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aquarifa – 321

aquarifa, Máni no Himitsu

Lyrics / Composition: Iwata Machi

3, 2, 1, and the world disappears – I’d like to watch it with you, I’d like to watch it with you.

The warning sound rings out.
Just a few hours until we hit the time limit.
The world’s end gets closer, moment by moment. I let out a sigh,
Breathe it in, and then at top speed, I head to where you are.

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SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki & Tielle – Christmas Scene

【Lyrics Translation】 SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki & Tielle, narrative / NOISEofRAIN

Official music video: [youtube] (Japanese IP required, though you can probably find mirrors)

I’d actually been working on this on-and-off (mostly off) ever since the song came out last year, but I held back because I wasn’t confident in my transcription by ear. Now that I’ve gotten to it with the CD release, I’m still not really sure if my line structure did the feeling of the song justice, but I do hope it comes through.

Christmas Scene
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano / Lyrics: Hiroyuki Sawano, Rie
Drums: YU “masshoi” YAMAUCHI
Guest Vocals: mpi
Chorus: Benjamin, Gemie, mizuki, mpi, Tielle, [nZk]
Piano, Keyboards & All Other Instruments: HIROYUKI SAWANO

The snow brings us lovely dreams
The glow brings us cheerful smiles
Bright Christmas lights make us happy on freezing night
The snow brings us lovely dreams
The glow brings us cheerful smiles
If you believe in Father Christmas

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Fate/Grand Order – Kuuhaku

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order Arcade theme song; c/w Gyakkou

Blank Space
Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition / Arrangement: la la larks
Strings Arrangement: Ishitsuka Tooru / Eguchi Ryou

When I looked back, you were no longer in sight.
You won’t say anything to the end, I see, to touch upon the heart of the matter.

No one can fill in the blank space inside me.
I’m sure there are lights I will see ahead, but…

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Fate/Grand Order – Gyakkou

【Lyrics Translation】 Sakamoto Maaya, Fate/Grand Order -Cosmos in the Lostbelt- opening theme

The title is officially romanized as “Gyakko”, but oh well.

Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition: Izawa Ichiyou
Arrangement: Izawa Ichiyou / Eguchi Ryou

I was melancholic, seeing the same ceiling there every time I woke up,
Telling me that this is reality – there is no exit from here.

How do I put this to an end? Both completion and destruction are stories that will never arrive.
If my destiny is already set in stone,
Then I won’t imagine the future I couldn’t choose – that’s what I vowed, but…

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Fate/Grand Order – Eternity Blue

【Lyrics Translation】 Ayumi, Fate/Grand Order ending theme

There’s very little information publicly available about the vocalist, including how her name is actually pronounced. Unless there’s something I’m seriously overlooking (possible), I imagine the one way to find out more would be to attend one of FGO’s live events.

Eternity Blue
Vocals: Ayumi
Lyrics / Composition: sachi
Arrangement: Nagai Masamichi

I didn’t know how to shed tears, or how to laugh.
In the future that I searched for blindly, what would I wish for?

I’d thought that the sky was always the grey of ash.
You taught me the true color of this world.

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K-ON! – Prologue

【Lyrics Translation】 Manabe Nodoka (CV: Fujitou Chika), K-ON! character image song series: Nodoka Manabe

Lyrics: Oomori Shouko
Composition / Arrangement: Maezawa Hiroyuki
Vocals: Manabe Nodoka (CV: Fujitou Chika)

Wind, blowing past the nape of my neck, growing colder second by second.
The sound of dragonfly wingbeats; the scent of olive trees.

During these sunset times, I’d like to pine for somebody –
Or so I joke; you see, the clarity of the sky makes me honest.

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