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Rinne no Lagrange season2 – Wasurenai yo.

Nakajima Megumi, Rinne no Lagrange season2 ED2, Marble / Wasurenai yo.

I Won’t Forget.
Lyrics / Composition: Yabuki Kana
Arrangement: Shimizu Nobuyuki
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi

Rays of light illuminate my heart, rippling and rolling on the surface of the water.
I found myself looking up at the blue sky, connected to everything.

We had so much fun, so entranced that we’d lose track of time.
I made a wish: that all those days gone by would never disappear.

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Rinne no Lagrange season2 – Jersey-bu Damashii!

Kamojo Jersey Club (Ishihara Kaori / Seto Asami / Kayano Ai), Rinne no Lagrange season2 ED1

This really is one of my top anime songs. I just really, really enjoy listening to it; it’s taken so long to translate it because I start listening to it, then I start bouncing to the beat in my chair, then I forget to translate, and then I forget to do anything because I’m just dancing in my chair.

Jersey Club Soul!
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: DANCE☆MAN
Horns Arrangement: Kawamatsu Hisayoshi
Vocals: Kamojo Jersey Club (Ishihara Kaori / Seto Asami / Kayano Ai)

Jersey Club soul, Jersey Club soul!
Jersey Club soul, Jersey Club soul!
Jersey Club soul, Jersey Club soul!
Unleashing waves of can’t-leave-you-alone, cheerful soul!

We can figure out right or wrong later. For now, first thing to do is act!
Right in front of me, in a single moment,
I found you burdened with the countless worries of youth. Out of habit, I can’t let it go without speaking up.
Let’s correct that slouch in your back. Come on,
Just give it a try, straighten it out and stand tall.
“You must be tired. Here! Kamogawa Energy!” Don’t worry!
Go ahead and drink it all. You can drink two, if you want.
Don’t worry about leaving enough for me. “Huh?”
Why do I do so much for you, you ask?
You’d think that would be obvious.
“Because your dreams are dazzling!”

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Rinne no Lagrange season2 – Marble

Nakajima Megumi, Rinne no Lagrange season2 OP, Marble / Wasurenai yo.

I just love everything about this song.

Honestly, I’m a little shaky about certain lines – namely, the four before the first chorus. It’s been a while since a song has given me this feeling, but I know it very well, and as I have before in similar cases, I highly recommend that anyone who’s interested enough in lyrics to read this should learn Japanese and analyze the original lyrics personally. Some songs will be more open-to-interpretation than others, and I believe that there is almost always great value in finding your own answer to them. I feel this holds especially true for a song as… personal? as this one.

That said, I’ve produced this translation with as much care as always, and I hope my interpretation feels right to you – that is, it feels like it fits into place.

Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho
Composition / Arrangement: Rasmus Faber
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi

Back then, we were stuck with
Propellers incapable of flight;
Looking up at the other half of the sky,
We’d run along with bare feet.
We always live confidently,
Knowing that we’ll make mistakes along the way.

I’m sorry for running away
That one time, when I felt that way.
The moment I looked away, the final
Bolt of lightning came crashing down.
But now, because I’ve lost things,
I won’t lose things now – nothing will disappear.

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