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tilt-six feat. v flower – Aimai na Reversi

tilt-six feat. v flower, Vocaloid original song

Nicovideo: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23616519

Overall, I would summarize this as a song about how difficult it can be to form connections, and how we put up barriers around our true selves to get by. tilt-six has written quite a bit on Twitter about his thoughts on making the song. A particularly interesting thing is that the theme of ‘duality of personality’ manifests itself in the song at the compositional level – that is, in the syncopation of its rhythm.

Other translated comments from tilt-six:

Basically, this is the song of a lonely person, someone like me who would feel like, “There are people in the class who I talk to but no one I’m particularly close to, so if I just laugh along for now maybe no one will dislike me.”

The subject of this song is someone who might feel the possibility of making friends, but the feeling alone probably won’t lead to an actual friendship.

The personal feelings deep within our hearts are things that we don’t really say, that we can’t really say; we think, “It’s something that I shouldn’t say out loud,” and then we turn our eyes away from those depths and stop thinking about it. The shallow thoughts start to occupy the entire space for thoughts. Not good.

After starting this work and starting to write lyrics, it’s still hard for me to get the deeper points down, and with these various songs, I feel like I’ve been getting them out little by little. Honestly, I’m not very good at writing lyrics, but if there are a few words in any of my songs that can somehow reach the heart of someone out there, it would make me happy.

Well, it worked on me.

Notes on the translation:
-The lyrics make heavy use of the Japanese paired concepts of ura and omote, roughly meaning ‘back/below/reverse’ and ‘front/surface/face’, respectively. In the context of interpersonal relationships and this song, omote could be the façade a person presents to the outside world, while ura would be the thoughts and feelings that lie beneath that exterior. I’ve chosen to translate these as ‘inward side’ and ‘outward side’. When expressing this concept in English, I feel like the words tend to lean toward an image of a radius around a point, where the ‘inward’ portion is a single mass that faces the ‘outward’ portion in all directions. On the other hand, in Japanese, these concepts suggest something closer to two adjacent areas with a single divide, much like two sides of the same coin – or, as tilt-six evokes here, two sides of the same circular game piece.
-A few lines in the choruses possibly reference the Kagome Kagome song.

Ambiguous Reversi
Lyrics / Composition: tilt-six
Vocals: v flower

Today, I received a letter, and I threw it away with my own hands;
And you, the one who watches from off to the side, your identity is unknown to me.

There’s no helping it now; if you’d just realize that this is the kind of person I’ve become…
It doesn’t really bother me; for me, it’s easier to be alone.

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