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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a solo project by R・O・N, a prolific lyricist, composer, arranger, and instrumentalist. He has worked with a multitude of other artists, often in connection to anime and related media, and he is also part of the creative unit (K)NoW_NAME, a flourishing group in its own right. With SDF, however, the man himself provides his own vocals, and he has essentially complete creative control over his sound.

Official site for STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION (Lantis): https://www.lantis.jp/artist/stereodivefoundation/
Official site for R・O・N (VERYGOO): http://www.verygoo.jp/artists/ron/

Other songs by R・O・N, lyrics translated by me: https://bambooxzx.wordpress.com/category/by-artist/r・o・n/

For the purpose of this page, I have taken single information from Artist Editions when applicable, which usually have an additional original track (where the corresponding Anime Editions would have off-vocal versions of vocal songs). I’ve also omitted releases not explicitly credited under the SDF name for now; I may expand the scope of this page in the future.


Single – 「Daisy」 – 2013-11-27
01. Daisy [Kyoukai no Kanata ending theme]
02. Push me into circles [instrumental]
03. Two divided Rainbow

Single – 「AXIS」 – 2014-02-12
01. AXIS [Nobunaga the Fool ending theme]
02. No replacement [English; via Uta-Net]
03. AXIS -acoustic feat.RUCO-

Single – 「Renegade」 – 2015-07-22
01. Renegade [GANGSTA. opening theme]
02. Fabiana [Spanish]
03. Dropping melodies -feat. Annabel-

Collaboration (composition, arrangement) – 「Yoru no Kuni」 (Annabel) – 2015-08-26
01. Yoru no Kuni
02. Terminal

Single – 「Genesis」 – 2016-01-27
01. Genesis [Dimension W opening theme]
02. Handling [instrumental]
03. PRISM FLAVOR [instrumental]

Single – 「Chronos」 – 2019-10-23
01. Chronos [Shokugeki no Soma: Shin no Sara opening theme]
02. Yellow
03. Sprinkle [instrumental]

Album – 「STEREO DIVE」 – 2020-02-05
01. #01 [instrumental]
03. Renegade
04. Coda
05. Don’t let me down
06. Blackout
07. Spiral
08. Linde
09. AXIS
10. Genesis
11. ODSD
12. Daisy

Bonus tracks – 「STEREO DIVE」- 2020-02-05
Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss! [self-cover of Guilty Kiss from Love Live! Sunshine!!]
oneXone [self-cover of the Autumn Troupe from A3!]
prism [self-cover of G.Addict]