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la la larks – loop

【Lyrics Translation】 la la larks, Culture Vulture; first recorded as a duet with UNCHAIN

This translation is part of the School Food Punishment lyrics project, under the la la larks branch.

The first recording of this song to appear on the internet was actually an acoustic collaboration with UNCHAIN. It might be interesting to know that Yumi Uchimura (the vocalist) and Ritsuo Mitsui (the guitarist) sometimes perform live together as “la la larks aco duo”; given the name, I’m sure there was some influence between that trend and this collaboration, in one direction or the other.

The album remake (or could the album version actually be the original vision?) most noticeably added a string section (arranged by Shin Kono) and made the whole thing feel more brisk; both versions have their charm, but after some extended listening, I feel like the album version is just amazing.

lyrics, music & arrangement: la la larks
strings arrangement: Shin Kono

I’m flipped head over heels and it feels stupid.
Ah, I saw a red string on your finger.

You know, I knew from the beginning,
But when it comes down to it, “Maybe it’s too late.”

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