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【Lyrics TL】 sakanaction – Sen to Rei | サカナクション/セントレイ

【Lyrics Translation】 sakanaction, Shinshiro (シンシロ)

1000 and 0
Lyrics: Ichiro Yamaguchi
Composition: Ichiro Yamaguchi
Arrangement: sakanaction

In the night, I cleaned my dirty desk – I wonder, will something change?
I scratched my back with one hand and let out a light sigh – I guess it’s about time to go

In the in-between of 0:00AM,
Tired out from the night flying, I am outer space

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【Lyrics TL】 R・O・N – (Why I’m right here) with you 【Solty Rei】

【Lyrics Translation】 R・O・N, Solty Rei insert song; collected in promise

There are a lot of unmarked repeat verses in the second half of the song; I’ve gone ahead and unfolded those in the English and romaji sections to make it easier to follow along. For the most part, I’ve left the already-English parts intact in translation, though I’ve made a few changes for readability.

As far as I can find, this CD seems to be the oldest commercial release where R・O・N sings in his own songs – it’s even grouped with his STEREO DIVE work on Lantis’s website.

(Why I’m right here) with you
Sound Produced by R・O・N

walking away and you would stay
the passing days’ continuing
slipping away but don’t be afraid
ready or not we will meet again

I go and you go
the same direction we would choose you got it?
heading our future

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【Lyrics TL】 Galileo Galilei – Sayonara Frontier | さよならフロンティア 【Arakawa Under the Bridge】

【Lyrics Translation】 Galileo Galilei, Arakawa Under the Bridge (drama) ending theme; collected in PORTAL

Like many of the songs on PORTAL, I really enjoy how the lyrics capture certain facets of moving on from childhood. While the the way this theme runs through AnoHana / Aoi Shiori is a lot more obvious, it’s pretty interesting in this song both alone and in context of Arakawa.

While we’re on the topic, I’ll also note that I’ve been feeling pretty ambivalent about how I’ve handled the translation of Aoi Shiori throughout the years; I’ll definitely be revisiting that in edits and a blogpost before long.

Goodbye Frontier
Lyrics: Yuuki Ozaki
Composition: Yuuki Ozaki, Hitoshi Sakou
Arrangement: Galileo Galilei

Happy friends, we put tin cans beneath our sneakers
And crushed them down, crushed them down
Once dawn passed by, the rusted blue sky got cold,
And we put on our jackets

Keeping the rhythm, the sounds of grunge wailed out
Someone asked, “Whose song is that?”
The highway tunnel
We laughed at the song that got drowned out by the noise

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【Lyrics TL】 Sakamoto Maaya – Itsuka Tabi ni Deru Hi | 坂本真綾 / いつか旅に出る日

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Dokuhaku ↔ Yakudou

Just a little song of hope and comfort in troubling times. According to an interview, some imagery in the lyrics was inspired by a visit Maaya Sakamoto made to Croatia.

The Day When I’ll Set Out On My Journey
Lyrics / Composition: Maaya Sakamoto
Arrangement: Shin Kono

Looking down from the castle wall, I saw the city bathed in light of the morning sun
Somebody’s window opened, and birds took flight

Far away, so far away in the past, lie the traces of heartrending history
Please, oh please, let these peaceful days continue on

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【Lyrics TL】 la la larks – 28-ji | 28時

【Lyrics Translation】 la la larks, 28:00

See also: the la la larks lyrics project

This single originally got a very limited release as part of a crowdfunding campaign that I missed; I was pretty lucky to get to hear this, thanks to the goodwill of someone who did back it.

I’m not sure how common this notation is outside Japan, but late night hours past midnight are often written (in TV schedules, for example) with hour numbers greater than 23, under the expectation that you’d be staying awake from the previous day. In this case, 28:00 would be equivalent to 04:00 AM.

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: la la larks

In the sky to the east, a light hue of pale pink
I took in a deep breath, like I was cleansing my heart

From the balcony, I looked to the white moon above,
Alone, motionless

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【Lyrics TL】 Harusaruhi – Music (RAP VERSION) | 春猿火 / ミュージック RAP VERSION

【Lyrics Translation】 Harusaruhi

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Guiano
Rap Arrangement: Takayan
Vocals: Harusaruhi

Shoving past society’s notion of “unsellable”
With the conversion of each individual’s pain
It’s one-of-a-kind art
Once again, someone is throwing away their 「love」
And then there you were, waiting
You and my heart were both crying

Today once again, with my guitar on my back, I continue to walk, with the buildings overhead
The memories that float up all transform into tomorrow’s food

And to the regrets I’ve dragged along — “Just grow up,” is all that the grownups say
I do understand that money is important too

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【Lyrics TL】 Guiano feat. Hatsune Miku – Music | Guiano feat. 初音ミク / ミュージック

【Lyrics Translation】 Guiano, Love & Music

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Guiano
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Wishes alone aren’t enough to make life work out well
The word “Why?” can’t get me food for tomorrow on its own
Another day of continuing to walk, guitar on my back, buildings overhead
The memories that float up all transform into tomorrow’s food

And to the regrets I’ve dragged along — “Just grow up,” is all that the grownups say
I do understand that money is important too

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【Lyrics TL】 DELUTAYA – Kokoro/RΔIN_STOP;) | ココロ/RΔIN_STOP;)

【Lyrics Translation】 DELUTAYA

lyrics / vocals / mix / rap: DELUTAYA

A boring rainy day off, weather’s not clearing up in my heart, cry…
Umbrella up, where do we go? Foot down in the puddle – jump! stepping.
I don’t care if I get wet, wash everything away…
I’m just passing through all these pointless days, sleeping sleeping
I’m tired of hearing all of it. What the hell is going on?
Someone tell me, baby.

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【Lyrics TL】 Sakamoto Maaya – Yakudou | 坂本真綾 / 躍動 【Fate/Grand Order】

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order -Cosmos in the Lostbelt- opening theme 2

Full version: [listen]

=Fate/Grand Order=
First opening theme: 『色彩』 (Shikisai)
First ending theme: 『Eternity Blue』
Arcade theme: 『空白』 (Kuuhaku)
Cosmos in the Lostbelt opening theme: 『逆光』 (Gyakkou)
Cosmos in the Lostbelt opening theme 2: 『躍動』 (Yakudou)

This song is a collaboration with the band ユアネス -yourness-, composed by its guitarist, Koga Syohei.

On a personal note, I think this is my favorite FGO song yet.

Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition: Koga Syohei
Arrangement / Performance: yourness
Strings Arrangement: Kouno Shin
Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya

If victory means obtaining something,
Then would letting go be a defeat?
A world where no one is hurt
May well be baseless optimism,
But even so, I still want to try betting on it

On a night with a moon just like tonight’s, I heard the sound of the bell, signalling the moment
It was like the echoes were seeing right through my entire empty self

Anger and grief get passed from person to person in the blink of an eye
They create enemies that don’t even exist, and thus ignite the call to fight

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