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School Food Punishment

School Food Punishment (formerly school food punishment) is was ;_; a four-member Japanese band. For reasons, I ended up translating just about the entirety of their catalog, and I’ve listed all of their stuff here for convenience, as well as other works by the band’s members.

school food punishment
la la larks

Final lineup:
-Vocals / Guitar: Uchimura Yumi (内村友美)
-Keyboard: Hasuo Masayuki (蓮尾理之)
-Bass / Backing Vocals: Yamasaki Hideaki (山崎英明)
-Drums: Hidai Osamu (比田井修)

-Sound production: Eguchi Ryou (江口亮) [from Riff-rain and on]

Former members:
-Drums: Katano Katsuya (片野勝哉) [through SCHOOL FOOD IS GOOD FOOD]
-Bass: Ueda Atsushi (上田睦) [through air feel,color swim]

Official site: http://www.sfp-sound.com/profile.html

After the breakup in 2012, Uchimura and Eguchi went on to start a new band, la la larks. Hasuo is a member of a variety of groups, including 385, bonanzas, and Annabel’s current backing band siraph (along with Yamasaki for the last). Hidai seems to mostly perform live for other groups such as OverTheDogs.

Discography: school food punishment

1st demo
01. snap
02. pool
03. observer 3

2nd demo
01. S [English]
02. set low, fine
03. Tooku Hako no Naka

Mini-album – 「SCHOOL FOOD IS GOOD FOOD」 – 2007-04-04
01. close,down,back to
02. pool
03. set low,fine
04. snap
05. Ukabiagaru
06. Tooku Hako no Naka

Mini-album – 「air feel, color swim」 – 2007-11-21
01. you may crawl
02. sky step
03. loop,share
04. Kemuri ni Shiro
05. turn
06. Aimai ni Soreru
07. art line
08. transient [English]

Mini-album – 「Riff-rain」 – 2008-12-10
01. flow
02. feedback
03. egoist
04. killer
05. Futari Umi no Soko
06. over

Compilation – 「Judy and Mary 15th Anniversary Tribute Album」 – 2009-03-28
06. Brand New Wave Upper Ground [Judy and Mary cover; translated by Kiwi Musume]

Single – 「futuristic imagination」 – 2009-05-27
01. futuristic imagination [Eden of the East ending theme]
02. flat
03. you may crawl-Takkyu Ishino Remix-

Single – 「butterfly swimmer」 – 2009-07-22
01. butterfly swimmer
02. beer trip
03. futuristic imagination-AVALON Remix-

Single – 「sea-through communication」 – 2009-10-07
01. sea-through communication
02. fiction nonfiction
03. butterfly swimmer-Q;indivi-Yusuke Tanaka Remix-

Single – 「light prayer」 – 2009-12-02
01. light prayer [Eden of the East: The King of Eden ending theme]
02. deviswitch
03. sea-through communication-sung in English with symphony- [English; Uta-Net]

Single – 「future nova / after laughter」 – 2010-03-10
01. future nova [Eden of the East: Paradise Lost opening theme]
02. after laughter [Eden of the East: Paradise Lost ending theme]
03. light prayer-AKXMIM Remix-

Album – 「amp-reflection」 – 2010-04-14
01. signal
02. goodblue
03. butterfly swimmer
04. future nova-album edit-
05. Densha, Suberiochiru, Headphone
06. light prayer
07. after laughter
08. 04:59
09. Kakenukeru
10. futuristic imagination-album edit-
11. line
12. Percentage
13. sea-through communication

Soundtrack – 「Nanase Futatabi Original Soundtrack」 – 2010-09-29
28. flashback trip syndrome

Single – 「RPG」 – 2011-05-11
1. RPG [[C] Control: The Money of Soul and Possibility ending theme]
2. Slide show
3. Transition period

Album – 「Prog-Roid」 – 2011-07-13
01. free quiet
02. RPG
03. in bloom
04. Utsurou, Sangatsu
05. ≠
06. are
07. Ura Omote
08. Halation
09. flashback trip syndrome
10. Hikari
11. Y/N

Collaboration (composition) – 「Buddy」 (Sakamoto Maaya) – 2011-10-19
01. Buddy [Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam opening theme]

Single – 「How to go」 – 2011-12-07
01. How to go [UN-GO opening theme]
02. Kaeru
03. Kimi ni Mune Kyun. -Uwaki na Vacances- [YMO cover]

Discography: la la larks
under construction

Collaboration (arrangement, performance) – 「Photon -reconstruction-」 (AZUMA HITOMI) – 2013-04-24
02. Tokyo -Live Band Version with Chorus-

Collaboration (vocals) – 「SINCE2」 (Spangle call Lilli line) – 2013-06-12
2-03. nano – NS Version feat. Yumi Uchimura

Collaboration / Limited Release – 「Loop / I’ll Be The Music」 (la la larks x UNCHAIN) – 2013-10-10
01. Loop
02. I’ll Be The Music

Collaboration (lyrics, composition) – 「0」 (Kuriyama Chiaki) – 2013-10-23
01. 0
02. voice

Limited Release – 「28:00」 – 2014-04-10
01. 28-ji

Single – 「ego-izm」 – 2014-06-04
01. ego-izm [M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ ending theme]
02. end of refrain
03. earworm

Collaboration (composition, arrangement) – 「Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitte iru Itsutsu no Houhou / Shikisai」 (Sakamoto Maaya) – 2015-01-28
02. Shikisai [Fate/Grand Order opening theme]

Single – 「Hallelujah」 – 2015-07-29
01. Hallelujah [Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan ending theme]
02. Q And A
03. Shikisai

Collaboration – 「Irie」 (Kondou Akihisa) – 2016-04-27
15. Tokyo Light

Album – 「Culture Vulture」 – 2017-08-30
01. Massive Passive
02. Shikisai -Album Ver.-
03. Hallelujah
04. end of refrain
05. loop
06. Tarinai
07. Sayonara Waltz
08. Q And A -Album Ver.-
09. Ushinau
10. ego-izm
11. Reset
12. Self

Collaboration (lyrics, composition, arrangement) – 「Akaku, Zetsubou no Hana.」 (JUNNA) – 2018-07-18
01. Akaku, Zetsubou no Hana.

Collaboration (composition, arrangement) – 「Gyakkou」 (Sakamoto Maaya) – 2018-07-25
02. Kuuhaku [Fate/Grand Order Arcade theme song]

Online release – 「after」 – 2018-09-18
01. after

Collaboration (lyrics, composition) – 「Hana wa Maboroshi」 (YuNi) – 2019-03-11
01. Hana wa Maboroshi

Discography: siraph
under construction

Early influence [prior to formation] – 「roof loop hopper」 (Annabel) – 2013-10-27
01. roof loop hopper

Single [prior to naming] – 「Sousou no, Ame」 (Annabel) – 2015-04-26
01. Souzou no Ame
02. nemo

22 thoughts on “School Food Punishment

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  2. Wow, thank you!!! *___*

  3. Your simply great.

  4. thaaaank you a lot! ^___^

  5. Thank you SO SO SO SOOOOO Much T__T!!!!

  6. I’m really, really glad that I found your blog! I’ve been listening to all their songs ever since Futuristic Imagination was released. Could only understood a few lines and really, really wanted to know what their songs were about since some of them really, really touched me (percentage in particular)

    So really, thanks a lot for providing the translations. For ALL their songs. It really means a lot to a fan like me who can’t understand their lyrics even though I love their music to bits and pieces =D

  7. Pingback: Kimi ni Mune Kyun! (plus a mini Winter Anime update!) | manga weekend

    • the hard work’s much appreciated :)
      (a little bummed out that i only discovered the band after they’d already broken up though. ugh.)

  8. Thank you very very much. I really love School Food Punishment. I’m glad all their songs were translated. :)

  9. Haha me again and as I said before, now grammatically correct! You are great. God sent. I love school food punishment more and more because of you.

  10. thank you for working on this!

  11. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/linernotes/20110530 Transient lyrics. Such a beautiful song. Thank you very much!

  12. Thank you so much! been getting to know this band recently, but knowing that it was already disbanded saddened me. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed your translation works and what’s left from the band.

  13. Hey, will you start translating lalalarks lyrics? They have 2 demos out already :D

    • I’ve thought about it, but I’m a bit hesitant to do it before a non-demo release, since I don’t usually feel comfortable with translating by ear. I might just cave and give it a try, though. “Sayonara Waltz” also has some of the lyrics in the video (I still don’t know where they came from), so that helps, at any rate.

  14. Could you please translate ‘nano’ by spangle call lilli line, covered by la la larks? It has Yumi singing in it…

  15. Good band by the way, but now they’re finding the different way(i mean they’re disabnded)………

  16. My best-guess transcription for “Transient”:
    The lust whirled slowly, the night was (a) holy world
    can nap but surely who will not get(up) early high
    he (washed) my (hand), he cared
    he satisfied me
    but not my own
    he’s not my own
    you will find a way until tomorrow oh
    alright, why not ask him? … oh

    The wounds that tiny we forget, just one thing … oh
    like a heaven, like a small race, small society ooh
    the new world inside of me

    he (washed) my (hand), he cared
    he satisfied me
    but not my own
    he’s not my own
    you will find a way until tomorrow oh
    alright, why not ask him?

    I stay alone (weeping), there’s a world without him complete(ly)
    wounded oh oh oh oh

    he (washed) my (hand), he cared
    he (washed) my (hand), he cared
    he (washed) my (hand), he cared
    he satisfied me ooh

  17. You guys should check out Light Prayers AKXMIM Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN9_gwk-65Y its probably the best instrumental i have ever heard.

  18. Thx for this! I love this band!
    Can I use your translations to pass on to Spanish?

  19. I’ve been a fan of SFP since the release of Eden of the East. Even after getting into Yumi Uchimura’s new band “la la larks”, I’m still very sad that the band had to split up especially since it was the band I followed the most as well as L’arc~en~ciel.

  20. I wholeheartedly appreciate you for translating their music. I’ve been listening to SFP for the first time in awhile and I’m glad that I can finally understand the lyrics. c:

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