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Zankyou no Terror – Trigger

Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei), Zankyou no Terror OP

It’s interesting to see Yuuki Ozaki outside of Galileo Galilei; as we’ve seen before with FLAT and now with Trigger, we’re getting some more flexibility in tone and pretty fascinating aesthetics that we haven’t seen from the full band.

Lyrics: Yuuki Ozaki
Composition: Yoko Kanno
Arrangement: Yoko Kanno

Ejected from the world, we were on the edge of an unbelievably thin needle.
Catching my balance, my fingertips touched you, and I learned that I wasn’t alone.
Bestowed upon us was only a single crooked wing…

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Love Live! – Shocking Party

A-RISE, Love Live! S2 insert song (episode 3), Notes of School idol days ~Glory~

Shocking Party
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Itagaki Yuusuke
Vocals: A-RISE (Kira Tsubasa (CV. Sakuragawa Megu), Toudou Erena (CV. Matsunaga Maho), Yuuki Anju (CV. Oohashi Ayuru))

Dancing,dancing! Non-stop my dancing
Dancing,dancing! Non-stop my dancing
Dancing,dancing! Non-stop my dancing
Dancing,dancing! Let me do!

Party! Shocking Party!! Are you ready to go?
(Come on, come here to me.)
Party! Shocking Party!! The world begins to turn.
(Come on, come here to me.)

It’s not for anyone else, (Me and my freedom)
‘Cause it all depends on yourself. (Go,go! we are freedom)
Not because of anyone else. (My heart’s got freedom)
You’re the star of your own story, you get what I mean?

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Sakamoto Maaya – coming up

Sakamoto Maaya, c/w M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ OP2 Replica

Very groovy.

coming up
Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition / Arrangement: Hara Masakazu
Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya

clap clap, come together. It’s about to start, anytime now.
knock knock, over here. Don’t worry, I won’t ask your name.
clap clap, dusk has fallen. Swaying shadows, back and forth.
knock knock, just leave tomorrow’s matters for tomorrow.

The waves glimmer with light.
The sand surrounds my bare feet.
On this midsummer night, reality is more beautiful than dreams.

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M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ – Replica

Sakamoto Maaya, M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ OP2

Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition / Arrangement: Uchisawa Takahito
Strings Arrangement: Uchisawa Takahito / Ishitsuka Tooru
Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya

The sensation of water, a single drop.
Am I crying? What did I lose? I don’t know,
But I think it won’t ever come back – that’s just the feeling that I have.

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M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ – Tagatame ni

May’n, M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ insert song (episode 17), Re:REMEMBER

This song was originally produced as a candidate for the show’s first opening theme.

For Whose Sake
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Seiko
Composition / Arrangement: NAOKI-T
Vocals: May’n

For whose sake must we offer our futures?
Don’t leave it for someday… Tell me now.
Between the ordinary and the extraordinary, the river flows,
Swallowing our uncertainty and everything else.
My longing lies beyond, a glimmer on the opposite shore.
The River Never Stops

Impenetrable territory, deeply stowed emotions…
When they are exposed, we inflict wounds and receive them.

I want to stay pristine, but I’m powerless.
Ever seeking, the hunger grows,
And I fill my heart with darkness.
I want to be linked to you; I want to be loved by you… LA-LA-LA

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[2014-08-14] Caching

Well, I’m still having trouble crystallizing thoughts into text. I’ve made some progress on the bigger posts I had planned, but I’m kind of at a standstill, so I think I may as well start things off on a side road.

This will be the first of a few posts covering some experiences I’ve had while translating. There are partly intended as advice, partly as explanation… I don’t know, I’m not sure if I’ve even been through enough for my writing to be of any help, but I’ve personally found it useful at times to read other people’s accounts of things, so who knows. Guess I’ll toss my thoughts into the world and see what happens.

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Yanagi Nagi – euaru

Yanagi Nagi, euaru

The title of this song and the album is rooted in the word ‘uraue’ (裏表), which refers to the paired concepts of front and back, or alternatively the surface and the hidden; more generally, it can describe both of two things that are opposites of each other, or the reversal of the two. This theme of duality can be found all throughout the album.

Lyrics, Music, Arrangement, Programming & All Other Instruments: yanaginagi

Was it wrong from the beginning?
It looks like I can’t become perfect.
I feel pain in my numbed limbs.
Pattering down, the rain passes by.
Where is the window reflected in the fallen water connected to?

For you, somehow incomplete…
I’ve been searching for you.

So that we can become one someday,
I’ve been carrying just a single half of a pair.

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