of time, it is spun into thread and becomes a cocoon.

I wonder how long our eyelids have been closed.
We wait and wait, and still the two of us are all alone together.
Here in this aquarium of finite space, call a name and it turns into bubbles.

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Yanagi Nagi – euaru

Yanagi Nagi, euaru

The title of this song and the album is rooted in the word ‘uraue’ (裏表), which refers to the paired concepts of front and back, or alternatively the surface and the hidden; more generally, it can describe both of two things that are opposites of each other, or the reversal of the two. This theme of duality can be found all throughout the album.

Lyrics, Music, Arrangement, Programming & All Other Instruments: yanaginagi

Was it wrong from the beginning?
It looks like I can’t become perfect.
I feel pain in my numbed limbs.
Pattering down, the rain passes by.
Where is the window reflected in the fallen water connected to?

For you, somehow incomplete…
I’ve been searching for you.

So that we can become one someday,
I’ve been carrying just a single half of a pair.

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Z-Kai: Cross Road – Cross Road

Yanagi Nagi, Z-Kai: Cross Road CM theme song; Tokohana

Cross Road
Lyrics: Makoto Shinkai / AKI Oxford
Music: Irish folk song (Londonderry Air)
Arrangement: Akifumi Tada
Vocals: Yanagi Nagi

There I was, hiding my heart all alone,
Hugging my knees to my chest,
In this city that doesn’t have you,
Without a single source of consolation.

You see, I’ve known all along
That you’ve been calling from somewhere far away.
There’s a voice in your heart that’s always crying out,
“Please…” I’m looking at the sky.

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Yanagi Nagi – Qualia

Yanagi Nagi, euaru

Sometimes, I feel like most of the songs I work on are very lyrically simple, all expressing similar emotions with straightforward structure. I do enjoy it most of the time, but occasionally, I’ll come across songs that are less fixed, more subtle, like this one. It’s quite the stimulating experience to explore these, almost like examining a crystal from different angles, noting each facet.

Lyrics, Music, Arrangement, Programming & All Other Instruments: yanaginagi
Piano: Shin Kono

The feel of mixing, bittersweet sugar…
I forget their significance.
Meaningless characters on the decorative grip.
The boundless unknown.

I rely on all that I can see.
Even if things I can’t see
Are there,
It’s same as if they weren’t.
It makes no difference.

Afraid of facing the light,
I protected my burnt toes by burying them in the cool sand.

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Yanagi Nagi – helvetica

Yanagi Nagi, euaru

There was some pretty interesting stuff going on in the lyrics sheet for this song. I’ve done my best to preserve this in text form.

Lyrics & Music: yanaginagi
Arrangement, Programming & All Other Instruments: yanaginagi, Masahiro Tobinai (agehasprings)

Specks floating in air,
I move upstream on the stardust.
The oxygen thins, and I’ve forgotten the name of
The fallen picked flower; I’ve thrown away all interest.
I don’t know, I can’t read the characters anymore.

If I were to love,
Tell me, what would come back in response?

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