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Negoto – Sukitooru Shoudou

Negoto, Hello! “Z”

Transparent Impulse
Lyrics: Aoyama Sachiko
Composition: Masuda Mizuki / Aoyama Sachiko

In the dazzling whirlwind,
You narrowed your eyes.

I stood on tiptoes to catch hold
Of a sleeve of your fluttering blue shirt.
If this is all a dream, then don’t wake up yet.

My skirt waves in the moment,
And I lose sight of everything except for you.

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Love Live! – Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki

μ’s, Love Live! S2 OP


That is Our Miracle
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition / Arrangement: Kurosu Katsuhiko
Vocals: μ’s

Come on… Everyone’s courage is what will make dreams come true.
With undefeated hearts, let’s dash toward tomorrow!

Powerful, powerful wishes have led us
And shown us our way.
Next time, absolutely, we won’t give it up.
We’ll take hold of the time we have left!

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Yanagi Nagi – helvetica

Yanagi Nagi, euaru

There was some pretty interesting stuff going on in the lyrics sheet for this song. I’ve done my best to preserve this in text form.

Lyrics & Music: yanaginagi
Arrangement, Programming & All Other Instruments: yanaginagi, Masahiro Tobinai (agehasprings)

Specks floating in air,
I move upstream on the stardust.
The oxygen thins, and I’ve forgotten the name of
The fallen picked flower; I’ve thrown away all interest.
I don’t know, I can’t read the characters anymore.

If I were to love,
Tell me, what would come back in response?

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion – Kimi no Gin no Niwa

Kalafina, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari (Rebellion) ED

Your Silver Garden
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki
Vocals: Kalafina

On the other side of the door that opened softly,
There is a world on the verge of breaking down.
Will the morning come?
Will it turn to night?
While I waver over such questions, light begins to come through.

Until the voice calls, let’s play for a little longer,
Like flowers, repeating the revolutions of time.

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Kikuo feat. Hatsune Miku – Technology ni Yume Nosete

Kikuo feat. Hatsune Miku, MikXperience e.p.

MikXperience e.p. is part of a collaboration between Hatsune Miku and the Sony Xperia. This song makes the link seem quite fitting, don’t you think?

Ferry Dreams on Technology
Lyrics / Composition: Kikuo
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Ah, hello? How are you?
Right now, I’m calling from a little over ten years in the future.
A lot of stuff has happened~…
Oh, and cell phones are pretty different, too!
Shall I tell you about it? To you, of 2001.

Single tones, monochrome,
A mysterious grey box I borrowed from my dad.
From there, triads, then sixteen-tone chords.
With just this one shiny little machine,
Can I connect to that boy even more?
Really? Maybe! That’s right! Lalala~

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Annabel – Konsen to Taiwa

Annabel, TALK

Ex-School Food Punishment alert! Here’s the other song on the album by Hasuo Masayuki. Personally, this song brings me back to the amp-reflection days, both musically and (surprisingly, considering the lack of direct involvement) lyrically.

I like the feel of the lyrics quite a bit; there are some pretty interesting rhythmic qualities to it. One fun bit is the succession of コンセント (konsento, ‘electical outlet’) and 混線と (konsen to, ‘crossed wires and…’) in the sixth verse.

Crossed Wires and Conversation
Lyrics: Annabel
Composition / Arrangement: Hasuo Masayuki

Mixing together,
Vivid ego.

How far?
Hey, how much?

The waning night softly draws us out.

Free and unrestricted, at the line that is drawn,
When you jump in, even if it’s a mistake…

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Miss Monochrome – Poker Face

Miss Monochrome ED


Poker Face
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Kondou Keiichi
Vocals: Miss Monochrome (CV: Horie Yui)

I wonder what you’re thinking about.
I have no idea at all.
What is the meaning of this hand that clutches mine?

You always stay cool with that poker face on,
And I just can’t read what’s inside.
My heart has never pounded hard like this before.
I’m in love with you…

A double-A connects me to you.
So much connects me to you.

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