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Love Live! Sunshine!! – SELF CONTROL!!

Saint Snow, Love Live! Sunshine!! insert song (episode 8), Sailing to the Sunshine

Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition / Arrangement: Kawata Takahiro
Vocals: Saint Snow (Kazuno Seira (CV. Hino Asami), Kazuno Ria (CV. Satou Hinata)

I want them to call us the best – this is real, we gotta go!

A dream is a dream, but it’s not easy to reach it.
We’re aiming for something special, aren’t we?
Since that’s why we’re doing this, I won’t cry.
Who’s the enemy? It’s my powerless self’s shadow.

You know, don’t you?
You know a weak heart is no good at all. (My shadow… No good at all!)
Let’s feel it out, get a grip on the place we stand at right now.

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