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Hibike! Euphonium – Tutti!

Kitauji Quartet, Hibike! Euphonium ED

According to her blog, ZAQ was actually a concert band member in her middle school years, playing the trumpet. The title (Italian for “all together”) stems from her own experience of hearing the term at band practice and finding it cute.I would include the instrument credits as I tried with “Swag!!!”, but it really just takes up too much space, so I’ll spare you that.

Lyrics / Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: Takada Satoru
Vocals: Kitauji Quartet
[Oumae Kumiko (CV. Kurosawa Tomoyo), Katou Hazuki (CV. Asai Ayaka), Kawashima Sapphire (CV. Toyota Moe), Kousaka Reina (CV. Anzai Chika)]

Tutti! We will steal your heart!

As we pick out our mouthpieces and reeds for today,
I can smell the dirty cleaning cloth.
The music scores that we’ve filled in are testing out
The value of youth.

We play, from the classroom window.
We connect the music from phrase to phrase.
We can’t go on if even a single one of us is missing.
Together, we’ll echo out with the deep emotion in our sound!

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Houkago no Pleiades – Koko kara, Kanata kara

fragments, Houkago no Pleiades TV ED

Sung by the main cast for the anime, this song also has a cover version by Kano (arranged by samfree), which is already released on the single for “Stella-Rium”. This translation is based on the cover, but I think it’s safe to assume that the full ED single will have the same lyrics.

Also, for those of you following the blog by RSS: in case you missed it, I’ve already updated “Stella-rium” to its full version here. (I didn’t make a new post for it, for reasons.)

From Here, From Beyond
Lyrics: Kumano Kiyomi
Composition / Arrangement: Itou Tsubasa
Vocals: fragments (Takamori Natsumi, Oohashi Ayuru, Tateno Kanako, Makino Yui, Fujita Saki)

You see, when I raise my head,
Everyone is there, smiling.

I feel embarrassed and happy all at once.
The starry sky turns on its side.

Since then, that everyday life
(Everyday life…)
Used to seen wrong to me.

Now, a little bit, just a little,
I’ve started wondering to myself,
“Could I fly?”

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TRUE – Swag!!!

TRUE, c/w Hibike! Euphonium OP DREAM SOLISTER

Vocals: TRUE
Lyrics: Karasawa Miho
Composition / Arrangement: Mutsuki Shuuhei
Guitars & Programming: Mutsuki Shuuhei
Bass: Kawashima Hiromitsu
Drums: Ichinose Hisashi
Trumpet: Suzuki Masanori
Trombone: Enomoto Yuusuke
Tenor Sax: Takegami Yoshinari
Brass Arrangement: Kawada Ruka


I wonder, who decided what “normal” is?
Shit doesn’t matter.
I just want to feel a reality
Greater than “imagination”.

Each and every person is a nameless conductor.
You won’t find anyone anywhere who’s the same as someone else – we’re all special.
When our personalities clash with each other,
<Pulsating Sequence, Escalating Audience>
We’re swallowed by the music. This sensation… Ah!!!

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Kekkai Sensen – Sugar Song to Bitter Step


Sugar Song and Bitter Step
Lyrics: Tabuchi Tomoya
Composition: Tabuchi Tomoya

I’ve grown so used to this supernatural-disaster-level madness that I mistake this daily life for peace.
As this rambling coaster jolts me to and fro, what’s the thing that I can’t lose sight of?

Swallowed by the concept of egalitarian fundamentalism, it feels like even my heart is pushed into et cetera.
I hate you, I love you – you need to say these things clearly, or you’re no different from a doll.

In the crowds of people moving through the night’s city streets, some seem happy and others seem lonely.
The contrast skips around all over the music staff, and turns into song and rhythm!

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Iguchi Yuka – Yakusoku ~Boku no Uta~

Iguchi Yuka, c/w DanMachi opening theme Hey World (Anime Edition)

Note: the romanized title could in fact be “Yakusoku ~Boku no Shi~” (with the same meaning), but ever since AIR and “Tori no Uta”, I guess I feel entrained to use ‘uta’. I unfortunately can’t find any reliable sources to confirm, so for the moment, I go with my instincts.

Promise ~My Poem~
Lyrics: Satomi
Composition: Makaino Kouji
Arrangement: Maeguchi Wataru
Vocals: Iguchi Yuka

So that I can move toward
The place I want to reach,
I just try my best,
Doing what I can for now.

If I do nothing,
My aspirations will forever
Be nothing more than aspirations
And rust someday.

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Annabel – nemo

Annabel; M3-35 release Sousou, no Ame

Ex-School Food Punishment alert! Hasuo Masayuki and Yamasaki Hideaki are now a regular part of Annabel’s band. This song is the second one in the link below.

This brooding atmosphere is really powerful. The steadiness of the beat makes for a really nice contrast with the first track.

produced & performed by Annabel
lyrics: Annabel
compose & arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki
band: Hasuo Masayuki (Key) / Terui Yoshimasa (Gt) / Yamasaki Hideaki (Ba) / Yamashita Satoshi (Dr)

The sunlight that was at my shoulders slips down the the windowsill,
Chewing into the margins of my notebook with shadows.

From the school building, occasionally, I hear a laughing voice that sounds like yours.
With the pleasant feeling, I try closing my eyes for just a little,
And it’s just as though I’ve disappeared.
No one is looking at me.
The only thing here is a sense of presence.

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Annabel – roof loop hopper

Annabel, M3-32 release roof loop hopper

Ex-School Food Punishment alert! This song features the keyboardist, Hasuo Masayuki, and the bassist, Yamasaki Hideaki. This was originally released in late 2013, and you can see the current Annabel band lineup starting to take shape.

roof loop hopper
produced & performed by Annabel
lyrics: Annabel
compose & arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki (385, bonanzas)
bass: Yamasaki Hideaki (ex.School Food Punishment)
drums: Tengan Yoshinori (385)

At low elevation, the streets awaken.
Making their sounds, the people come and go.
Even if I try to match my pace with theirs where we disagree,

The weariness that spreads all throughout the room
Is the bitter taste of the ordinary.
The premonition that fascinated me
While I was lying down
Faintly appears in my vision.

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