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【Lyrics Translation】 Suzukaze Aoba (CV: Takada Yuuki), NEW GAME! insert song (episode 3), collected in NEW GAME! Character Song Mini-Album Now Singing♪♪♪♪

Hearing this song, plus Re Zero’s second cour in the same season, really made me a believer in Hige Driver. I’d actually been following the manga for some time before the anime aired (usually reading it right before bedtime), and this scene really made me appreciate the atmosphere of the series.

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Hige Driver
Vocals: Suzukaze Aoba (CV: Takada Yuuki)

Talking about things I feel like I’ve learned from images –
What is it, to become an adult?
Things don’t go the way I thought they would, the way is blocked,
And it’s like I’m a kid again.

How many setting suns have I seen?
How many stars have I seen?
Even so, with nothing ever changing, the morning comes –
What a curious thing.

The reason I get downhearted
And yet never run away
Is because you said it would be okay,
And all this time, like a fool, I’ve taken it to heart.

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